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Watching the Governor of Virginia, Terry Mcauliffe, try to blame guns for the shootings in his backyard yesterday is insane. The same hold true for Rahm Emanuel who has done such a great job of being Mayor of the Murder Capital of the universe, Chicago.

Anyone on Earth who preaches and expects that gun control will stop violent acts by deranged individuals or by Muslim dissidents needs to visit a “Shrink” for psychotic help. Those who can’t fathom or argue with this article’s message need to dust off a history book. Being 87 I need no reference as I was old enough in the 1930’s to remember how government confiscation of all guns in Germany lead to the brutal starvation and murder of over six million humans. America lost millions of young men helping free the world of the inhuman Germans and Japanese Terrorists in WWII.

Unless you never watch the news or wish to forget Bill Ayers and the Hippie Terrorist in the 1960/70”s. Leaders of San Francisco’s police officers union have accused Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, of taking part in the 1970 bombing of a city police station that killed a sergeant. They used bombs not guns.

Again unless you were not yet born or a Democrat or both you either don’t know, don’t care or ignore other attacks by American Terrorist. On April 19, 1995, a truck-bomb explosion outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, left 168 people dead and hundreds more injured. This horrible killing event used bombs not guns. The blast was set off by anti-government militant Timothy McVeigh, who in 2001 was executed for his crimes. His co-conspirator Terry Nichols received life in prison. Until September 11, 2001, the Oklahoma City bombing was the worst terrorist attack to take place on U.S. soil. These attacks were made with aircraft, not guns. The Oklahoma event is still the worst terrorist attack by Americans killing other Americans and guess what, they did not guns.

In the past few months we have seen Muslim Terrorists mow down and kill dozens of people, including Americans, plowing into crowds with large trucks. The most recent account did end with some gunfire.

Government confiscation of guns in America will never happen and the Democrats all know that. They would like to see this happen so they could Socialize America and eliminate free speech and other freedoms like our Republic form of Democracy. They seek a one party control of government that would eventually eliminate all State governments and State lines. They would never admit this goal but unless you are deaf and dumb it is obvious this is their objective

Outlawing or 100% control of all bomb making material is sensible. They could outlaw all large trucks and shut down all commerce before we have incidents like those happening. They can outlaw all knives including those in all kitchens and reduce stabbings. They could stop all gun sales but there are enough guns in America to start a war now. They can outlaw arrows and ammunition so that guns and bows would be useless.

Folks, I am sick of listening to these Progressive-Liberals scream gun control. Our Government can’t or wont control the sale of drugs which is against the law and causes most of the killing like we see in Chicago and other large cities across America. History proves that outlawing anything just makes more millionaires to pay for protection. It did not work for liquor and now we have states allowing the sale of drugs, which is against the Federal law and the Feds. just ignore it. Legalize and tax drugs like they did liquor and take away the profit factor.

Control the sale of ammunition might work but you never hear these anti-gun Democrats even discuss this alternative. Without ammo a gun is useless. If they do watch out for speeding trucks when you are in open crowded places.

If the news media would stop interviewing these politicians who just want free publicity and face time maybe these Congress people would actually work on creating jobs and send all illegal aliens back where they came from.

Make America Great Again.       C Brewer 6-15-17


Does anyome besides me have trouble trying to determine Obama’s real objective after his latest news conference this morning? After he armed the Mexican drug dealers one would think he should be more careful arming unhappy freedom loving Americans.

Why do politicians play emotional gymnastics to make sure they can get re-elected? Watching President Obama use children to seek political cover makes me sick. Who in their right mind believe a child wrote the letters he used to build his latest political smokescreen. It is more than obvious to sane people the entire episode today was to increase political pressure to support his executive orders that usurp the Constitution. Why can’t he just be honest one time when he continues his quest to change the rules that will eventually wreck our Republic form of government that he despises?

Being a native Texan I may have some views radically different from others. I joined the Navy at 17 shortly after World War II. I had never owned a gun and had never seen a gun in our family home. I owned a BB gun like most kids in the late 1930’s and early 1940”s. Immediately after Boot Camp, I was assigned to serve in aviation ordinance. For the next two years my daily task was to remove machine guns and cannons from aircraft and clean them and re-install them. Once each month we cleaned every rifle, shotgun and pistol that was used in training at the gun range. This required that each weapon be test fired which usually took one entire day to perform. I probably shot more guns by the time I was 19 than 99% of today’s population.

Over my lifetime I did hunt game birds and deer with weapons that were owned by others. Hunting never provided me with the pleasure that others seemed to enjoy. I have always understood that control of game population is necessary and I have no problem with people legally hunting or fishing. By the way, until the politicians decided to ignore enforcing our laws, we never had serious gun problems or the need to protect ourselves in most of America.

We have no need to have individuals owning guns designed for war or the unnecessary violence we are bombarded with on TV and in the movies. These two things are the reason we have the crime and crazy people problems of today. Everyone knows this and nothing has been done to stop this madness yet. Congress just has no desire to do anything that might get them defeated in the next election.

I retired to live in rural east Texas over 20 years ago where hunting and fishing is expected. Until I retired I never owned a rifle, shotgun or pistol. Having worked in 32 countries and 49 states, I never felt threatened unless I was in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago, Miami, Saudi Arabia, Algeria or Houston. I never felt threatened in Denmark, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, Canada or Hong Kong just to list a few.   

