A Conservative View

Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


Well, if I live until August 31st I will have lived 90 years in what used to be the greatest country ever created. I have watched the USA become the world leader with the victorious end to World War 11 under the leadership of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. After the war a proven leader, Dwight Eisenhour created the rebuilding of our country’s infrastructure that had suffered the largest depression in history. Then it happened.

Watching the dividing the American people that started with Lyndon Johnson and his “Civil Rights” movement. Then his plan to conquer North Viet Nam as a favor to the banks was horrible. I will go to my grave believing John Kennedy would have never supported the division of the American people or the war that took nearly 60,000 American lives. John Kennedy was a leader and another Franklin Rooseveldt American. Neither one was a liberal and Kennedy would have never supported the dividing of the people or the bankers’ war in Asia.

I lived some twenty miles from Dealey Plaza in Dallas when Kennedy was murdered. Anyone who believes a halfwit like Oswald pulled off the assination alone needs some mental help. This brouhaha happened in my early thirties. These turning points created enough civil unrest to make Americans start to hate each other. This is when I stopped calling it “The United States of America”, just “America”

Then came Nixon who was the leader who created the Washington Swamp. After he destroyed himself, Gerald Ford helped start some healing but the swamp just got worse.

Jimmy Carter’s accomplishments as President was “Go With the Flow” and he did make peanuts popular.

Ronald Reagan was another conservative who probably bled red, white and blue. He slowed down the division of Americans and was a leader like Roosevelt and Kennedy. His eight years were healing many wounds and calming down the social unrest. It was during his term I made the decision of leaving 32 years of corporate security. This included 27 years with Lockheed-Martin and 5 years with Halliburton. I suppose it was my attempt to live the American Dream to sink or swim, starting the first of 9 businesses.

President Bush #1, always a hero, seemed a little lax achieving memorable results. He was a good man who let the liberals boonswaggle him. He was a man I respected highly and he loved America with every bone in his body. A man I enjoyed calling my President.

President Clinton was unlike any President in my lifetime. I feel certain because of his wife, Hillary, his life has been shared on every scandal sheet publication worldwide for the last 29 years. He did get the economy recovering and after his first year I retired.

President Bush #2 was highlighted by the 9-11 tragedy and the ensuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which is still helping the banks today.
When Obama was elected it was like another Lyndon Johnson appeared from nowhere. This was the absolutely the most wicked person who was ever elected. He would be an overeducated union steward in a business owned by a white man or an ambulance chasing lawyer. Our current Demoncrat leadership in Congress would have him as a staff lawyer and he might be on the staff of Ginsburg in the Supreme Court. He will be shown in history as the man who ruined retirement for every American by destroying this advantage forever. He also ruined retirement for those like myself who had saved and planned to retire living on interest as a pension.

The motivation for me to take the time to share my lifelong look at the Presidents was watching another masterful leader perform. Donald Trump is a rare billionaire who can fit his thinking from Royalty to peasants. He is the only American I have ever watched who can do a great job with the hatred of the entire news media and 100% of the Demoncratic socialists who serve in Congress or donate millions of dollars because they hate him. The only people who support him are freedom loving Americans who have seen the destruction of Venezuela enacting Socialism that has never been successful anywhere in the world. Once one of the richest countries in the world is likely to suffer Communism until the people again choose Democracy.

Even though we are now suffering a medical crisis that is worldwide due to travel and a new virus, free people will control the world. If Trump is reelected the bunch of Americans who created so much hate and unlawful sanctuaries will find themselves where they belong, in Federal prisons. It is the crooked Congressmen I relish to watch pay the price for breaking the laws.

None of us know exactly what day God has assigned us to listen to the fat lady sing but I hope and pray I am around to see America’s unite and stop the lawless actions to destroy us ever again. My window of 90 years gives me a unique look at history. I have visited 32 countries, worked in 23 countries and 49 states and created or helped create 9 businesses in 4 countries. With two other individuals I designed and started the first US Registrar for the ISO standards 30 years ago. Quality Systems Registrar is still family owned and provides services to over 400 companies. Their record of service is unblemished.

Clyde Brewer March 2020

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