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Republican voters fully understand that Socialism has never succeeded. If the changes announced by Biden are implemented this will be  the beginning of a Communist takeover of the United States of America.  

My friend. Dr. Peter Forrest. sent me some material that included the article that follows that every American should read. Demoncrats have just voted to allow the Progressives a chance to finally replace our Republic form of government with a disguised form of Communist rule. This article describes how the Pope is adjusting Catholics to a similar fate. Read this very carefully if you love this country as much as I do. I beg everyone who reads this Blog to share your thoughts so that as many Americans as possible can see how as many as possible can read.  

Demoncrats have already announced that they will Replace our current Republic form of government which allots each State votes in electing the President and Vice President. This is called the Electoral College(EC). If the “EC” is replaced with just total votes wanted by our Socialist Professors and Demoncratic Congresspersons our elections will be decided by just four states. When this is inacted there will only be one political party likely renamed “The People’s Socialist Party”.

Bidens has promised to enlarge the Supreme Court to have twenty five Justices in lieu of the current nine. This will allow four or five of the largest States to control everything as the current Court has become a “Political” rather than a Judicial group. This will mark the end of our current two party Congress. The Demoncrats will then be able to rule the United States forever. 

I beg everyone who reads this Blog to share your thoughts so that as many Americans as possible can see how we have become so divided.

Clyde Brewer 11-29-2020  

The “Economy of Francis” Pushes Poverty and Pulverizes Achievement


November 25, 2020 | Julio Loredo The “Economy of Francis” Pushes Poverty and Pulverizes Achievement

Those who have lived under communism experienced not only its dictatorial nature but also the drabness of its daily life. A communist regime is marked by poor lighting, non-existent maintenance, dilapidated buildings, meager food, empty shelves, dull clothing, little choice of entertainment, absence of superfluous goods and other somber elements.

This drabness is an obvious consequence of the economic failure of communist regimes. However, there is also a philosophical reason behind it. The communist system is designed to encourage laziness.

Outside of the privileged few of the nomenklatura, no one has the right to seek out greater well-being based on a systematic quantitative and qualitative increase in effort.

An Urgent Appeal to Resist the Betrayal and Ruin of the West, Flower of Christian Civilization

Indeed, the essence of communism is the totalitarian principle of equality: no one can have more than the other since it would produce “alienation.” Thus, the only way for everyone to be equal is for all to be poor: when all are poor, all are equal.

This egalitarianism is the key to understanding Pope Francis’s latest encyclical and the international event “The Economy of Francis” recently held in Rome. The event’s message is that poverty is the means. The goal is egalitarianism.

The notorious liberation theologian, now self-proclaimed “eco-theologian,” Leonardo Boff, was a keynote speaker in “The Economy of Francesco” event. He claims that the gist of the encyclical Fratelli tutti is the world’s transition from the concept of “lord” to that of “brother.” In an essay that anticipated his lecture, Boff affirms that Pope Francis wants to change the current world paradigm—based on “inequalities in every field”—by introducing a new one based on a “universal fraternity,” that is, a “fraternity of equals.”1

According to Boff, this egalitarianism runs so deep that even the laws of nature would need to change and conform. He reasons that the laws of nature reflect the overwhelming power of a governing God, who is, therefore, the source of all “alienation.” In his egalitarian new world, reality would need to be canceled.

Learn All About the Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times

Of course, canceling God outright would be a bit too shocking. These radicals begin by dissolving His transcendental nature, treating God as an energy or a fluid circulating in the universe. Boff claims that the immediate, sensory perception of this energy would generate the “universal fraternity” proposed by Pope Francis. In another essay, the Brazilian liberation theologian explains that this paradigm change is characterized by the transition from the “dominion of the logos” to that of “eros.”2

In addition, proposing poverty as an ideal for all as a means to equality is also a bit too shocking. Thus, they begin by manipulating the concept of consumption in a way that promotes pauperism. This manipulation has long been encouraged by the left, well before Pope Francis.

Nineteenth-century Jesuit Father Luigi Taparelli d’Azeglio explains the proper role of consumption in his treatise, Saggio Teoretico di Diritto Naturale. He states that God created man with faculties and tendencies that human nature tends to satisfy. This tendency constitutes man’s good. It is consubstantial with his nature and leads him towards the purpose for which he was created. Man has a material purpose, which is the conservation and development of his body. He has a spiritual purpose, which is the development of his intellect and soul, which tends towards the absolute Good. Thus Taparelli teaches that “A being will be perfect when he reaches the end set for him by his nature—material and spiritual—with the faculties given to him by nature itself.”

10 Razones Por las Cuales el “Matrimonio” Homosexual es Dañino y tiene que Ser Desaprobado

To achieve his dual material and spiritual purpose, man must consume. Certain modern (and even Catholic) schools of thought like to turn consumption into a dirty word. However, temperate consumerism is a conditio sine qua non for man to achieve the purpose for which he has been created. Like everything created by God, what is good for man is also good for the economy.

