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Is anyone else sick and tired of watching Congresspersons make absolute fools of themselves. Two years of Mueller, Russian interference was enough to make Putin learn how to speak and understand English. Pelosi and Schumer have made Putin a hero.

Most of the 24/7 news before the Demoncrats won the majority of the House of Representatives was palatable. Now we have so many Demoncrats fighting to get facetime on CNN, MSNBC, and the biased news on the other networks it is sickening.

When we are waiting on the shoe to drop on the Clintons, Obamas, John Kerry and the buffoons who better know that we now have an Attorney General who has brass kahunas. The Demoncrats have started a focus on Barr who is so much smarter than the entire Demoncratic caucus in the House it is a laugher.  

I am disappointed with President Trump for not stepping on these inept clowns by now. He has incited enough people to have the economy on a fast track. He has unemployment barely lower than the IQ of most Demoncrats who are creating a major meltdown of the monetary gains made the last two years. The burden being showered on the southern States with educational and healthcare increases that will wreck State treasuries as early as next year. The Demoncrats are racing to making fake identifications and swamping the future elections with foreign illegal voters.

In my 88 years I have watched the robbery increase to make our greatest right, honest voting, worthless. This started in areas where illegals gather like far south Texas. We watched LBJ steal a Senate seat with stuffed ballot boxes when I was a young man here in Texas.

It is time to make voting honest again. Stop the illegal invasion on our southern border and clean out the ¨Has Beens¨ in Congress. Only one thing will stop the thievery, term limits for all politicians from the local Courthouses to the halls of Congress.

At my age I will never see this happen but it would put a smile on my wrinkled face to see Trump re-elected, maybe drain some more of the swamp and fill our Federal prisons with these crooked power seekers who ignore the laws.

Please comment if you agree or disagree. Something must happen to allow my grandchildren the Constitutional freedoms I enjoyed most of my nearly 89 years. I will continue to voice my views as long as my two pointer fingers don´t wear out.

Clyde Brewer May 9, 2019        

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One thought on “HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH??

  1. Amen (and sadness)

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