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Obama is still campaigning and will even after he leaves office in 2017. The progressive liberals who have tried to gain absolute control of our government ever since Franklin Roosevelt finally found the perfect puppet that can mesmerize the weakest of voters.

This young man was programmed from birth as a disciple of hate. He was guided with ways to manipulate the system twisted to favor minorities by his parents, grand-parents and a Marxists group of mentors. His rise to power from the Illinois Senate in 1997 to the U.S. Senate in 2005 could have never happened in any of the other 49 States. It is fact that the Illinois prisons have ex-Governors and high level politicians residing currently because their greed exceeded their brains.

Obama has proven that once away from Chicago and with patience, super wealth and power are attainable. He has also proved when you control the Justice System, you can build a power base that is just what the Progressives have been trying to do for over 115 years.

Coupled with the Marxists brainwashing and free education provided by our biased and misguided government, he was chosen as the one who could finally eliminate all political competition for the Progressives. With the financial backing of ultra-Leftists John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy, Obama won the presidential election in 2008.

This was accomplished by using a banking crisis that was actually created by Progressive Senators, including himself, who designed the mortgage crisis on purpose. His narrow re-election in 2012 was a result of his ability to control the media, manipulate the Justice system and charm the young, African Americans, illegals and women with his gift of unmitigated bull shit.

Obama’s life-long objective is to continue his success of creating crisis upon crisis and actually convincing the public that the Republicans caused the problem. He has made the Republicans look like morons with consistent success. Watch him use the current “sequester” crisis he actually designed to manipulate the media. They will convince the public again that the Republicans are responsible for all of the losses of benefits for the poor government union workers and threatening the security of America. Obama is a master of political power to control the media messages. He has taken manipulating the news to a level that would make Hitler blush with envy. Obama’s ability to scaring weak-minded Americans into believing him is unprecedented in American history.

Obama has divided the American people into fighting each other. He has made successful Americans that busted their butts to be successful look like the enemy for creating jobs for the others. If he would make public the way he cheated the system to get a free education he would have to run and hide.

Obama is an evil person who has made Americans look like a bunch of idiots in the eyes of the world. Those who allowed this to happen should hide their faces with shame. History will report this some-day as the biggest power scam in the history of the mankind.

The Republicans will be lucky if they can keep the majority in the House of Representatives in the 2014 elections. This will be a horse race as the media will increase the intensity of using the blame game designed by the White house to destroy the competition. I fully expect the Republicans to fold under the pressure as early as next month and commit suicide before the end of this year. The two-party political choice we have enjoyed for so many years could disappear in 2014.

C Brewer




 I just read an editorial from the Tawas City Michigan newspaper, written by Ken Huber, titled “What has America Become?” We listen to our President and Congress tell us we are a nation of laws, then watch these supposed leaders of our nation ignore the laws. I have taken some facts from this editorial and blended them with some more thoughts of my own

1. If you or I lie to congress we are charged with a felony. Just ask Roger Clements what he has been through. If our President or a member of Congress lies to us, which happens every day, it is just politics.

2. Should I express a dislike for a person of color or an illegal alien, I am accused of being a racist. If a black person were to call me a racist, it is just their 1st amendment rights.

3. Our Federal and State governments spends billions to rehabilitate criminals but could care less about the victims of the crimes. That is a problem for society to take care of.

4. We have just learned that some public schools can teach your children about homosexuality but they can be sued for using the word God in any activity.

5. You can legally kill an unborn child but it’s wrong to execute a mass murderer.

6. Instead of burning books like Hitler did to mask history, we just rewrite them. Now instead of using the words communists and socialist to describe Americans who hate living a democratic republic, we call them progressives. Two that come to mind today are President Obama and Hillary Clinton who admit to being progressives.  

7. Our federal government is obviously unable to protect our border with Mexico and refuses to use our military to protect Americans. The same government uses our military to protect the 38th parallel and stop North Koreans from immigrating to South Korea. Same scenario applies for Iraq, Afghanistan and who knows where else?

8. Should I protest anything concerning President Obama’s policies on my blog, some consider me to be a terrorist. If anyone burns an American flag or burns a conservative’s picture in effigy, it is considered their 1st amendment right.