What does it mean to consume? Most people associate it with eating, which is certainly included in the concept. However, it also embraces many other ways the appetites are satisfied, which result in well-being. The idea of consumption covers the gamut of bodily and spiritual appetites found in human nature.

These goods go beyond the bare necessities of life like eating. They expand into areas that are strictly speaking not essential for living. Thus man can satisfy spiritual goods in theaters, museums, beautiful monuments, libraries and so on. The concept of consumption includes everything indispensable for survival, but also everything that is ample and even superfluous, making life pleasant and elevating minds towards higher things.

A lady consumes when she buys a beautiful enamel miniature portrait to display at home for the joy of her guests. A married couple who goes to the Prima della Scala opera house to enjoy a performance also consumes. A faithful Catholic who assists a beautiful Latin Mass consumes.

This healthy notion of consumption is contrary to a new emerging theological concept, which tends towards socialism. Alas, it is found in recent pontifical documents.

Science Confirms: Angels Took the House of Our Lady of Nazareth to Loreto

This trend states that when some have a lot and others have little, the former must keep only the essentials and give the excess to the latter. This anti-consumerist bias holds that man must not possess beyond what is essential. Nobody should seek after luxury or even merely an ample amount of goods.

The result of such reasoning is that in a society where no one benefits from working more than others… no one will work harder than others! Such a society benefits the lazy and works to the detriment of good workers. In this society, abundance disappears first, then the ample things, and finally even necessary goods…

Those who work more must be given due compensation. Thus all society benefits when the most capable, efficient, productive, best sectors are rewarded. Society perishes when it falls into preconceived anti-consumerism, slips into chronic poverty, and finally tends to barbarism.

This thesis applies not only to the relations between social classes but also to nations. The so-called consumerist countries like the United States and European nations represent those with excessive wealth. The Third World countries are supposedly those that lack the ample and sometimes even the necessary means to survive. Thus, the rich nations exploit and oppress the poor ones. The thesis incites the exploited nations to launch a counter-offensive against the consumerist world, forcing it to lower its consumption level to harmonize with the poor. Again: when all are poor, all are equal.

This glorification of laziness is proper to socialism and communism, not to Christian civilization and the social doctrine of the Church.

Photo Credit: ©Madrugada Verde — stock.adobe.com

Please comment on what may be your last chance to voice your opinion on anything. The changes that have been promised are the scariest event to happen in my ninety (90) years. Clyde Brewer

Second -Term Agenda

Donald Trump’s Second-Term Agenda

President Donald Trump wants to create more jobs, end Covid-19, defend police officers, end illegal immigration, and stop endless wars. The president also calls for passage of congressional term limits, school choice, and ending America’s economic reliance on China.

Here is the full list:


·         Create 10 Million New Jobs in 10 Months

·         Create 1 Million New Small Businesses

·         Cut Taxes to Boost Take-Home Pay and Keep Jobs in America

·         Enact Fair Trade Deals that Protect American Jobs

·         “Made in America” Tax Credits

·         Expand Opportunity Zones

·         Continue Deregulatory Agenda for Energy Independence


·         Develop a Vaccine by The End Of 2020

·         Return to Normal in 2021

·         Make All Critical Medicines and Supplies for Healthcare Workers in The United States

·         Refill Stockpiles and Prepare for Future Pandemics


·         Bring Back 1 Million Manufacturing Jobs from China

·         Tax Credits for Companies that Bring Back Jobs from China

·         Allow 100% Expensing Deductions for Essential Industries like Pharmaceuticals and Robotics who Bring Back their Manufacturing to the United States

·         No Federal Contracts for Companies who Outsource to China

·         Hold China Fully Accountable for Allowing the Virus to Spread around the World


·         Cut Prescription Drug Prices

·         Put Patients and Doctors Back in Charge of our Healthcare System

·         Lower Healthcare Insurance Premiums

·         End Surprise Billing

·         Cover All Pre-Existing Conditions

·         Protect Social Security and Medicare

·         Protect Our Veterans and Provide World-Class Healthcare and Services


·         Provide School Choice to Every Child in America

·         Teach American Exceptionalism


·         Pass Congressional Term Limits

·         End Bureaucratic Government Bullying of U.S. Citizens and Small Businesses

·         Expose Washington’s Money Trail and Delegate Powers Back to People and States

·         Drain the Globalist Swamp by Taking on International Organizations That Hurt American Citizens


·         Fully Fund and Hire More Police and Law Enforcement Officers

·         Increase Criminal Penalties for Assaults on Law Enforcement Officers

·         Prosecute Drive-By Shootings as Acts of Domestic Terrorism

·         Bring Violent Extremist Groups Like ANTIFA to Justice

·         End Cashless Bail and Keep Dangerous Criminals Locked Up until Trial


·         Block Illegal Immigrants from Becoming Eligible for Taxpayer-Funded Welfare, Healthcare, and Free College Tuition

·         Mandatory Deportation for Non-Citizen Gang Members

·         Dismantle Human Trafficking Networks

·         End Sanctuary Cities to Restore our Neighborhoods and Protect our Families

