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In this last part of this series I will share some of Trump’s other positions and some quotes he has gone on record to make his intentions overt rather than cloudy or covert by all of the other zillion people running for President next year. Again I want to make my position very clear on why I am supporting him. I don’t like his flamboyant demeanor but I am convinced he has statesman qualities and he is 1000% a freedom loving American just like me. The days of wishy-washy decision making and government agencies like the IRS, EPA whose secret and over-reactive use of power will be over. This man did not amass a fortune being stupid or flashy as the media and both political parties try to brand him being just a showman.

We currently have three political parties, Democrats, Republicans who have flexibility and Republicans that are so obsessed with abortion they will never be in power again. The law is the law and they can’t understand that there are reasons for aborting a child. They only stay in power occasionally because those of us that can be flexible vote and serve as Republicans because we abhor the thought of America becoming a Socialist Democracy that is the only position the Democrats have. Other countries have more than two political parties and they are governed by coalitions of two or more parties. If the Republicans block Trump from being nominated I will support him as an Independent. I believe that enough fed up with promises Americans will get him elected. At least I pray he wins.

Like myself Trump supports the death penalty. We both believe that there is no common sense or innovative capability any more in the Executive, Judicial or Congressional branches of government. My perception also includes the Supreme Court and our military leadership.

Absorb deeply a recent statement he made, “When I opened Trump National Golf Club at Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles, I was immediately told that I would need to build a new and costly ballroom. The current ballroom was gorgeous, but it only sat 200 people and we were losing business because people needed a larger space for their events. Building a new ballroom would take years to get approval and permits (since it’s on the Pacific Ocean), and cost about $5 million. I took one look at the ballroom and saw immediately what needed to be done. The problem wasn’t the size of the room, it was the size of the chairs. They were huge, heavy, and unwieldy. We didn’t need a bigger ballroom, we needed smaller chairs! So I had them replaced with high-end, smaller chairs. I then had our people sell the old chairs and got more money for them than the cost of the new chairs. In the end, the ballroom went from seating 200 people to seating 320 people. Our visitors got the space they desired, and I spared everyone the hassle of years of construction and $5 million of expense. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little common sense.”

In addition to his saving years of unnecessary permits and construction that would have added $5,000,000 in wasted expenses, the ballroom stayed open for business. He created revenue instead of wasting time and money. Does that give you any sense of how smart leaders can make money instead of creating regulations to create chaos and costs we have watched during most of the last several Presidential terms? Washington is scared to death that Trump will win the Presidency. The media hates the thought of having a President that will call their bluff.

Today all serving politicians have one scared mission, just get re-elected. I doubt that we will see Trump or any on his appointed staff be concerned with re-election. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see who Trump will select to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court?

While the media and others are digging for failures like marriages or non-business related speed bumps during Trump’s personal life take a look at the truth. His entire life has been made up of success and winning. Some have openly accused him of bankruptcies, but that’s not true. He’s never filed personal bankruptcy. There is no doubt that he, like any successful business man, has procured companies and legally used bankruptcy laws to restructure their debt. That is “Business 101” which is taught in every business school in the country. Or it was when I got my Masters in 1977.

Like him or not he is a highly successful fighter. Do you know anyone running that clearly loves America more than Trump? He has been quoted many times saying, “I love America. And when you love something, you protect it passionately and fiercely.” How many Democrats or Republicans in name only (RINOS) have you heard make this kind of public statement?

Wake up folks and before you criticize someone just because the demented, biased and Socialistic Democrats and every media source does, do what I did. Listen, read all sides of every issue and pay close attention to what Donald Trump is proposing. You will hopefully agree that what he is proposing is exactly what America deserves and needs.

