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Chapter one, Introduction

My children have urged me to write a book to help them prepare for old age. Some of them might be used as examples as my seven children range in age from fifty five to to 72. I reached ninety one (91) on August 31, 2021. Rather than try to remember all that happened to me year by year I will share the events in my life broken down by type of events. Sports, gardening, finance, travel, planning, healthcare, insurance, wills, trusts, children, grandchildren, property and possibly more if I live long enough to complete the book. 

You will be able to learn from this book chapter by chapter as I intend to publish each on my blog as I finish the chapters. The address is https://cb75948.wordpress.com

You can sign up to receive anything I write and publish on the above site. Some other subjects may be written as I attempt to help old men plan and hopefully enjoy groprepared for this phase, you may never reach many of the following chapters. They keep extending the beginning age to start Medicare as the average age for both men and women keep rising, factual or not. If I had planned better I would have had more income but I was convinced I would never live to be 70. Other planning mistakes I made will be included in each Chapter . Mistakes made early provide impacts that you wish you had known about when you were younger. I hope this Book will help my family as well aswing old. The reason I mention just old men as in some chapters like medical I do not know everything women face but I will try to include events my wife of 60 pulse years of marriage including the horrible disease of Dementia and Alzheimers that took her life 1-23-2021. There is a difference that you need to understand.

My next chapter after this Introduction will be the most important thing to prepare for is Healthcare. If you are not  yours if you follow my advice.

To whet your appetite I will reveal how insurance companies and the tricks they can spring on you, are the biggest legal theft that you can face when you get old. One trick they play is to sell the insurance policy or the entire company to another Insurance Company who then raises your premiums as much as 400 percent. This happened to me on a $30,000 life insurance policy that I had paid premiums for 17 years. I had paid over #10,000 in premiums I lost when I could not justify the new premiums.

Clyde Brewer October 2021.

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One thought on “PLANNING FOR OLD AGE

  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    I look forward to reading your story Clyde. Well at least I hope I can!

    I have had unfortunate news. While walking for exercise I was getting breathless and had slight chest pain.

    Had a CT scan which showed partially blocked arteries.

    Then I had to go into hospital for an angiogram which, if it confirmed the diagnosis, the cardiologist would have installed stents.

    As that turned out, the location of the blockage is in an area that he could not confidently install the stents without further study.

    So I now await him consulting with a heart surgeon, to make sure one is around, when he attempts to install a specially modified stent .

    He is not 100% sure he will be able to accomplish all that, and the next choice would be open heart bypass surgery.

    Due to my age 82, he does not want to make that choice as recovery is prolonged and would be very difficult for me at my age.

    Many people have stents and live comfortable lives. Mine is just going to be a little more involved.

    I will keep you advised.

    Your friend downunder.


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