·         Prohibit American Companies from Replacing United States Citizens with Lower-Cost Foreign Workers

·         Require New Immigrants to Be Able to Support Themselves Financially


·         Launch Space Force, Establish Permanent Manned Presence on The Moon and Send the First Manned Mission to Mars

·         Build the World’s Greatest Infrastructure System

·         Win the Race to 5G and Establish a National High-Speed Wireless Internet Network

·         Continue to Lead the World in Access to the Cleanest Drinking Water and Cleanest Air

·         Partner with Other Nations to Clean Up our Planet’s Oceans


·         Stop Endless Wars and Bring Our Troops Home

·         Get Allies to Pay their Fair Share

·         Maintain and Expand America’s Unrivaled Military Strength

·         Wipe Out Global Terrorists Who Threaten to Harm Americans

·         Build a Great Cybersecurity Defense System and Missile Defense System

Share this with everyone because the so called journalists won’t share this news! anon.


White Americans!

I received the following message from a dear friend, Ray Felske. I was born white in 1930, 90 years ago when real racism existed in parts of America. I watched most of this start to go away after WW11 without riots, killings, murder, unneeded property destruction. Then Lyndon Johnson started the movement that will destroy the greatest country that has ever existed from within unless this current anarchy is stopped.

Can anyone believe that if every Demoncratic “RED” state decided to withdraw from being part of America would survive? The answer is obvious to anyone with any common sense, “NO”. How can the leadership of these States believe they could exist in today’s world? I have little hope to live long enough to see America proudly be the “United States” again. Erasing “History” will do nothing to improve anything. Removing Statues is the most childish and idiotic way to improve anything. These hate filled people and the billionaires who fund this insurrection want to destroy us.

We have a President who is fighting to be reelected. Should he lose you can watch the USA destroy itself. Under the control of Demoncratic party of today the isolated mayhem will spread like wildfire nationwide and the USA will fall apart. 

I am glad most of my family lives in Texas, a State that would survive as a Country again. Can you imagine how many walls would be constructed when the Union ceases to exist? If I was 60 and Trump loses I would be in the fence and wall building business by Christmas day 2020.  

The following message was the spark that urged me to write this message. One would wonder why an old man like myself would take the time to publish this Blog. If it weren’t for my love of this Country; memories of my enlistment at 17 in the US Navy for five years; two marriages; 60 years with my wife and partner, Norma; seven children that with spouses, grand children number 58 and climbing; nearing 26 years of retirement; the thousands of people I met in the 32 countries and 49 states that I visited or worked in; Freddie Keel and Phil Sizers challenges, I could not say no. God gave me a brain, I chose to use it, and my life has been a trip most just dream about. 

The following message was the spark that urged me to write this message. I would give credits but none were available.

 Clyde Brewer July 8, 2020    

Be Proud To Be White

I am proud to be white and in the 5% who passed this message on to friends that we truly care for!! 

If you agree, I hope you choose to share with your friends also…..

I have often wondered about why Whites are racists, and no other race is……

Michael Richards makes his point…and whether we like it or not, he is telling the truth. 

Michael Richards. better known as Kramer from TVs Seinfeld does make a good point.

This was his defense speech in court after making racial comments in his comedy act.

He makes some very interesting points…

Someone finally said it. How many are actually paying attention to this?

There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.

And then there are just Americans.. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.

You call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker,’ ‘Honkey,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’… And that’s OK…

But when I call you, Nigger, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink .. You call me a racist.

You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you….

So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?

You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day.

You have Black History Month.

You have Cesar Chavez Day.

You have Yom Hashoah.

You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.

You have the NAACP.

You have BET….

If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we’d be racists.

If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.

If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.

If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’ OUR lives, we’d be racists.

We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce.

Wonder who pays for that??

A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.

If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships.. You know we’d be racists.

There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US .

Yet if there were ‘White colleges’, that would be a racist college.

In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights.

If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.

You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it.

But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.

You rob us, car jack us, and shoot at us.

But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.

I am proud…… But you call me a racist.

Why is it that only whites can be racists??

There is nothing improper about this e-mail.

Let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on.

I sadly don’t think many will.

That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country.

We won’t stand up for ourselves!


It’s not a crime YET…. But getting very close!

It is estimated that ONLY 5% of those reaching this point in this e-mail, will pass it on. ANON

I did, CWB


My old friend, Hank Fahrlander sent me this basic outline and I had fun adjusting the basic outline to match my life. My life was fun trip until I now have to watch my wife of 60 years, Norma suffer with Dementia.

                             I USED TO BE WHAT I THOUGHT WAS NORMAL?

I know we presently live in “troubled times”, but I can think of far more troubled times I remember: Cold War. Vietnam War, Korean War, World War II, and the Great Depression. Earlier we had World War I, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, the Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, slavery in Babylon [“Babylonian Exile”], slavery in Egypt, snake in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve – did anyone ever say that life would be easy ?

