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Why do we have so many Black racists in powerful leadership positions in America today? Why do they preach, promote, infer and insist on violence as the way to live? Why do they feel that anyone owes them anything other than the right to be free? They have had political control of the country for nearly five years and have divided the people worse than we experienced in the 1860’s. They appear to want a piece of flesh rather than a piece of bread. Why?

President Obama had a chance to unite Americans and improve our world image with his leadership. Instead he has alienated our people and is destroying our leadership position in world events. Why?

When the Black people unite at greater than 90 percent to admire, blindly follow and worship the current Black leaders in American we have more than an education difference. Watching leaders like Reverends Wright, Jackson and Sharpton spew racial hate, Congresspersons Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee, Elijah Cummings and Charles Rangel, to name a few, scream racists messages every time they open their mouth is sickening. Why?

We have some great Black American leaders like Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Senator Tim Scott, Governor Mia Love, WalterWilliams and Dr. Thomas Sewell and many more that should be hero’s to their people. They know how to prosper without violent dialog. They are Americans instead of antagonists but understand we are strong when we unite instead of divide the people. They are not only ignored, they are outcasts within their own race. Why?

Watching Obama use people like Eric Holder to openly ignore our laws when Blacks commit hate crimes then use race as a tool to prosecute Hispanics and Whites when they defend themselves is wrong. Why?

The recent George Zimmerman trial should be the warning signal that the Blacks hate the Hispanics as much as their leaders hate the Whites. They will continue this offensive to divide Americans until the people unite and stop this crap. It is time for the Hispanic people act like Americans, unite behind their new leaders and actually unite us all again.

I am deeply impressed with real leaders that have emerged like Senators Rubio and Cruz. Sadly the power base enjoyed by the Hispanic people is still mostly held by Democrats that are as out of touch with our Republic form of government as the Blacks they helped gain their current power. If they choose to ignore the chance to step up and support these new leaders, they will deserve to be second class humans trapped in a foreign country that they currently live in. I doubt that they will take advantage of this opportunity. Why?

Let me review some facts beyond the increases in numbers the Hispanics have made that reveal some gains they have made.

Take a look at the 113th Congress currently so admired by some eleven percent of the people. The Blacks have forty-four elected officials represented by one Senator, Tim Scott, a Republican and forty-three members of the House that are 100% Democrats. The Hispanics have 38 elected officials represented by three Senators, Republicans Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and one Democrat, Robert Menendez along with thirty-four members in the House. The major difference is that five of the House members are Republicans. The voters somewhere are waking up and realizing that “Involuntary Slavery” I recently defined is not a way of life for any American.

My mission with this article is a question to all Hispanic people, citizens or not, to think hard how you can improve your life and the opportunities of your children if you want to? Step number one is speak English and become an American. I spent a lot of my life working with, training and consulting with businesses in Mexico. I had a timeshare for over 25 years in Puerto Vallarta and I found the people more than deserving to be free from government oppression and control. Please help us remove the fear of growing government oppression and control from our Constitutional freedoms. The direction President Obama is shoving down our throats will be far worse than life in Mexico or Central America. Our current leaders are hell-bent on creating more government regulatory interference in our lives than anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

C Brewer


I have researched the terms Slavery, Indentured Servants, Forced Labor, Chattel Slavery, Bonded Labor, Contemporary Slavery, Forced Labor and involuntary Servitude. All are against the law in the United States today. However all have been used in the US during history. What we have today is a Liberal-Progressive movement that has and still is, using these methods of mind control rather than actual bondage. This provides the same result due to fear, illegal activity and reducing the intelligence of the poor by deliberate design.

What definition would you use to explain what was done to separate the indigenous population of American Indians from the illegal aliens, that has forced them into a form of bondage that still exists today. They are paid to just shut up and live on reservations. Maybe we should have taken them to the Mexican border and escorted them into Mexico?

We have been watching the reverse of this idea being used by Mexico to make sure the poor must learn to swim or climb fences to survive. Do they really want to come to America? Probably not but do they really have any other options beyond starvation, extortion or true Slavery if they stay in Mexico?

