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With a another stroke of political smoke screens Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice and the team of Czars found a way to refocus the headlines. Imagine what happened as we will never know what actually happened. It will be classified.

It sounds like Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Chuck Hagel along with a team of Navy Seals made a bold raid into Benghazi to capture someone. They have not had enough time to reveal his name but the intrigue must be played out to keep this on the front pages and 24/7 exposure on the “Idiot Box” for the next two weeks at least. To keep it boldly on the front pages good old Eric Holder will have this mystery guest brought to “Silly City”, Washington D.C. to keep the smoke screen operating.

The Republicans have gone wild screaming take him to Guantanamo and are actually falling into the same trap of helping the Democrats manipulate the news. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN along with FOX News have all gone wild with suppositions all day today.

What happened to reporting about the murder of thousands of our Veterans by VA bureaucrats who manipulated the records to make themselves look good statistically?

What happened to reporting about why our own government let the Benghazi uprising happen to make sure Obama was re-elected and Hillary could replace him in 2016?

What happened to the reporting of the political reasons to delay the Keystone pipeline and the thousands of jobs that would jump start the economy?

What happened to the search for facts of voter fraud that our own Justice Department is fighting the states from exposing?

Being a golfer, I am sick of President Obama giving golf a bad name by playing instead of leading the country as Commander in Chief. It is strange that just bankers, lawyers and politicians can afford to and find time to play golf on work days. The media loves this so they can hide the real events that expose government failures.

What happened to reporting about the IRS breaking our own laws aimed and destroying other Americans freedoms with political hatred? These crimes will never be exposed or prosecuted by our “Selective Law Selection” Attorney General, Eric Holder.

What happened to the reporting of the thousands of alien children enticed to sneak into the USA only to be rounded up and dumped on several states to take care of?

I could keep listing other government fiascos but people today really don’t care anymore. We just keep re-electing the same career politicians in both parties and ignore the consequences.

Our current government is the most destructive, corrupt, unethical, hate-mongering array of evil people ever seen in US history. If the Progressive-Liberals continue to control the media and the Judicial System it will eventually result in another civil war. This is exactly what progressives have planned for the past 100 years. Teddy Roosevelt would be proud of Obama’s progress in destroying our freedoms that he started a long time ago.

C Brewer



On my way driving home today  about 2pm I was listening to our Secretary of State testifying before a Senate committee about our duty to stop President Assad of Syria from ignoring International Laws. I will be the first to admit that my patience with insanity and supposedly intelligent people who attempt to use unmitigated bullshit before a Congressional Committee is an idiot in political clothing. Our government and Congress have reached the lowest level of hypocrisy in my 83 years as a native Texan.

As I have been using several different terms to try to see if anyone besides myself is fed up with the government screwing up everything to maintain or regain political power over a majority of American citizens, illegal aliens, felons and dead democrats. Are we all as dumb as the government believes we are?

I choose the subject, Intelligence, as I have questioned my own as I observe a President and his Cabinet of thieves and czars being able to thumb their nose at any conservative alive for trying to sound an alarm. Again I have used Wikipedia to be consistent with definitions to address specific terms.


“Intelligence has been defined in many different ways including logic, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, learning, having emotional knowledge, retaining, planning, and problem solving.

Intelligence is most widely studied in humans, but has also been observed in animals and in plants. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of intelligence in machines.

Within the discipline of psychology, various approaches to human intelligence have been adopted. The psychometric approach is especially familiar to the general public, as well as being the most researched and by far the most widely used in practical settings.”

Let me share; I have a Master’s Degree in Management. I am a retired member of Mensa and Intertel. I am a retired Registered Professional Engineer. I had 43 years of executive management success. For some five years I chaired national committees on The Minerals Management Service branch of the US Department of the Interior regulations for Offshore Oil and Gas Safety Equipment. I wrote a Quality Standard for the American Petroleum Institute. You are invited to read some 635 articles I have posted on this blog. Do I sound like I have at least some intelligence?

If so help me understand how a President of the United States, who has no Courage as I have written, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for our military have the gonads to ask Congress to be ashamed if we do not punish Syria because they ignore the law.

The President, Vice-President, our Attorney General, the Supreme Court, our Federal Judges and Governors in most democratic states ignore our laws every day. They even prevent honest law enforcement officers at state and local level from enforcing the laws of the United States.

Why in God’s name have we become the sole source of law enforcement world-wide when we ignore our own laws? I am not condoning mistreatment of anyone. We have ignored slavery in Africa for centuries, is that not similar to just killing your own people. In my mind it is more humane to kill innocent people rather than force them into slavery. At least it would be for me.

All of our elected officials in America today fear is not being re-elected. They have lost sight of their responsibility to serve the public and have no compassion for anyone but themselves. Every decision is politically connected to retaining the regal status they have bestowed on themselves to be a higher class citizen than you or I. If not why can’t they accept their biggest screw-up in history and exempting themselves from Obamacare?