As a man, I used to think I was pretty much just a regular person, but I was born white, into a two-parent household which now, whether I like it or not, makes me “Privileged”, a racist and responsible for slavery, even though my ancestors and I have never wanted or owned a slave.

I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which by today’s standards, makes me a fascist because I plan, budget & support myself.

I went to High School, served in the military during the Korean War, finished my Masters at age 47 and held a job until I lived the American dream and created 8 businesses in four countries. I retired 26 years ago. I now find out that I am not here because I earned it, but because I was “advantaged”.

I am heterosexual, which according to “gay” folks, now makes me a homophobe.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment, and am a member of the NRA which makes me an active member of the “vast NRA gun lobby!”  I have a License to Carry a gun which makes me dangerous.

I will soon be older than 90, making me a useless person who doesn’t quite understand Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

I think and I reason, and I doubt most of what the “mainstream” media tells me, which makes me a “Right-wing conspiracy nut”. I am proud of my heritage & our inclusive American culture, making me a xenophobe.

I believe in hard work and fair play, a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work, according to each individual’s merits, which today makes me an anti-socialist.

I believe our system guarantees freedom of effort – not freedom of outcome or subsidies, which must make me a borderline sociopath.

I believe in the defense & protection of America for and by all citizens, now making me a militant.

I am proud of our flag, what it stands for and the many who died to let it fly, so I stand & salute during our National Anthem – so I must be a racist.

Please help me come to terms with the new me because I’m just not sure who I am anymore!

And as if all this nonsense leftist-labelling me a privileged, advantaged, racist, fascist, homophobe, infidel, gun-nut, old, right-winger, xenophobicanti-socialist, sociopath, militant, wasn’t enough to deal with – now I don’t even know which restroom to use and ……………..  I gotta Go MUCH MORE FREQUENTLY!!

ANON…Adjusted to fit my own life, Clyde Brewer



For anyone who has never read any of my articles, I was born in 1930, in Mineral Wells Texas, a couple of years into the Great Depression. Unaware of any reason most people were more than poor when compared with today, it was a time of segregation, with no hate evident. I grew up in Corsicana Texas which was 30% white, 30% black, 30% Jewish and a 10% mixture of Balkans. 

Until I was fifteen and we moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area I was never aware of any racial hate in America, certainly not in Grand Prairie Texas. Yes we had segregation which was wrong then as it would be today. I was never aware of physical threats or hatred until the time of the riots started in the deep south and later California. both happened after television was invented. We have progressed from the weather and Broadway Saturday Night in 1949 to the vicious hatred expressed by most of the mainstream media today. Lyndon Johnson will be the father of racial hatred when Historians weigh all of the facts if there is a United States when my grandchildren mature. 

I graduated from High School at 16 and reached 17 in 1947. Jobs were scarce while they were still trying to find work and educate the fortunate men and boys that survived WWII. I experienced my first feeling of “HATE”, as a boy of eleven” when the Japanese sucker punched the USA with the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor 12-7-1941. As jobs were few for a 16/17 year old I decided to join the Navy as a career. Even the Navy was segregated as the Blacks and Fillipinos had their own barracks.

The United States is destined to destroy itself if Trump or someone like him cannot achieve “Term Limits” for all elected positions in our Federal Government. Reaching 90 I am fortunate to still have the brain that allowed me to be a successful, white American. I am a retired member of both Mensa and Intertel, Masters in Business and currently have fifty eight children, grands, great grands and great great grands including spouses.   

Watching the recent and wasteful hate punish the innocent businesses and work forces that have no part in the tragedy, will just be another sad event like the Coronavirus to bankrupt America. LBJ allowed both the racial bias and the Vietnam war to intensify the divide and every Demoncratic President, Carter, Clinton and Obama fanned the racial fires to divide Americans. Sadly Obama openly added another factor to speed up the destruction of our United States. He added the strength of the hate filled Muslims have for all other religions by allowing tens of thousands of them to immigrate to America. Remember most of them were resettled in both Minnesota and Michigan. Where did the recent event happen, Minneapolis Minnesota. In Minnesota we have now elected a hate filled Muslim to Congress. Both of these states will be controlled by Muslims in less than twenty years.

The United States is destined to destroy itself if Trump or someone like him cannot achieve “Term Limits” for all elected positions in our Federal Government. In addition we must be careful and avoid our enemies like the Muslims to just increase hatred. The current immigration rules must be changed to assure we do not allow any enemy to become a citizen. 

Soon reaching 90, I am fortunate to still have the brain that allowed me to be a successful, white American. I am a retired member of both Mensa and Intertel, Masters in Business and currently have fifty eight children, grands, great grands and great great grands including spouses. I spent twenty seven years with Lockheed-Martin, five years with Halliburton in an executive position and eleven years as a Trainer and Consultant with hundreds of clients in twenty three  countries and thirty two states. I have had the pleasure to work and visit in thirty two Countries and forty nine States.  Racial destruction must stop if at least 50 percent plus one true Americans want to keep our freedoms. 