We pay to bring the poor from the Arab/Muslim world to escape the same fate. Why? We allow political chicanery to bring in the poor from just about every country on earth. Why do we force the Hispanics to swim or climb fences and just ignore they are here? At least they work for a living until they discover welfare pays better wages.

The Liberal-Progressives movement has mastered the use of the Involuntary Slavery to control the destiny of the Hispanics for far too many years. These people were poorly educated before they got here and Democrats make sure they have to live in the shadows for fear of being sent back. The Liberal-Progressive movement also makes sure they remain poor, under-educated and rely on the Democratic saviors for food, medical care and protection from the mean Conservatives who want them to be Americans, speak English and enjoy freedom.

The days of the Hispanics being wanderers or Nomads as the Arabs profess to be may be ending. It appears that some Hispanics have removed the Democratic noose, gained more education and have decided to be leaders rather than sheep.

Some five years ago the Liberal-Progressives finally found mixer race Pied Piper they allowed to become President. Since then, with Obama as their puppet, they have had a field day wrecking the Constitution. Using Obama they have strengthened their hold on the Blacks who believe they are in control of America. Are they in for a surprise when they discover they are just Involuntary Slaves destined to remain poor and depend on the government for everything with “Obamamoney”? The Blacks had their chance to prove they have leadership stature and blew it with hatred and desire for Socialism. They want a civil war now for some idiotic reason.

With Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the people who are training to get the attention of the Hispanic Involuntary Slaves, watch how fast we see the Hispanic switch to the conservative movement. Even the Blacks, who seek economic and political freedom but they do not even know what they have and are being manipulated by the Liberal-Progressive Slave owners who control America and most of the world. They can’t call it Slavery as it would backfire. They have proven it is the most effective way to buy the votes to stay in power.

Now for my definition of Involuntary Slavery;

“People who are unaware that the use of power, money, food, threats, intimidation, mind control and propaganda is being used to convince them that they are better off living off of the hard work of others and let the government provide cradle to grave subsistence”.

You Democrats laugh now as it will take a few years for the class of educated Hispanics to root you out. McCain and the legions of Republicans-in-name-only politicians will be gone and the Liberal-Progressive movement will be reversed. Unfortunately, as I previously predicted, there will be another civil war and the Blacks will not be on the winning side this time. Life on a reservation like the Indians enjoy will be far better than swimming the Rio Grande River headed south. Even the African nations would not take old Jessie, Al or the legions of Black radicals in Congress today. Maybe they could try Russia. 

C Brewer



I have lived in Texas all of my life, where voter fraud in South Texas, could make Chicago politicians blush with envy. Lyndon Johnson won his Senate election after the Democrats dug up enough dead and illegal aliens to stuff the ballot boxes in the Rio Grande Valley. This part of Texas has never had an honest election and with Obama’s help, never will.

Texas passed a law to require photo identification for voters to present before voting. State after state has been doing this for the past few years as they try to eliminate voter fraud.

The Obama administration led by Eric Holder claims that requiring proof of identity violates a person’s civil rights and stopped the Texas law from being enacted this year. When asked to defend their position, they play the race card. President Obama has done more to racially divide this country than another racist democrat, George Wallace.

Obama and Holder would make us believe that African American or Hispanic Americans have no form of identification just because they are African American or Hispanic Americans. Any Democrat that feels that African and Hispanic Americans are so stupid that they cannot figure out how to obtain proper identification should be ashamed. The Democrats have the African Americans in bondage as they used to work for a living. The Hispanic people were the hardest working individuals I observed, in all of the 32 countries where I worked.

Now the Hispanic people are being urged to take advantage of our social system that provides more incentive to just sit on their butts and let someone else pay for their existence. All they have to do to enjoy the “FREE” life is to vote for the Democrats who are enslaving them to be poor. What race will show up next to work for a living?

