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Well it took me nearly four years and over 800 articles to successfully stir up a hornets nest. The “Senior Citizens Beware” article I posted recently, sharing the actual experience of a man in Arizona, finally stirred up some Liberals. The recap of his encounter with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or as it is better known, “Obamacare” flushed out some rather radical feedback. Next let me thank everyone that took the time to at least comment, both pro and con as feedback is always a sign that someone at least read your work. I have recapped some of the negative comments I received;

  1. Blatant Liar
  2. George Bush created the problem with “Medical Observations” not Obamacare.
  3. The problem with non-payment for “Medical Observations” has nothing to do with the ACA.
  4. My article is “Completely Inaccurate”
  5. I am a “hypocrite”.

You are free to read every word except #5 if you go to the published article on WordPress. I always approve every comment I receive if the language is civil, even the ones questioning my creditability and/or my sanity. The “hypocrite” accusation came by E mail from one of my golfing friends who said Lyndon Johnson was the creator of Medicare and my being on Medicare and criticizing it was dishonest.

This week I listened to President Obama stand with a straight face on TV and make the following statements;

  1. Our economy is the best shape it has ever been.
  2. Unemployment is not a problem anymore.
  3. I have elevated the respect for America worldwide as when I was elected it lower than China or Russia.

I feel sure my Progressive-Liberal critics and the entire national media would argue and complain about my wording. As usual they will all ignore Obama’s “blatant lies”. If the word “liar” had a picture beside it in a dictionary to describe what a liar looks like it would be President Obama. History will record that Obama was the most successful “Con Man” that ever lived on Earth. No one ever has or ever will be able to divide free people and destroy a nation faster than he has. He has surpassed Hitler in the speed of destroying a nation.

Let me share some facts for anyone who reads my articles, especially the ones who do not know me or my creditability. I volunteered to serve in the US Navy at 17. I spent 32 years in senior management positions for two fortune 500 companies. I started nine different businesses in three countries. I passed the Mensa Exam at the 99th percentile and was honored to be a member of Mensa and Intertel. I worked or visited in 32 countries and 49 states. I wrote a “Standard” for the American Petroleum Institute as an individual instead of by committee. I trained over 30,000 individuals in nine different countries in multiple subjects. I passed the Professional Engineering exam without a technical Degree. I received a Master’s Degree in Management with a GPA of 3.92 without an undergraduate degree. I chaired a National ASME Committee on Offshore oil and Gas Safety Valves for several years. I designed a Quality Management Systems for over 200 companies worldwide. I doubt that some of my own family know all of this.

My parents and God gave me a mind and I choose to fill and use it. I am one of very few people who actually achieved the self-satisfaction of meeting or exceeding every goal I ever set for myself. I am married to my second wife for over 54 years. I currently have 43 kids, grandkids and great grandkids, including spouses. Five are doctors, three are lawyers, several hold technical degrees or serve in management positions or business owners, one is a CPA and four are teachers or education specialists. One is also a member of Mensa and Intertel and passed the exam at 14. They range in age from one to sixty-six and I love them all.

I am fortunate to have many close friends who share their knowledge and correspondence with me that I selectively publish to share knowledge or create articles that are obviously ultraconservative as advertised by the title of my WordPress Blog. I usually try to identify my sources and I don’t or ever will question their honesty or ethics. If you disagree with my articles I always encourage and approve all comments.

Let me summarize the reason I published this article. If my writing annoys, upsets, causes you to suffer in any way, I did not make you read it. Maybe you should “STOP READING MY WORK!”

Until Obama, Hillary or other Progressive-Liberal nut cases get the first Amendment to the Constitution repealed I will write whatever I choose, whenever I choose as long as my two fingers can type. Learning requires full knowledge of a subject and I read more Liberal drivel than you would ever believe. I write to keep my old mind active and there are no charges to read my work. Like subsistence Obama provides for over 40 million lazy Americans it is free. If my writing makes you mad like it does to one of my daughters and two granddaughters, so be it.

For anyone who takes the time to read this and is older than 85, I honor you with my respect. For those younger my first wish is for you to be fortunate enough to live this long. My second wish is that you will share your knowledge and experiences with others.

Writing this article made me feel real good about the life I have lived and I hope it makes at least one other freedom loving American smile. Smiling is a way to make others smile, try it yourself. 

C Brewer   “Super Senior”


Fifty three years ago this day I married Norma Maxey, my partner in life and the greatest mother of our four wonderful children and Grammy to our seven grandchildren. This warm and wonderful lady has made me the happiest man on earth with her 100% support and love.

I hope that everyone who reads this message will enjoy the happiness I have enjoyed for all of these years. I am a fortunate man!