There is no Spanish version of this series. When Trump is elected, English will be the only language recognized again. We never printed things in Polish, German, French or any other foreign language for aliens or slaves even after they became citizens. Why do we coddle people who come to fill our prisons or become welfare thieves?  C Brewer


Reading the comments related to this series from family, friends and total strangers is an experience within itself. I have concluded that those on both the extreme far left and right would not be happy if Jesus or the Devil was running for President. If they were actually honest, they would not even vote for themselves. You could not satisfy them as they are so narrow minded they have no tolerance or flexibility period.

I just realized that I am Conservative but I am not as extreme as I myself perceived. I have a great friend, Glen Provost a retired lawyer, who I deeply respect. We have not crossed paths in a couple of years and if he read my Part Four article about Trump, he would tell me is that I finally woke up. What I refer to is my acceptance of a single-payer healthcare system for America. We have had some deep political discussions for several years and even though we respect each other the only political issue we ever agreed on was Term-Limits for all elected officials. Glen, if you read this it’s your turn to admit flexibility is mandatory if we ever unite Americans again.

My message to everyone who might read this article is to understand there is and never will be any human that is 100% perfect in every way. Norma or my kids will not believe that I said this as I always told them I was perfect.

Back to Trump. He is not perfect but he is a leader and he meets more of my desires than anyone running that has a chance to be elected. Let me share some more commitments and positions he has made public and that the media and those extremists noted above have ignored. If you have a candidate who has made equal or better promises on every issue I have revealed in this series, document them and I will post them for others to evaluate. Do not just pick some issues include them all.

Regarding welfare I read that he will reform our current welfare debacle and stated that “America needs a safety net, not a hammock.” He wants Congress to create a welfare to work program that would help reduce those on welfare and encourage people to get back to work. He will demand a crackdown on entitlement fraud.

Other positions he has addressed include his belief that climate change is a hoax. He opposes Common Core. We both are and believe that abortion must be evaluated if the pregnancy was due to rape, incest, or the life of the mother. This is the issue that divides the Republican Party and why I consider myself an “Independent”. If this issue is the reason he is not nominated as the Republican candidate I will support hiM if he runs as an Independent. I am sick of the Republicans who have no flexibility. We don’t need a police state mentality because of this single issue.

Trump is 100% for pro 2nd Amendment rights. His view and mine regarding same-sex marriage is that marriage is between a man and a woman. We both know that this is a States-Rights issue, not a federal issue. That is why before the Progressives and Liberals who have been systematically destroying States-Rights, we were free to leave States that had laws we found objectionable.

To keep from making these articles too long I will try to wrap-up my reasons that I am supporting Trump in one more article that will give you a look at what real leaders are made of and why he has been a successful business man. He has made mistakes in life, relationships and business just like we all have made. I have made my decision and this series has explained why. Again, send me your factual reasons for opposing Trump and I will post them with your name on the blog.   C Brewer


Slowly President Obama and Eric Holder have replaced Congress in deciding what laws need to be enforced and systematically destroying States Rights. They have control of the Federal Judges and since Roberts allowed them to shove Obamacare upon us, they have control of the Supreme Court. They are in no hurry as they have three more years to accomplish the Progressive-Liberals dream of total Federal Government control of every aspect of your life.

They ignore the immigration laws and silence the States when they try to enforce them. They are suing the States that require picture ID for voters so people can continue to vote multiple times and they can’t produce picture ID’s for the dead Democratic voters.

We have two states that recently voted to allow the sale of recreational marijuana and Mr. Holder announced the Justice Department would not enforce federal laws that prohibit sale or use of the narcotic. I expect that this trend will be expanded to all drugs as soon as California gets into action.

It is not what laws they decide to ignore that troubles me, it is why they are permitted to decide which laws to enforce. If Congress wanted to abolish these laws I have no problem. It would not surprise me if we see Holder decide to ignore prosecuting Democrats who commit murder, robbery, theft and extortion. He has already refused to charge some for voter intimidation and fraud.  