Voting by those who cannot, or will not, identify themselves is a civil rights violation against those who can. Your vote should be considered as important as your 1st Amendment Right of free speech. This is your only way to speak directly to any government. You have the right to choose who represents you and who best protects your civil rights, which is intended to be the sole purpose of our government. That is the way our founders envisioned a government of the people to be.

I for one do not want my vote canceled by a dead or ineligible voter. Can any true American disagree that this is my right?  Does anyone else care that Eric Holder, who is unelected to his position and serves at the pleasure of the President, wants my vote cancelled. I am not surprised that the President wants my vote cancelled. The only way he won his position in 2008, or can be re-elected, is by allowing the ballot boxes to be filled with counterfeit votes.

ACORN, under new assumed names, is still alive and well, and will remain that way. The re-election of Barack Obama means another four years to complete his dream of a European type socialist democracy. If Obama is re-elected it will eliminate free and true elections forever

Obama will likely be able to appoint 2 or 3 more “Socialist” Supreme Court justices. This will be the end of our Republic form of government that has made America the envy of the world for over 200 years.

Those that oppose voter identification laws always point to the Voting Rights Act as well as the 15th Amendment for support. The VRA and the 15th Amendment only apply to citizens of the United States. If you cannot prove who you are by some form of reliable identification, how can you prove you are a citizen in the first place? You can’t prove it if you are dead either.

One last point, African American and Hispanic leaders complain that the poor, the elderly, the student and minorities can’t afford the cost of transport to the Photo ID Office or they might miss work. The truth is that most do not work anyway. The simple solution is to establish a free photo ID office at the same state location where they sign up and pick up their food stamps, free phones and welfare checks.  What would be Obama and Holder’s excuse then??? 

Thanks to my friend Ron for sending me some thoughts I have used from Michael Loeb and encouraging me to post this second message about voter ID.    C Brewer 


Republican’s will never win the white house again because they have too many different factions that do not understand unity. I am so sick of watching the genocide I no longer even watch Fox news. Anyone with a scintilla of knowledge can see that Obama is a shoo-in for re-election.

He has 45,000,000 people on food stamps, over 10,000,000 on permanent unemployment, without spending a dime for their votes. He has 100% of the hard core union labor people, 95% of African Americans and legal aliens and 100% of the illegal’s cinched. When you add 80% of the Jewish voters, 100% of the Socialist, 100% of the communists, 100% of hard core democrats and the dead people just in Illinois, he has a cake walk.

The republicans should calm down and select someone to be the election that can win in 2016. They should focus on winning the Senate and the House to be able to freeze the spending. This is the only way to survive until the next election cycle that will provide a fight for the democratic nomination.

I live in “deep” East Texas where only one county republican has ever won an election. This was for Justice of the Peace

When I first moved here over 20 years ago my wife and I overheard a conversation of blue overall gentlemen at a local café. One statement rang out, loud and clear, when one of them stated, “I would vote for a dog before I would vote for a republican”, he was cheered by the other four. These were hard core conservatives who would roll over in their graves if they could see what has happened to America in just the last three years.

As a footnote, our County Judge, Sheriff and one other incumbent have announced they will run in the Republican primary this year for the first time. This does not infer that democrats in this county are all liberals or progressives; it just means some now understand that democrats are no longer conservative as they were when I grew up.

Do not get me wrong as I will vote for whoever the republicans nominate just in case enough republicans decide to stop the internal civil war and join forces. I just do not believe they will as they never have before.

Back to the Congressional election, let me say we have a lot of so called conservatives currently in office, that need replacing. The leadership in the House that gained the majority has acted like lap dogs to let Obama scare them in to wasting our tax dollars. Because of the seniority rules they will not elect intelligent people, like Paul Ryan and a few others, as Speaker. Remember the Speaker of the House is second in line to be President should Obama and what’s his name were impeached. I suffer when I hear his name as he is the most incompetent Vice President since the wizard of the Internet and “Green” gazillionare under Clinton.

Let’ clean house in November and stop this madness.

C Brewer

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