I have been blessed to live a long life and no loss of my mind but I have had two complete knee replacements and a Pacemaker in the past two years. I take my medications, play some par three golf and care for my wife of sixty years next month. She sadly suffers bravely from Dementia. My writing has slowed down but you can peruse the 1300 plus articles I have created over the last ten years. I do appreciate feedback if you have time. 

Clyde Brewer  May 31, 2010


I hope every freedom loving American can read this factual story of how our Universities and Colleges are poisoning the minds of our children and put so many in trouble with unreasonable student loans and limited liberal help they are becoming puppets. This is nothing more than propaganda disguised as standard education.

The liberal cause is on the same course to use the same tactics as Adolph Hitler who took the peoples guns, then their property and finally their free rights. Then he started the mind altering that establishing people who were brainwashed and would follow him like trained mice.

We are all helping by allowing the erasure of history in giant steps to try to socialize the world. The Muslim people keep relocating around the World and are the most dangerous ones to watch. They are spreading so fast they will be able control the world and make slaves of the liberals and Christians and the only God left will be Allah. Read the following article and the direct quotes. Clyde Brewer April 5, 2020

The Patriot Post® · College Professors Fear Transparency

By Arnold Ahlert · Apr. 2, 2020


Turning Point USA (TPUSA) is the largest conservative group on America’s college campuses, which have closed and moved their courses online due to the coronavirus. TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk views this as an opportunity to expose the political bias that exists at many of these institutions. On Sunday, March 22, he issued a tweet addressing the issue: “To all college students who have their professors switching to online classes: Please share any and ALL videos of blatant indoctrination with [TPUSA]. Now is the time to document & expose the radicalism that has been infecting our schools. Transparency!”

Judging by the blowback, transparency is the last thing many of America’s professors want.

In fact, the Chronicle of Higher Education insisted1 transparency was akin to weaponization. “The coronavirus-prompted shift to remote teaching was stressful enough for faculty members before Charlie Kirk weaponized online learning,” it complained. And though the Chronicle admitted that research reveals “faculty members skew left politically, and conservative students can feel marginalized, there’s no evidence of a siege on conservative thought in the classroom.” Moreover, it asserts that accusations of indoctrination are a “common right-wing talking point.”

Asserting that professors skew left politically understates reality. A study2 published by the National Association of Scholars of 8,688 tenure-track professors at 51 of the 66 top-ranked colleges in the nation revealed the ratio of Democrat-registered faculty members versus Republican-registered faculty members was 10.4 to 1. If one removes two military colleges, West Point and Annapolis, technically described as “liberal arts colleges,” from the calculations, the ratio is 12.7 to 1. Mitchell Langbert, an Associate Professor of Business at Brooklyn College who conducted the research, also discovered that 39% of the colleges in his sample had zero faculty members who were registered Republicans.

Dylan Bugden, an assistant professor of sociology at Washington State University, is worried about that transparency. He has decided not to record his lectures and instead post presentation slides, short quizzes, activities, and an exam, while remaining available for office hours. “I find it difficult to teach without referring to important events and issues in the world,” Bugden explained in an email. “Doing so is a powerful way to help students see that what we learn in class is not just abstract or a mere intellectual exercise, but matters for the things they and their peers care about.”

He further asserted that such an approach leaves faculty members — especially women and people of color — vulnerable to attacks, even as he admits some students have given him course evaluation asking him to keep his personal politics out of his teaching material. Ultimately he decided that even if the risk of an online campaign against him is low, it is still “so severe that it’s simply not worth it.”

Rachel Michelle Gunter, a professor at a community college in North Texas who teaches American history, is equally concerned. Thus she will send her students to her video lectures on YouTube, where those videos will be “unlisted,” meaning they can’t be found by conducting a YouTube search or going to her faculty page. After two weeks, the videos will be made private.

Yale University professor Jason Stanley offered advice to professors on how they should prepare for ostensibly being outed by conservatives. “If one of your colleagues gets hit, support them,” he tweeted3. “It is not a time to lecture them about [what] you think they did wrong. They need your support, not your moralizing and sanctimoniousness. We’re all in this together. This is an attack on academic freedom, not a time for Schadenfreude.”

Transparency is an attack on academic freedom? Shouldn’t one not only be proud of what one what teaches but willing to see it disseminated as widely as possible?

That professors would be fearful of being “exposed,” coupled with the fallback excuse of being4 “taken out of context,” is telling. Jeffrey A. Sachs, a lecturer in history and politics at Acadia University in Canada, insists there is a “vast and highly successful” right-wing apparatus ready to destroy a professor who says the wrong thing, assigns the wrong reading, or submits the wrong grade. “Simply put,” he huffed, “faculty are alarmed because they are paying attention.”

To emphasize the point, the Chronicle notes Mr. Sachs has compiled a database5 of professors “who have been fired for political speech.”

