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Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


2020 will hopefully be a year to remember America the Beautiful. I have been fortunate to have worked and or visited in forty-nine of our great states, or at least they were all great most of my life. Watching some of nature’s outstanding work in states like Washington, Oregon and California become slums, drug ruined people and welfare unbelievable to those of us who enjoyed the beauty before Demoncrats created the ruination of so much happiness and trashed so many great cities.

I was born in 1930 at the beginning of the great depression and watched as a boy the country mismanaged into chaos. Again it was politics that ruined both the people’s future but created the same kind of ruination of our surroundings just as fast.

After a young marriage that was unfortunate and nearly ruined my life. Three children resulted and all three have had different lives. I have always wondered if I could have done more to help them but fate found me the perfect partner and mate before I self-destructed. My new spouse, Norma, saved my life. Next June 23 we will celebrate 60 years of marriage. We have never had a serious argument or slept alone when I was not away traveling.  

My reason for penning this article was to see if any American was drowning with the most biased, unfair, twisted, lying bunch of so-called “Newspersons” and Congresspersons who outlived their usefulness some 20-30 years ago. That is likely the overstatement as I have doubt they were ever useful. Paying these has-beens seven-figure salaries is nearly the dumbest thing I have seen in my nearly 90 years as an American. Keeping politicians 30, 40 and some of them 50 years is the result of their making rules that are close to a guaranteed place to get rich, for themselves.

Every election cycle they build bigger barriers to losing their positions as they make their own rules, promise the moon, classify their mistakes and hide their performance with security classifications no one can reveal.

It appears that the underlying reason the Demoncrats are so hell-bent to impeach President Trump is to protect the Highest level of our intelligence leaders from spending life in prison (where many belong), for trying to make sure Hillary won the 2016 election. The acceleration of the impeachment process is to use Trump as their anointed villain to take the fall to protect the highest level of government employees that ever tried to overthrow a sitting President.

I hope I am able to live long enough to see these burglars spend the rest of their lives in prison, including America’s #1 Hippie in the pokey with a roommate named Bill. Sadly this will likely never happen because until the people learn enough to force a vote on term limits that will fix Congress. Building a Federal prison in Arizona with no air conditioning for the state Demoncratic governors who have wrecked most large states will be a fitting sentence for them all.

My last suggestion is to make the biased news sources, and even the ones who try to be honest on the surface like Fox, give the people some rest. For one week each month ban all news reports that contain political news to give us a rest. 

My wife who is suffering from Dementia watches The Roy Rogers Show and the Lone Ranger that was popular when she was younger. I find that enjoying these 1940’s shows are refreshing when compared to the news on any channel.

How many who read this agree with my suggestion?

C Brewer  10-24-19

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