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Dr. David R. Kamerschen, Professor of Economics at the University of Georgia found a unique way to explain Obama’s Progressive tax plan. This should make it rather easy for a moron to understand his plan to tax the so called rich. The author’s analysis also includes the probable insurrection that Obama seem hell bent on creating by urging Americans to hate each other. You need to deeply read what the author predicts could happen. I have paraphrased some of the terms to reflect comparisons.

Ten men go to the bar every day to drink some beer and the tab always ends up to be $100. If they paid the tab the way they paid their taxes it would be like this:

Four of the men would pay nothing.

Fifth man would pay $1.

Sixth man would pay $3.

Seventh man would pay $7.

Eighth man would pay $12.

Ninth man would pay $18.

Tenth man would pay $59 (This is Obama’s mission to tax the richest American only)

The majority voted to accept this plan.

This was a daily event and it was peaceful until one day the owner of the bar interfered with their plan. He said “Since you are all such good customers, I’m going to reduce your daily tab by $20. Drinks will now only be $80 a day.” 

The group still voted to pay their bill the way they paid their taxes. The first four would be unaffected but how would the other six pay the bill. They argued about how to divide the $20 discount. It was quickly realized that $20 divided by 6 would be $3.3333. If this was subtracted equally the fifth and sixth man would end up being paid to drink their beer.

The bar owner suggested that it would be fair to reduce each man’s portion by roughly the same amount and he proposed the following plan:

Five men would now drink free.

Sixth man would pay $2 instead of $3 (33% reduction).

Seventh man would pay $5 instead of $7 (28% reduction).

Eighth man would now pay $9 instead of $12 (25% savings).

Ninth man would now pay $14 instead of $18 (22% savings).

Tenth man would now pay $49 instead of $59 (16% savings).

Each of the six who had been paying was better off and the first four continued to drink free. When they stepped outside they decided to compare their savings. The sixth man said I only got $1 of the $20 savings and the tenth man got $10. The fifth man said I only got $1 and he got ten times what I got. The seventh man said why should he get $10 when I only got $2, the wealthy always get the tax breaks. “Wait a minute shouted the first four men in unison, we didn’t get anything. The system always exploits the poor.

The first nine men then surrounded the tenth man and beat him up. The next day the tenth man didn’t show up at the bar, so the other nine drank their usual beers. When presented the tab they suddenly discovered they did not even have half enough money to pay the tab.

This is a factual example of our regressive tax system in America. People who pay the highest taxes always benefit more from a tax reduction. When Obama, his Progressive Congress and his army of CZAR’s tax any American too much and create class warfare attacks on the wealthy to incite violence, they might start drinking their beer overseas. I would.

Dr. Kamerschen added, “For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.”

Except for Biden, Polosi, Reed, Congressional democrats, Obama’s Cabinet, his Czars and four Supreme Court Justices most Americans like freedom from oppression. That is oppression from our own government. Obama and Soros know exactly what they are doing to destroy our Republic form of government.

C Brewer


Watching the news has become nothing more than elections, catastrophic events, sensationalism and biased messages. Our nation has been purposely divided by incapable career politicians and a news media that are so corrupt it’s sickening.

Yesterday I read an article about Representative Maxine Waters from California. The US House of Representatives has been investigating her for over three years and will likely never finish. If half of the charges are true and it appears that all are violations of the law, you or I would already be in prison. Even if convicted she will receive no punishment beyond a slap on the wrist.

Regardless of a verdict there is no doubt she will be re-elected in November just like Charles Rangel has been forever. I only singled out these two as they have been repeat offenders for many years. I am sure that 90% of every Congressperson, Executive branch appointee and the Legal Branch of our Government would be in prison if they had to comply with the laws.

Our President in on TV constantly and can lie with a smile better than Slick Willie. It is amusing that the government has been trying to send Roger Clements to prison for lying to Congress. I suppose that if lying to Congress was applicable to members of Congress and Obama/Biden and company, we would not have enough prisons to house them. On second thought it would corrupt the prison system too. After all the Democrats always depend on prisoners to help get elected.

We are supposed to be a nation of laws that even our President ignores on a daily basis. I now understand why he by-passed serving as Governor of the State of Illinois. At least in that state the Governors serve one term in office, followed by a term in prison. Subjecting Americans to watch Eric Holder, our Attorney General, ignore on the Constitution for his behalf should earn them both a trip to prison.