Not exactly. Some professors were fired, but some resigned, some were suspended or demoted, and some were denied promotion or had their course canceled. Moreover, the notion that any type of free speech insulates one from the consequences of that speech is absurd. Many of these educators said outrageous things for which they should have been held accountable.

That it was all the doing of a vast right-wing conspiracy? One of those professors, Erika Christakis, taught at Yale before she resigned in 2015 for what Sachs described as her criticism of “safe spaces” at the Ivy League School.

Hardly. As Christakis herself revealed in a Washington Post op-ed6, an email she sent urging students to think critically about an official set of Yale guidelines on costumes to avoid at Halloween — one7 in which she wondered if there was “no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious” — precipitated a firestorm whereby nearly “a thousand students, faculty and deans called for my and my husband’s immediate removal from our jobs and campus home.”

Precipitated by right-wing students? “I am a registered Democrat, and I applaud Yale’s mission to better support underrepresented students,” she added. “But I also recognize the dizzying irrationality of some supposedly liberal discourse in academia these days.”

Perhaps the widespread exposure of “dizzying irrationality” is what the current controversy is really all about, especially when one considers the skyrocketing8 costs of college that has left America’s students mired in a collective $1.6 trillion in student debt. Perhaps if future consumers got firsthand information on what some professors are saying, they might think twice about enrolling.

“For those that are using the classroom to intimidate conservatives or otherwise lie to, bully, or indoctrinate students to hate America, we will highlight those cases so parents, students, administrations and donors can make better, more informed decisions moving forward,” a TPUSA spokesperson explained. “Knowing the truth shouldn’t be controversial.”

That it is speaks volumes.


Well, if I live until August 31st I will have lived 90 years in what used to be the greatest country ever created. I have watched the USA become the world leader with the victorious end to World War 11 under the leadership of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. After the war a proven leader, Dwight Eisenhour created the rebuilding of our country’s infrastructure that had suffered the largest depression in history. Then it happened.

Watching the dividing the American people that started with Lyndon Johnson and his “Civil Rights” movement. Then his plan to conquer North Viet Nam as a favor to the banks was horrible. I will go to my grave believing John Kennedy would have never supported the division of the American people or the war that took nearly 60,000 American lives. John Kennedy was a leader and another Franklin Rooseveldt American. Neither one was a liberal and Kennedy would have never supported the dividing of the people or the bankers’ war in Asia.

I lived some twenty miles from Dealey Plaza in Dallas when Kennedy was murdered. Anyone who believes a halfwit like Oswald pulled off the assination alone needs some mental help. This brouhaha happened in my early thirties. These turning points created enough civil unrest to make Americans start to hate each other. This is when I stopped calling it “The United States of America”, just “America”

Then came Nixon who was the leader who created the Washington Swamp. After he destroyed himself, Gerald Ford helped start some healing but the swamp just got worse.

Jimmy Carter’s accomplishments as President was “Go With the Flow” and he did make peanuts popular.

Ronald Reagan was another conservative who probably bled red, white and blue. He slowed down the division of Americans and was a leader like Roosevelt and Kennedy. His eight years were healing many wounds and calming down the social unrest. It was during his term I made the decision of leaving 32 years of corporate security. This included 27 years with Lockheed-Martin and 5 years with Halliburton. I suppose it was my attempt to live the American Dream to sink or swim, starting the first of 9 businesses.

President Bush #1, always a hero, seemed a little lax achieving memorable results. He was a good man who let the liberals boonswaggle him. He was a man I respected highly and he loved America with every bone in his body. A man I enjoyed calling my President.

President Clinton was unlike any President in my lifetime. I feel certain because of his wife, Hillary, his life has been shared on every scandal sheet publication worldwide for the last 29 years. He did get the economy recovering and after his first year I retired.

President Bush #2 was highlighted by the 9-11 tragedy and the ensuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which is still helping the banks today.
When Obama was elected it was like another Lyndon Johnson appeared from nowhere. This was the absolutely the most wicked person who was ever elected. He would be an overeducated union steward in a business owned by a white man or an ambulance chasing lawyer. Our current Demoncrat leadership in Congress would have him as a staff lawyer and he might be on the staff of Ginsburg in the Supreme Court. He will be shown in history as the man who ruined retirement for every American by destroying this advantage forever. He also ruined retirement for those like myself who had saved and planned to retire living on interest as a pension.

The motivation for me to take the time to share my lifelong look at the Presidents was watching another masterful leader perform. Donald Trump is a rare billionaire who can fit his thinking from Royalty to peasants. He is the only American I have ever watched who can do a great job with the hatred of the entire news media and 100% of the Demoncratic socialists who serve in Congress or donate millions of dollars because they hate him. The only people who support him are freedom loving Americans who have seen the destruction of Venezuela enacting Socialism that has never been successful anywhere in the world. Once one of the richest countries in the world is likely to suffer Communism until the people again choose Democracy.

Even though we are now suffering a medical crisis that is worldwide due to travel and a new virus, free people will control the world. If Trump is reelected the bunch of Americans who created so much hate and unlawful sanctuaries will find themselves where they belong, in Federal prisons. It is the crooked Congressmen I relish to watch pay the price for breaking the laws.