C Brewer


I receive many inquires related to creating a blog. I am 81 years old and started this blog one year ago to share my lifetime and knowledge with all who desire more conservative viewpoints. Being retired for some 18 years I have found this outlet to spend my time most rewarding. I also have a large family, currently 39, that all live at least 200 miles away to share my musings with.

A good friend who enjoyed my more than casual articles for our weekly newspaper, The Sabine County Reporter, urged and helped me create this blog. His computer knowledge far exceeds that of my own. In the past year I have posted nearly 300 messages and have received over 7000 hits.

I also am an avid reader of history and the conservative activity in America. I do comment on other people’s work whether professional or just another individual like myself. When I have a question during my two finger visits to probably 40 sites a day.

I live in a neighborhood of mostly retired and older Americans. Several have no access to the internet and we do not have a decent daily newspaper. I make copies of daily happenings, that are not biased by the main stream media, and they are passed on from family to family to provide conservative events. One site I visit for his three times a week articles is www.burtprelutsky.com which you will find on my blog links. Several months ago I had a question regarding a feature on his site I desired more information. He graciously responded and gave me the way to contact his webmaster.

I can tell you that this individual that I contacted is the most knowledgable and professional computer person I have ever conversed with in my life. Coupled with the fact that I am old, independent, and know little more than how to log in, type with two fingers and pray a lot when I hit the wrong key, we have become “E” pals. He just paid me a big compliment by asking me to review a proposed major change to one of the sites he manages. Telling me that what I can find accidentally by not being as bright on computers was an ego boost for this old man. To get completely honest I am a member of Mensa and Intertel and the worlds worst spellers and a failure when it comes to using correct punctuations, etc. My wife of 51 years is my grammar corrector and God Bless spellcheck.

As a message to those who have asked me about how to do anything related to the blog or a website I encourage you to contract with this individual to guide you, create for you or manage your blog or site. You can visit Burt Prelutsky’s site to see his work and you can contact him at www.kennfong.com. Save your self some time and grief when you start by using a professional like Kenn.

Clyde Brewer  

PS: I mispelled 8 words when this was spell checked


To eliminate any connection to Beck, the old address, http://cbeck75948.wordpress.com has been changed to https://cb75948.wordpress.com


Life has been a great experience and I will proudly admit that I was able to achieve my highest potential dreams in my business career. Few I know have accomplished this dream.

I spent 32 years working for two fortune 500 companies then some 11 years in business for myself. I served as chairman for an ASME of a committee for “Offshore Oil and Gas Safety Valves” for several years. I belonged to several national trade associations. I am a retired Registered Professional Engineer, member of Mensa and Intertel and have a Master’s degree in Business from the University of Dallas (1977). I have worked or visited 32 countries and 49 states and now reside in Sabine County Texas on a lake that is 80 miles long.

A supportive wife, Norma, has been with me for over 50 years and she raised four wonderful children, and deserves some major credit for my writings. With my education and experience, I never took typing and if it were not for “Spell Check” my output would be questionable. If typing, spelling or grammar had been a Mensa requirement, I would have been doomed. My beautiful wife provides editing corrections for my blog.

God gave me the ability to express my knowledge and thoughts with words. Success in business provided me with retirement and the opportunity to hopefully make some contributions to society. Lyndon Johnson made me a conservative with his misdirected power to make America a Socialist country. Carter, Clinton and Obama have just solidified my belief in our Constitution that has bound us together for over 200 years.

AS I am approaching 81 I have slowed down some. I rarely play golf over six times a month; it used to be at least twelve and often more. What used to be fishing nearly every day has been reduced to when they are biting, maybe? I will leave other of life’s surprises for you to encounter on your own as you get older. Aging does have some negatives to discover, but the time and severity are variables.

To the nearly 7000 people who have visited the blog, I say thank you. To those who visit today or after, please provide me with your comments. I wear big boy shorts and I can take, and dish out, criticism.

Thanks, C Brewer

For an 80+ gentleman, you are amazing. Thanks for devoting so much time in researching each topic in order to educate your readers.


About Me

Born a democrat in 1930. Endured the depression. After high school spent four plus years in the US Navy. Became a republican when democrats deserted conservative principles. 27 years with Lockheed, 5 years with Halliburton. 10 years in nine different businesses in consulting and one partnership in industrial training. Worked in 31 countries and 49 states. Achieved a Masters Degree at 47. Retired member of American Society for Quality, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Mensa, Intertel. Registered Professional Engineer, retired. After Bush caved into the Progressives, I am now a political independent as the GOP has left me this time.

My objective is to write conservative opinions, share life’s experiences and forward information I gather from reading and friends messages. I will sprinkle some lighter side material at times.

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