A few years ago I purchased a single shot 22 children’s rifle. I doubt that many Americans know they make rifles for children. I also bought varmint ammunition as I had no desire or intent to kill anything. Just chase away destructive squirrels that were chewing my wife’s Christmas wiring.

I now own a 410 shotgun, a 22 repeating rifle and a 28 revolver in addition to the single shot 22. I own a box of ammo for each but the only weapon I have ever shot is the children’s 22 rifle. Why, my next door neighbor, who owned a virtual arsenal of every type of gun imaginable and enough ammo to defend a fort, convinced me that I needed to protect my property and life as gun control was imminent.

What prompted me to write this article is that I need to buy a box of 22 Varmint shells. I was preparing to go to the local gun store nearby until I read in the weekly paper that the store had sold every gun and box of ammo they had. It also revealed that they were getting calls from several states to buy guns and ammo that they think that a small town gun shop in the east Texas woods might still have in stock.

This motivated me to possibly put a new twist on the gun control issue. Obama disrupted morning TV again today to create his latest gun crisis that was summarized by his token white Vice President. I wish I had kept track of all the hundreds of crisis events Obama has used to destroy my freedoms.

He has accomplished two new records for America. He has divided the people and appears to desire another civil war to achieve his agenda. He has also been responsible for selling more guns and ammunition to Americans that can be used for civil strife than every other President since Lincoln.

Using children to promote his agenda is the most hypocritical thing he continues to do. This would be viewed as child abuse or violation of child labor laws in most civilized countries. What makes it even worse is these poor children will have to pay for the economic train wreck he is hoping for.

One thing is certain the poor kids he uses as supporters to promote his agenda, will hopefully someday remember that they did not vote for him. What is really scary is, if he could have reduced the voting age to six, he would now be ruler of his own Kingdom instead of a lame duck President. Don’t count him out yet, this may be his next Executive Order?

Hopefully history will recognize that Obama is the slickest con man who ever lived. No wonder Slick Willy is so awe-struck by his performances. Clinton is smart enough to know that Obama will not surpass him when history reports him to even be worse than Carter who barely beat him.

C Brewer  



We have not had just one American “Union” in my 80 years, today we have at least three; “republican”, “democrat” and whatever “independent” means. To me there is only two kinds of true Americans, “conservatives” or “liberals” and the bunch in between the two who are  not yet adults or nitwits. Obama’s perception of a union is a group that pressures our businesses and government to create a power that will destroy the free enterprise system that has made America a world leader. Watch his gift of General Motors to the UAW end up in flames.

Watching our State of the Union (SOTU) messages for the past 65 years has been a mirror image of how far American politics has denigrated. The first one I remember was a radio address in 1945 that inspired all Americans to stay together and win WW11. Most of our earlier Presidents utilized the SOTU to rally the people to support truly bi-partisan issues to advance America’s future. Sadly, all we have seen for the past several years is partisan pep-rallies to keep the people divided as far as possible politically for the purpose of getting what ever party is in power re-elected.

The past three SOTU events, including Tuesday night, have been a continuation of Obama’s only real talent, “Snake Oil Salesman”; these events provide him the maximum exposure to keep the people divided as far as possible. We watch him every day throwing spears and threats at everyone who has a dissenting view. He uses any crisis available as ammunition to keep us divided and hide behind. His false sincerity and somber facial expressions make him a better actor than ever went to Hollywood. His only weakness is not having the ability to do his act impromptu like Clinton. He probably has to use the teleprompter to talk to his children.

The pep-rally in Arizona recently is a perfect example of using any tragedy to sell something. Using the attempted killing of a democratic Representative, to advance his Socialistic goals is sick. The Presidency has provided him the world stage and the bully pulpit capability to destroy our world leadership positions and reduce our freedoms.

Encouraged by the tree huggers, Hollywood’s elite, OPEC and China, he is nearing the power position to increase our buyer nation status by eliminating more of our industrial base. The fastest way to do this is by regulations, and boy does he know how. He has proved that he has the power to ignore Congress to get his way. Allowing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase regulations and give Congress the finger, is a perfect example of the power imbalance. It also shows how our Congress is totally incapable of any control over the Executive Branch of our government.

The demoncrats (not misspelled accidently) sit up like a lap dog and do whatever the “King” desires. Reid, Polosi, Durban and Kerry is just some of his hit-men. All he has to do for the rest of them is throw them a biscuit in the form of a bridge, airport, Medicade money or a future place in government power. Just watch when the wave of Senators who just left or the ones who have announced they will leave in 2012, end up as Ambassadors or in well connected government positions. Most of the others will end up as lobbyist sucking on the government teat.

The republicans have been in retreat for so long they need to use the “Greatest Italian Military Invention”, back up lights for tanks, to see where they are going. They get the power back, make rabid speeches, promise to stop the run-away-train, then they fold up when they are pressed into making critical decisions. When they do shut down the government the “demons” always make them look like Simon Lagree attacking orphans and widows. How many cycles do we have to watch for them to admit they have no clue how to match the clever clandestine ability of the demoncrats to use power. One thing the republicans do that is smarter than the “demons” is bypassing the positions of power in government and go directly to consulting and lobbying. The work is easier and the money comes faster and better.  

The only hope we have to stop all of the Washington D.C. spending is for John Bohner to have the courage to stand up and stop it now. He appears to be an honorable man and hopefully a man of his word. Next the entire republican House must get committed and operate as they promised. If they fold this time we need to throw them all out in 2012 and elect at least 537 new people. This is the only way that politics will again be a public service rather than an occupation.

Clyde Brewer

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