This week Holder and the Obama administration jumped into the middle of the emotional and politicized debate over State same-sex marriage bans, declaring in an interview that state attorneys general are not obligated to defend laws that they believe are discriminatory. A Federal Judge ruled this week that the Texas law against same-sex marriage violates the Constitution. WOW, it took 250 years to discover this hidden in the most attacked doctrine in world history. I am wondering if Texas passed a law to not recognize the marriage of a man and a goat that Progressive Judge would find it Unconstitutional?  

Mr. Holder stated that when laws touch on core constitutional issues like equal protection, an attorney general should apply the highest level of scrutiny before reaching a decision on whether to defend it. He said the decision should never be political or based on policy objections. Can anyone advise me of “any” decision made by a State, Congress, the Executive Branch or the Judicial Branch of our Federal Government been made for any reason other than political?

Quoting Holder, “Engaging in that process and making that determination is something that’s appropriate for an attorney general to do,”

Mr. Holder also cited the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case, which forced public school integration in 1954.  He said “If I were attorney general in Kansas in 1953, I would not have defended a Kansas statute that put in place separate-but-equal facilities,” Mr. Holder said.

Holder has said he views today’s gay-rights campaigns as a continuation of the civil rights movement that won rights for black Americans in the 1950s and ’60s. Holder stated gay rights one of “the defining civil rights challenges of our time.”

To accelerate the unbelievable growing lawlessness Holder is now asking the states’ attorneys generals to pick and choose the laws they defend or prosecute.

In 2008 Obama was forceful in his opposition to Proposition 8, the California ballot measure which would eliminate a right to same-sex marriage that the state’s Supreme Court recently recognized.

Obama also said, “I’ve stated my opposition to this. I think it’s unnecessary,” Obama told MTV. “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage. But when you start playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that’s not what America’s about.” “Usually, our constitutions expand liberties, they don’t contract them,” he added.

There is no risk on his part, just as there was no risk on the president’s part. Both are posing, and in posing, sanitize a deep hatred of America’s laws.

If Holder can refuse to defend one portion of the Constitution, why not another? Next I expect Holder and Obama to encourage pro-life State Attorney Generals and District Attorney’a to stop defending abortion clinics beset by protesters. Following this Holder will convience State law officials that heroin addiction is a disease and the use of heroin wrongly classified as a crime to cease prosecuting offenders brought by their law enforcement officials to their jails.

Laws exist to require that every elected official comply. At least that was required before Obama and Holder.  The Rule of Law is supposed to protect every American including those being represented by crooked politicians. It appears we have no laws to protect us from Obama, Holder, Reid or Pelosi just to name four. The Federal Courts are so packed with Progressive-Liberals it will take two generations to just get the balance that represents the majority of Americans back in power.

Holders latest encouragement to lawlessness ought to press an answer from every political candidate before every election: Will you uphold your oath and defend all of the Federal/State existing laws as you stand here and swear to do, or do you plan to selectively choose the laws to ignore?

The scariest thing for freedom loving Americans is watching Congress shove laws like the “Affordable Care Act” on us when the Democrats that had total control and did not even read what they voted for.

If the Democrats regain total power get ready to turn in your guns, sign over your retirement savings and if you are over 75, order your Casket or Urn. On second thought, if you are over 75 go ahead and place your order now. Obamacare assures your long-term healthcare is now severely limited or unaffordable for most.

I anticipate negative comments from the younger folks, including friends and family telling me I am over reacting. Well I am 83+ and if any of my critics has anything to say, wait to see if you make 83, then tell my heirs I was wrong.  

How many people under 65 who read this expect to live to be 83? If no, why? Sorta scary isn’t it! 

“VOTE”, you never know when it will be your last time you have the right.

C Brewer


Cynthia Fagen had an article in Newsmax recently that should have been given this title that I chose for this posting. I have noted direct quotes and I took the liberty to paraphrase some of her work to reinforce my belief that Republicans are their own worst enemy. The Democrats just sit back and amuse themselves watching the GOP slaughter each other and enjoy victory doing what they do best, nothing.  