None of us know exactly what day God has assigned us to listen to the fat lady sing but I hope and pray I am around to see America’s unite and stop the lawless actions to destroy us ever again. My window of 90 years gives me a unique look at history. I have visited 32 countries, worked in 23 countries and 49 states and created or helped create 9 businesses in 4 countries. With two other individuals I designed and started the first US Registrar for the ISO standards 30 years ago. Quality Systems Registrar is still family owned and provides services to over 400 companies. Their record of service is unblemished.

Clyde Brewer March 2020



My great friend from Florida, Ray Felske, sent me this dynamite summary of how we, American Taxpayers, have reduced Washington D.C. to the swamp of retired Congresspersons who have become millionaires selling products and services that we have paid for twice and the only winners were Congress and the foriegn hands out begger’s.

I can remember the 1930’s when 98% of Americans were poor, no middle class but happy to be free. Most of the world was even worse and millions were killed in many places.

I had the pleasure to have lunch today with Mr. John Booker, 99 years old and a pilot of B-17’s before he was 22 and making bombing raids over Germany. John is one of my heros and only because I was not old enough it was after the war, 1947, before I could volunteer to serve in the US Navy. The young American lives we lost freeing Europe and much of Asia should have been enough for America to try harder to help itself.

Give Trump another term and these whining politicians today called Democrats end up in prison if the entire truth is ever acted on.

I hope you will share this with as many Americans as possible. I have no idea who wrote this but if someone will find out and tell me the author(‘s) I will give credits as this is the best description of how we now have a “Swamp” that I have ever read. C W Brewer



This was a piece of the puzzle I didn’t know. Always good to get the details filled in. I’m sure all the countries we’ve been supporting (and protecting) all these years came to LOVE the program. Why would they want to give it up!!

The IMF is warning that global economies will contract by $455 billion next year due to the ongoing trade conflict between the U.S., China, the EU and to a lesser extent, Japan. President Trump will cost the Global Economy $455 billion. because that money will be transferring back to the America First economy. That’s what happens as MAGAnomics reverses the IMF trade (wealth distribution) model.

China and the EU have devalued their currency in an effort to block the impacts from President Trump and the America First trade policy. Because those currencies are pegged against the dollar, the resulting effect is a rising dollar value. In essence, the globalist IMF is now blaming President Trump for having a strong economy that forces international competition to devalue their currency.

In the bigger picture is why President Trump is the most transformative economic President in the last 75 years.

The post-WWII Marshall Plan was set up to allow Europe and Asia to place tariffs on exported American industrial products. Those tariffs were used by the EU, China, & Japan to rebuild their infrastructure after a devastating war. However, there was never a built-in mechanism to end the tariffs until President Trump came along and said: it’s over! After about 20 years (+/-), say 1970 to be fair, the EU and Japan received enough money to rebuild. But instead of ending the one-way payment system, Asia and the EU sought to keep going and build their economies larger than the U.S. Additionally, the U.S. was carrying the cost of protecting the EU (via NATO) and Japan with our military. The EU and Japan didn’t need to spend a dime on defense because the U.S. essentially took over that role.

But that military role, just like the tariffs, never ended. Again, until Trump.

The U.S. economy was the host for around 50 years of parasitic wealth exfiltration, or as most would say distribution. The term *exfiltration* better highlights that American citizens paid higher prices for stuff, and paid higher taxes within the overall economic scheme than was needed. President Trump is the first and only president who said: enough, and prior politicians who didn’t stop the process were stupid etc. etc. Obviously, he is 100% correct.

For the past 30 years the U.S. was a sucker to keep letting the process remain in place while we lost our manufacturing base to overseas incentives. The investment process from Wall Street (removal of Glass-Stegal) only made the process much more severe and faster. Wall Street was now investing in companies whose best bet (higher profit return) was to pour money overseas.

This process created the Rust Belt, and damn near destroyed the aggregate manufacturing industry.

Unfortunately, putting America First is now also against the interests of the multinationals on Wall Street; so, President Trump has to fight adverse economic opponents on multiple fronts. and their purchased mercenary army we know as DC politicians. No-one, ever, could take on all these interests. Think about it. The EU, Asia, World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, China, Russia, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Iran, U.S. Congress, Democrats, U.S. Senate, Wall Street, the Big Club, Lobbyists, Hollywood, Corporate Media (foreign and domestic), and the ankle-biters in Never Trump. All of these financial interests are aligned against Main Street USA and against President Trump. Name one individual who could take them on simultaneously and still be winning! They say he’s one man. They say they have him outnumbered. Yet somehow, as unreal as it seems, he’s the one who appears to have them surrounded and we have his back.