Our colleges and universities still provide some important Intelligence. Unfortunately the education and the Socialist and Marxist indoctrination the kids receive from the Liberal-Progressive professors and the free enterprise system that made America the greatest nation in history will not compute. We no longer teach people the values of freedom and self-actualization I was educated about.

Maybe I am stupid as I can’t understand how 53 million Americans, dead and alive, re-elected our President who lacks the Courage to perform his duty if he is so self-righteous and concerned about the Syrian situation. I bet the slaves in Africa would love to see cruise missiles eliminate their owners, or put them out of their misery. But who cares?

I would love to see Sheriff Joe elected President and enforce our own laws, then tackle the Syrian situation.

How do you feel?

C Brewer


This article was written by my friend Ron Jenkins. He has given me permission to post it on this blog and share it with anyone who is concerned. Feel free to re-blog it or share it with anyone you wish.  C Brewer.



In my view, this country is being led by a “pied piper”, and away from its Judeo-Christian roots and the rule of law. Is our current administration is turning its back on our founding document? Evidence points to an affirmative answer.

A century long trickle of Liberal, Progressive doctrinal literature, has grown into an avalanche of political policies, legislation, appointments and position pieces that diminish the impact and importance of the US Federal Constitution, as an out dated document and passé. The speed of their drafting is proof that the Liberals had those documents in their file cabinet since the demise of “Hillary Care”. As well as many other pieces of legislation and programs such as those promoting “Green” and “Clean Air” initiatives and the un-restricted intake of foreigners.

That assertion seems to be provable, as evidenced by the extreme ideological bent of recent Presidential nominee’s to his Cabinet, Senior Advisory positions and the Federal court system.  Many of those individuals have a common background in “acadamia”, with very limited practical, managerial experience in business or the military (A three year stint as an Army Sgt, does not qualify Chuck Hagel to be a Secretary of Defense).  His most recent appointee’s to the US Supreme Court, the honorable Kagan & Soto-Mayor, as well as nationwide Federal Districts, reflects a disproportionate number of Liberal-Progressive appointees that share his disdain for our constitution. 

Having attained a significant degree of control over two of the three branches of the federal government, he is turning his attention back to the campaign trail.  He is strenuously promoting the election of Democrat members to the US House of Representatives, the remaining half of the third branch of our government. 

If the current trend in recent elections continues, we could see decades of Democrat dominance.  With nearly half of the nation’s population receiving some sort of government assistance via transfer payments, the incentive for individual achievement and personal initiative, is on the wane.  Human nature being what it is, people will opt for free stuff and a comfortable living by scamming the system and by claiming unauthorized disability payments and demanding the extension of unemployment compensation payments.  Why would anyone want work and pay for the life style of their neighbor? 

Achieving political dominance, there would be almost no limit to his power aspirations.  He may even attempt to rescind the 22nd amendment to the US Constitution, which limits to two, the number of terms a President may serve. After that, a 3rd, 4th or 5th term may be feasible, along with a compliant legislature and lap dogs in the federal courts; we would be susceptible to tyrannical rule.   

And yet, what has this man actually done to benefit this country? 

Is anything better than it was, before he was elected?

Is the economy better?

Are race relations better?

Is our position in the world improved, has our level of respect by the world been enhanced? None of that seems to matter to the millions of undereducated, welfare raised citizens in our country today.

So, should the aforementioned political outcomes actually happen, we would then be only a stone’s throw away from 3rd world status, at the same level as current day Greece and Mexico, because no nation, in the history of this world, has long survived under a Socio-Communist-Totalitarian regime.  Only by reading and listening and learning about the threats can we as a citizenry be able to properly react to the possible demise of our precious freedom. 

Thanks Ron, I endorse every statement made in this article. What we have in America today is “Involuntary Slavery”. Wikipedia will tell you that there is no such term. I will shortly be posting an article that will define this term by what is actually happening in America and no one has the guts to call it slavery, yet.  C Brewer



Commentary by Lt. Colonel John Lewis Cook, USA (ret.)

Just when you think the Obama administration cannot possibly engage in any more stupid, embarrassing episodes, you suddenly discover that you are wrong.  This administration’s capacity for insanity appears to be limitless. The latest example of this recently occurred  when the Pentagon hosted something called the Second Annual Gay Appreciation Day.

This tribute to the Lavender Set took place in the Pentagon’s auditorium which is in the basement of the building.  Normally, special events such as this take place in the bright sunlight of the center courtyard.  In any event, the basement is the perfect place for this venue.

Valerie Jarrett, the president’s all purpose, all weather cheer leader was in charge and she was definitely ready for the challenge.  Ms. Jarrett is famous for over-the-top statements that bear little resemblance to reality and on Tuesday, she did not disappoint.

