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My enthusiasm to write or even listen to any news since the recent elections has been missing. Even when I do listen or read anything, it just creates more despondency. Observing the actions in Washington proves that unless you are working for or living off the government teat, you are screwed. The only variable is how much more you will have to share with the people who refuse to work. That certainly includes the 535 Congresspersons who care about as much about the average successful American as Hitler cared for the Jewish people.

They know they can’t shoot or gas “Successful Conservatives” but they can, have and will continue to rob us of our savings to create the new Socialist Democracy of America. We now have a royal class of individuals that have taken over the government for themselves. They are protected for life from any economic needs of both money and benefits. The real greedy are the career politicians and bureaucrats that use seniority or tenure to amass fortunes. They are immune from taxes, ethics and public exposure.

Most will believe that I am only talking about democrats who are all thieves but the republican and independent politicians are just as bad, most just not as wealthy. I have lost all faith in politicians at every level of government from dog catchers to our President.

Next week I will again listen to and read the latest news and produce my “Conservative Views”. I just hope enough people have some desire to wish America could be great again.

Politicians, environmentalists and unions have all but destroyed the phrase, “Made in America”. It began disappearing a long time ago with new laws, useless regulations and greed. Deserving and hard-working people could bring back this success but sadly it appears that more than half of all Americans don’t really want it!


C Brewer 12-30-2012   

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