A Conservative View

Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


Republicans without Trump are leaderless and are nothing but DOOMED losers. Unless a Republican leader appears or Trump can unite Americans who will stop the destruction of United States, it will all be over.

The only way to stop the destruction is to have a civil war or agree to divide the country into two countries and see if either can survive. Give Washington D.C to Amazon and Walmart along with the Us Postal Service, TVA, and AMTRAC.

My real desire is to see TEXAS become a country. We have boundaries, we have leaders and we have law enforcement. We also have arms, ammo and a burning desire to be free. We have been a Country and wish to be free of the SWAMP.

C Brewer More to Come.

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    Sorry Clyde. As you know I seldom take sides on your politics as I do not live there. However the Republicans are the cause of their own failures. They chose a narcissistic psychopath as their candidate and you see the result. This was predicted right from the start and so it came to pass. If he does not end up in jail, never mind the impeachment, I will be surprised. He will suck the air out of the new government until he is silenced by the courts.
    The Republicans need to regroup, choose a sensible candidate, and get back to work.

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