Politico recently reported that social conservatives are plotting a political “coup” on a GOP they deem has gone too soft on issues such as gay marriage and abortion. Some of the wealthiest conservative GOP supporters recently met to enlist mega donors into a “conservative civil war”.

This clandestine gathering was by invitation only, closed to the media. The plan included aggressive super PAC spending against specific Republicans in GOP primaries. Politico reported that the Project was chaired by former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese and funded by the Council on National Policy.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), admitted in a 2012 postmortem, “When it comes to social issues, the Party must in fact and in deed be inclusive and welcoming,” and that the party “must change its tone — especially on certain social issues that are turning off young voters” women and minorities, or face the loss of huge voting blocks.

The RNC Chairman, Priebus has announced, “As a party, Republicans resolve to make 2014 about engaging with more people in communities all across America. “We’ll spend our time welcoming new people to our party and listening to people in places where we haven’t spent enough time in years past.”

Politico reported that these statements have infuriated the social conservatives. They had noticed an opening in the recent backlash against the tea party in Congress and disenchantment with established groups such as Karl Rove’s Crossroads and the Koch brothers’ fiscally conservative agenda.

Some of those who attended the private event included Gary Bauer’s American Values, James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage.

Bauer told Politico “There are enough people out there that are pro-life and pro-family that have the resources to fund political efforts on those issues and for a variety of reasons they just haven’t stepped up and so we have to do a better job of getting them to step up”. “We’ve been behind the curve and that we need to do a better job of strategic fundraising and working together in order to get more traction on these issues.”

The abortion issues that have divided the Republicans is still more than alive and well. All Hillary Clinton needs to do is convince the Democrats to stay cool, don’t attack each other and it will be easy to maintain power for at least eight more years. Women voters will stay with them and they have a lip lock on the African Americans and the Hispanics with welfare money. The Democrats have had 100% of the dead people’s votes for at least 80 years. They own and control the main stream media and the politically biased Justice System.           C Brewer


Texas is now in the crosshairs of the Liberal attempt to regain control of the entire state Legislature and win back the Governors power. With the actions they are hell bent to pass, inflexible Republicans are the best help the Democrats could pray for.

Does the average person really understand how or why abortion has divided and destroyed life in the United State of America? This single issue has done more harm to our country than slavery.

If we stay on today’s combative and divided path, we will eventually end up with a Communist or, God forbid, a Muslim society that no man or woman will enjoy or desire. I have had the opportunity to work and observe life in Kingdoms, Communists and Muslim societies. United we stand and divided we are destroying freedoms we have dearly paid for with the blood of our own young soldiers.

I have five daughters, seven granddaughters, three great granddaughters, and five females married to my sons and grandsons, so far. I have observed and studied the abortion issue from several positions and I feel like I understand the disparity of those Americans so emotionally disturbed.

I have lived in Texas all of my life and especially today we are dividing Texans by making abortion a political side-show and achieving nothing. Abortion will be the reason that destroys the Republican Party. The inflexible position of the conservative politicians have driven women to flock to any liberal political candidate that runs for election and unfortunately re-election. Progressives and Liberals are comfortable watching the Conservatives commit suicide in state after state by being stupid.

What mother, or father for that matter, would enjoy seeing their daughter raped and become pregnant? What parent wants their child to give birth when life threatening medical conditions exists with being pregnant? Why would anyone have moral opposition for an abortion to prevent a raped child from having to rear a baby when they are still a child themself? 

Two basic issues that keep dividing Americans into political frenzies are wrong;

1. Our misguided politicians and the clergy refuse to accept the facts previously described. Rape, incest and health must be available to females as all victims are not yet women and other factors must be accepted. Stubborn opposition by mostly male conservative politicians and all priest to any abortion is wrong, wrong, wrong!