9. You can have pornography on TV and the internet but you can’t place a nativity scene on public property.

10. Our current president and progressive congress persons promote the use of human fetus, and fight the use of animals for conducting medical research.

11. Progressives fight to take money from Americans who worked hard to take care of themselves and give it to those who do not want to work and the illegal aliens who have invaded our land.

12. Progressives support our constitution only when it supports their political ideology.

13. When we investigate a major crisis today, the government appoints a committee to pinpoint who is at fault, then threatens them, passes a law, raises taxes and tells us the problem is solved. This allows them to maintain 24/7/365 time trying to get re-elected. Our election cycle today is continuous.

14. If I file a fraudulent tax return, I am a criminal who is prosecuted, convicted, fined and either pay up or go to prison. If a Congress person or a cabinet official files a fraudulent tax return, it was an oversight or minor mistake and no prosecution is even considered. One exception was Charles Rangel who was censored by Congress, never paid his taxes and was re-elected immediately after his supposed punishment. Timothy Geithner, a private citizen, filed a fraudulent tax return. He was then selected by President Obama and confirmed by the US Senate to be the Secretary of the US Treasury. Mr. Geithner manages the Internal Revenue Service today. He can prosecute me but no one ever prosecuted him and I am unsure he ever paid anything, or was fined, or paid any penalty?

Remember one thing if you are a tax paying American, you will always be the statue and the government will always be the pigeon. If Obama is elected “King” next year it will get worse.

Why? Because of the ACLU lawyers who I define as the “Atheist Creating Left-wing Uprisings”, an organization dedicated to destruction of our “Republic”. I challenge you to see how many in our Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government are card carrying members and/or sympathetic to their cause and you elect them over and over again.

C Brewer………………………..Thanks Jim

How Rotten Can it Get

The following is just the facts folks. These progressives must think that the American people are all stupid. One of these days the democrats that have been duped into their socialist trap will awake to see that they have been had. I hope. While we try to tell the world what not to do to their people like Obama and Clinton have done this weekend and at the same time they are planning to control all of the news by controlling talk radio, conservative TV and manipulate the internet. 

Please pass this on to as many as possible before they can deny the plot.  C Brewer

The following article was Posted on Big Government.com yesterday afternoon.

Internet Kill Switch – Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Egypt Today, USA Tomorrow

Posted By Kristinn Taylor and Andrea Shea King On January 30, 2011 @ 12:03 pm In Culture, News, Politics, Regulation, Technology | 31 Comments

Our Capitol Hill Insider Elizabeth Letchworth is keeping us up to date with Congress’ attempts to give the President an Internet kill switch.  Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips is warning against it.  From the Honorable Elizabeth Letchworth of GradeGov.com [1]:

“The Senate Leader introduced this bill as a placeholder for the 112th Congress. He wants to use it to push Judiciary, Commerce, and Homeland Security committees to write cyber security legislation. Don’t be surprised if the Senate has a vote on this soon to show that cyber security is important to Congress, especially given the Egypt situation and the closing down of the internet. As always, the devil is in the details and S. 21 is vague to say the least.”

In an effort to resolve the rules impasse that stalled the opening day house-keeping organizational resolutions in the U.S. Senate, the two Senate leaders engaged in a colloquy (formal discussion or conference) on Jan. 27, 2011. In this colloquy, the two leaders conceded the following:

Senator McConnell:

“And, in my Caucus, I have many Senators who have complained that the Majority Leader has abused his ability to “fill the amendment” tree, preventing Senators from offering and debating amendments that they believe are important, especially when a matter has not gone through committee or cloture is filed too quickly.”

Senator Reid:

 “As we have discussed, in the interests of comity and more open process in the Senate, we have agreed that we should use these procedural options of filling the amendment tree and filibustering the motion to proceed infrequently.  And, we’ll do our best to ensure that other Members of our caucuses respect this colloquy, as well.”

It is with this colloquy in mind that the Senate could see more bills introduced that will have the same bland tone as was included in the text of S. 21. The text states the obvious, outlines a serious national problem, but doesn’t address any resolution to that problem.

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