Mr. Holder is now suing the State of Florida to reinstate voters that are illegal aliens that have voted already as they are being denied their rights. What rights does not even matter. He is suing every state that has instituted the requirement to force voters to have picture ID’s when they vote. Why, because the illegal’s, criminals, forgers and the dead all vote for the Democrats. Everyone knows this happens but sadly too many really don’t care anymore.

We wonder why lawlessness in America has filled our prisons to the point that most people who violate the law never spend a day in our overcrowded prisons or jails. Our leaders do not have to abide by the law, why should anyone else have to. Understanding lying politicians is not rocket science and that is why they increase the amount of morons, aliens, prisoners and career welfare recipients to get re-elected. They don’t have to worry about the dead so far.

Dividing America should be a crime but when no one cares, even decent politicians (I feel certain there is at least one) don’t care, why should anyone care. Well I do care and I hope enough other Americans care to start the process of cleaning up Washington this coming November.

My friend, Glenn Provost, is crusading for mandatory term limits for every political office. This is the only solution to stop politics from being a career. The tenure/seniority system that we have allowed to ruin this great country must be abolished. Laws can protect us even from each other if they are enforced. When we let federal officials continue to destroy our rights and state’s rights, we deserve what we have created.

Voting is the one right that has made this country the envy of the world. Recent action to allow illegal’s the right to vote just diluted our vote. Obama granted amnesty to some 800,000 illegal aliens last week and will permit them to vote for him. They have already filled 800,000 jobs that Americans need badly. Sadly because they have received unemployment for so long, they will vote for him too and live off of the people who do work for a living.

“GOD SAVE AMERICA”, most Americans have given up!

C Brewer       


Goodbye Herman Cain

This was a really sad day for true freedom loving Americans. It was shameful over the past few days to watch this man be destroyed by those who have no decency or ethics. The left wing main stream media destroyed him all in the name of power and money.

I question that there is one American alive over 18 that could escape total destruction as a politician if the media hated him as much as they hated Mr. Cain. They can pay enough to get any left brained numbskull to lie about anything they cook up. Facts or proof are not part of the media anymore and I trust none of them including FOX if they decide to destroy someone.

Until Mr. Cain reached the status of a front runner for the republican nomination, we heard nothing negative from any source. When he did get ahead, the ambulance chasing democratic scumbag lawyers and the news networks went ballistic and in unison, scraping up dupes to make people question his character. He scared the living daylights out of everyone in national politics and the media. They feared he might actually change the way our government stumbles to confuse us and dilute their power.

This was another Clarence Thomas type lynching event but in overdrive and with afterburners and George Soros money to accelerate the destruction. Cain might actually be able to stop the race to socialism and help all Americans have a better life.

My primary interest in Mr. Cain was that he provided substance with his proposals based on facts and his business experience. The real clincher for me was that he was not a lawyer, he had never been an elected official, he was not a lobbyist and that he had not been active in national politics. He had escaped the training all of the above excelled at the most, lying.

Today we lost a true leader. He may have been short on playing political games and weak on matters that are handled by career government professionals like foreign policy. He would have surrounded himself with experienced staff unlike our current so called leader, Obama. It appears that we will have to endure continued mismanagement in Washington regardless of who wins in 2012.

We could save a lot of money if we just put every candidates name on a card and drew the winner on national TV, as there is little difference on how much they can screw up in four years. There is one exception in that any of the republican candidates are better than Obama and improvement would be assured.

On second thought my suggested lottery drawing would be impossible. Regardless of who administrated the drawing it would be rigged by who had the most money. If Obama administrated the drawing his card would be the only one in the barrel.

I wait with anticipation for the republican that is nominated. The left wing team and the networks are armed with every negative possible to let the mud-slinging commence.

They do not have to do too much digging as the republicans have provided the issues for free. They have attacked each other with enough mud to make it easy to be smacked again with defeat. I still feel that Ron Paul or another republican candidate, even Cain, will run as an independent and assure Obama’s re-election.

Don’t count Obama out as he is a master of deception. I predict that he will dump Biden and get Hillary Clinton to run as his Vice-President. This will happen and he will promise to nominate her for the next Supreme Court Justice if she feels she can’t succeed him in 2016.

C Brewer

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