2. Women who misuse, misunderstand or endorse abortion as a birth control method are stupid, misinformed or both and  are wrong, wrong, wrong!

Until the separation of reasons for an abortion are debated and rationally arbitrated, we are racing to destroy our country.

Watching arcane, inflexible, ill-informed, misguided and politically motivated Texans turn Austin into California type Democrat amusement park is pitiful at best.

By the way Texas protesters, even a morgue has to have sterile environmental controls. Wake up and shut up trying to permit uncontrolled healthcare in Texas. Abortion for birth control belongs in back alleys and sleazy hotel rooms.

I challenge any sane American, misguided woman, Priest, Democrat, Republican or any combination of these descriptions, to challenge the common sense reasoning of this article. I will accept and approve all comments to be posted with the article on WordPress.

C Brewer 


You can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for being in the country illegally.

Your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more of our money.

A seven year old boy can be thrown out of school for calling his teacher “cute” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable.

The Supreme Court of the United States can rule that lower courts cannot display the 10 Commandments in their courtroom, while sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments.

Children are forcibly removed from parents who appropriately discipline them while children of “underprivileged” drug addicts are left to rot in filth infested cesspools.

Americans pay for their own health care (and the health care of everyone else) while unmarried women are free to have child after child on the “State’s” dime while never being held responsible for their own choices.

Hard work and success are rewarded with higher taxes and government intrusion, while slothful, lazy behavior is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid, subsidized housing and free cell phones.

The government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide 99 weeks of unemployment checks (to not work).

Being self-sufficient is considered a threat to the government.

Politicians think that stripping away the amendments to the constitution is really protecting the rights of the people.

The rights of the Government come before the rights of the individual.

Parents believe the State is responsible for providing for their children.

You can write a blog like this just by reading the news headlines.

Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you “safe”.

You have to have your parents signature to go on a school field trip but not to get an abortion.

An 80 year old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA but a Muslim woman in a burka is only subject to having her neck and head searched.

Using the “N” word is considered “hate speech” but writing and singing songs about raping women and killing cops is considered “art”.

How did we get here?  CB


I am rather disturbed that the news media has provided over 36 hours of nearly constant reporting of a terrible tragedy. Can you imagine the effect on the families who seek comfort and peace rather than being hounded for interviews? WHY? To build their ratings with constant and never ending questions, they know that no one can answer.

Without any doubt this latest school tragedy is the most despicable act of cowardice I have seen in my 82 years. Fox News, the only network I will even listen to, has made this weekend misery for these families as well as for me. Every time I seek the latest news or weather I have to listen to another interview with some so called expert. They have utilized every psychologist, criminal justice official, lawyer and commentator they can dig up to ask, why did this sicko kill all of these children? No one will ever really know why.

They have gone back years to report on other events they must know will disturb more families that will never get over the pain of losing a loved one. What they do not realize is that this continuing notoriety is likely why other disturbed people turn to mass murder so they will never be forgotten. I have heard this reason explained in detail so many times it makes me sick. Why plant this unnecessary thought in anyone’s mind, they know this could be what triggered this latest horror.

Now we will have a month of irresponsible palaver blaming guns for the reason he killed these poor children and others. If someone would have shot this idiot, the anti-gun idiots would have still gone ballistic again even if he had outlined his reason. Some people don’t deserve to live in our society.

The Second Amendment and abortion have divided this country for far too long. There are reasons to resort to abortion and there is no reason for individuals to own assault rifles. You don’t need a machine gun to go hunting and a young rape victim does not deserve to give birth to a child when she is still a child. There are many other reasons that are merely common sense that our zealots refuse to be flexible with.

Wake up America and make this country a place to be proud of again. Our forefathers designed our Republic form of government to keep people like our President from destroying our freedom by dividing the people.

I urge every Christian to pray for these families and join me by watching the Weather Channel for the next few days.

Clyde Brewer

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