“Because we repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, our military is stronger and our country is safer now that homosexuals may serve openly,” she told the cheering audience.  This is a most sweeping assertion and it would, under normal circumstances, be accompanied with something in the way of proof to lend it credibility.  After all, she is making the gay soldiers sound like supermen and, without them, the nation would be in grave danger.  However, there is nothing normal about these circumstances we are facing today with this administration.  It’s as if Obama has repealed the requirement for any supporting documentation on any issue.  In short, if the administration says it, it has to be true.  If the administration decides to make gays in the military the new Golden Boys, then they become Golden Boys.  Period.

Next up was Chuck Hagel, the current Secretary of Defense, who was selected to be the fall guy for the loss of Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t know it yet.  Taking his cue from Ms. Jarrett, he fell right in line.  “We’re very proud of everything the gay and lesbian community have contributed and continue to contribute,” he echoed, with the same amount of proof and less enthusiasm that Ms. Jarrett offered, which was none.

Then Eric Fanning, Air Force Secretary, heaped praise on a gay Marine Captain and said when he deploys in August, “he’ll be taking his husband with him.”  (I admit, it will take some of us some time to get used to these odd possessive pronouns, such as “his husband,” and “her wife,” but I suppose we should all make the effort because they are not going away. However, in the interim, it does appear a bit, well, queer.)

To make the event complete, there was actually a gay General officer in the audience.  Not much of a General, to be sure, only a Brigadier and not active duty but reserve, but technically, a General none the less.  BG Tammy Smith is duly noted as the groundbreaking General officer that actually came out of the closet. She and her wife were duly recognized.  At next year’s event, I’m sure the organizers are praying for a two or three star active duty General just to give the whole thing a touch of class.

While it is all too easy to make fun of these officials fawning over gays as if they were rock stars or an endangered species, there is a far darker side to gays serving openly in the military and none of these officials have the courage to address it.  The dirty little secret is this.  During 2012, the first full year where gays could serve openly in the military, there were 26,000 sexual assaults across all services.  Of these 26,000, 14,000 were male-on-male assaults.  Yes, you read that correctly.  More men in the military were sexually assaulted than women in 2012.  So who is committing the majority of sexual assaults in the military?  Well, it’s the new hero who “is making our country safer,” according to Ms. Jarrett, the homosexual serving openly.  It’s the same homosexual soldier that Chuck Hagel is “so proud of.”  In fact, Hagel is “proud of everything the homosexuals and lesbians are doing.”   

Well, do you think he’s proud of this report that was reluctantly released last month that blamed the “homosexual community” for most sexual assaults in 2012?  And why was there a 35% increase in sexual assaults from 2011 to 2012, most involving male-on-male assault?  Could it be that throughout all of 2012, gays were serving openly and apparently taking full advantage of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, came out of the closet in droves, determined to celebrate their liberation with anyone they encountered, regardless of consent? 

When viewed through this lens of cold, hard reality, free from the distortion of political correctness, the whole gay issue quickly ceases to be humorous.  In fact, it becomes utterly disgusting.  The truth is, gay soldiers are a real threat to real soldiers and this report bears that out.  Instead of putting them on a pedestal, they should be tried and put in jail.  If this is allowed to continue, this virus has the potential of killing the military from the inside.  For anyone who still has doubts about this, then I advise them to read the “Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military,” May 2013.  So, what is being done about this epidemic of male rape in the military?  Precious little because if it is forced into the bright light of day, it is an admission that the great gay experiment was a total failure.

Meanwhile, as the military leadership was partying with gays in the basement on Tuesday, the last remaining grownups in the Pentagon, the operational folks who always have to make the hard calls during times like this, were wrestling with the latest orders from the President to cut ten combat brigades from a force that is already too lean.  That will be roughly 45,000 soldiers who will, eventually, lose their jobs and the chance to finish their careers.  Soldiers who have done nothing wrong, raped no one, just doing their job, will be cut loose.  But have no fear.  None of those who get cut will be gay.  God knows, in this environment, being gay is being golden and the gays will keep getting a free pass until sanity is restored to the system.  When that will happen is anybody’s guess because there are no George Patton’s on the horizons.  Like those guys at Benghazi, the military right now is on its own.  No help will be coming from this administration.

About the Author

Lieutenant Colonel John Lewis Cook, United States Army (Retired), “served as the Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Interior in Kabul, Afghanistan, with responsibility for developing the force structure for the entire Afghan National Police.  As of 2012, this force totals 157,000.  From March 2008 until August 2012, his access and intimate associations with all levels of the Afghan government and coalition forces have provided him with an unprecedented insight into the policies which will determine the outcome of the war.  It is this insight, coupled with his contacts and associations throughout Afghanistan that form the basis of Afghanistan: The Perfect Failure.”

More about Lt. Colonel John Lewis Cook and the many books he has written.


Thanks to my friend Ron for sharing this message.  CB

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