The Marshall plan was the largest ‘give away’ in the history of this planet but nowhere is anything written in the history books as to how is was to be paid for. Oh, they called it a loan. To date, no country has repaid a dime. Russia claimed it paid in the blood of Mother Russia. (25 mil) Now where does Wall Street or the economic journals detail this historical/economic fact/historical screwing of America. The world is officially ‘OFF’ the American tit. It is time for the Wall Street Journal to get up to speed and write something current and educational instead of the current socialist B.S. ANON



Having a wonderful wife and partner for nearing 60 years who is suffering with Dementia has changed my life. We have lived the American dream together and happy.. If you have followed this blog I have shared many highlights of our trip through life. I will celebrate my 90th birthday next August. Reading the article that follows brought many memories to this old man. I joined the US Navy at 17 and served 3.5 of my 5 years on active duty.

My families have grown to currently number 57 with two new great grandchildren this year. My oldest of five females and two sons is now 70. It would be difficult and require over 1200 words to just identify the successes of my CLAN. Currently there are five Doctors, will be six next May, three lawyers, a CPA, five Educators, three Nurses, Managers, Engineers. My education, experience and knowledge includes; Registered Professional Engineer by exam; Master of Science in Business 3.92 GPA and Member of Mensa and Intertel by exam. 

I served on subcommittees and was Chairman of the Main Committee for Offshore Oil and Gas Surface and Subsurface Safety Valves for five years (ANSI/ASME SPPE-1/-2)  

I have been blessed with a dream life; traveled to 32 countries, worked in 23; worked in or visited 49 States; worked 32 years in management for Lockheed-Martin and Halliburton; started eight businesses in four countries and retired 1-1-1994. Flew over four million miles including one trip of 35,000 miles around the world in seven weeks. I have been to Tokyo 35 times and never set foot outside Narita airport 

Please enjoy this wonderful walk through events during my life. This could be my swansong as recent events have left me little or limited time to continue my writing. I have enjoyed my 1300 articles and my thanks to Mr. Freddie Keel for urging me to share my writing ability with others some 10 years ago. 

Donald Trump is my hero. Clyde Brewer 


This is…all true…and we are armed with weapons, many of us have used. You listening, governor of Virginia?

Every household headed by a person age 65 or older has a net worth 47 times greater than a household headed by someone under 35, according to an analysis of census data released Monday.

They like to refer to us as senior citizens, old fogies, geezers, and in some cases dinosaurs. Some of us are “Baby Boomers” getting ready to retire. Others have been retired for some time. 

We walk a little slower these days and our eyes and hearing are not what they once were. We worked hard, raised our children, worshiped our God and we have grown old together.

In school we studied English, history, math, and science, which enabled us to lead America into the technological age. 

Most of us remember what outhouses were, many of us with firsthand experience. We   remember the days of telephone party-lines, 25 cent gasoline, and milk and ice being delivered to our homes. 

We are probably considered old fashioned and outdated by many. But there are a few things you need to remember before completely   writing us off. 

We won World War II, fought in Korea and Viet Nam. We can quote The Pledge of Allegiance, and know where to place our hand while doing so. 

We wore the uniform of our country with pride, and lost many friends on the battlefield. 

We didn’t fight for the Socialist States of America; we fought for the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” 

We wore different uniforms but carried the same flag.

We know the words to the “Star Spangled Banner,” “America,” and “America the Beautiful” by heart, and you may even see some tears running down our cheeks as we sing. 

We have lived what many of you should have read in history books and we feel no obligation to apologize to anyone for America. 

Yes, we are old and slow these days but rest assured, we have at least one good fight left in us. 

We have loved this country, fought for it, and died for it, and now we are going to save it. It is our country and nobody is going to take it away from us. 

We took oaths to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that is an oath we plan to  keep. 

There are those who want to destroy this land we love but, like our founders, there is no way we are going to remain silent. 

It was mostly the young people of this nation who elected Obama and the Democratic Congress. 

You fell for the “Hope and Change” which in reality was nothing, but “Hype and Lies” from your college professors. 

You youngsters need to taste socialism and see evil face to face to understand you don’t like it after all. 

You make a lot of noise, most are all too interested in their careers or “Climbing the Social Ladder” to be involved in such mundane things as patriotism and voting. 

Many of those who fell for the “Great Lie” in 2008 are now having buyer’s remorse. 

With all the education we gave you, you didn’t have enough sense to see through the lies and instead drank the ‘Kool-Aid.’ 

Well, don’t worry youngsters, the Grey-Haired Brigade is here, and in 2016 we took back our nation. 

We may drive a little slower than you would like, but we get where we’re going, and in 2020, we’re driving to the polls by the millions.

So the next time you have the chance to say the  Pledge of Allegiance, stand up, put your hand over your heart, honor your country, and thank God for the old geezers of the “Gray-Haired Brigade.” 

Footnote:  This is right on. I am another Gray-Haired Geezer signing on. I will circulate this to other Gray-Haired Geezers all over this still great county.

Can you feel the ground shaking???  It’s not an earthquake, it is a STAMPEDE. 

I have no idea who wrote this and if you know please advise me so I can give credits, please.
Again, Happy New Year  C W Brewer 1-1-20

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