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I posted the following article May 8, 2013. Watching the live Congressional testimony this morning make me wonder if Obama has to shoot a conservative American, any color, on the white house lawn to get ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and their left wing nuts to admit he is a liar? Watching Jay Carney today still insist the Benghazi hearings are a conservative witch hunt trouble me deeply. C Brewer  


Enough is enough with his daily lying about political chicanery and the fact he has made no mistakes. This man is the biggest fake and con man in American history. He mesmerized over sixty million dupes that accepted his manipulations of the truth. If Obama had an ounce of honesty, which he does not have, he would resign now and save the country a year of wasted time impeaching him.

Any leader that would sacrifice one American life then hide the facts from the voters with lies and omissions is just plain “EVIL”. Listening again this morning to Queen Hillary make a mockery of being questioned about the deaths of four Americans made me sick at my stomach. The sad part is she will likely be elected in 2016 as our next leader. Her political views are left of Lenin and Karl Marx.

Republicans have the facts and the truth that the democrats just let four Americans die for Obama and Hillary’s political gain. My fear is they will squabble with each other to get TV exposure and lose sight of the objective of exiling Obama to Hawaii ASAP.

I agree with a statement I just read from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee who is openly talking about impeachment, saying he does not believe Barack Obama will survive the remaining 3½ years of his presidency. If he does it will be because the republicans screwed up. If the media continues to blindly protect Obama the people should rise up and ostracize their TV, radio and newspapers until they go belly-up.

The following Huckabee quote should be enough to force him to resign. “When a president lies to the American people and is part of a cover-up, he cannot continue to govern,” Huckabee said on his radio show Monday.

I read in Newsmax that Rep. Darrell Issa of California, who will chair those hearings as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said he intends to make the president “come clean.” Will he, I sure hope so?

I listened as Issa told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “We believe right now that may be the biggest lie of all, and we intend on making the president come clean as to, quote, ‘What the classified reasons are that would justify lying to the American people.'”

Obama and Hillary got lockjaw and created a batch of lies then sent U.N. ambassador Susan Rice who insisted from the start that the attack was not a coordinated act of terror, but a protest that escalated. Later they were forced to backtrack, saying Rice made her statement before all the information was known. Another lie that they still feed us through our government controlled media.

When this failed to stem the tide and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made statements that the loss of four American lives was old news and scoffed at being asked any questions. She and Obama failed to send in troops to rescue Ambassador Stephens and the others who were tortured and killed. Then all democrats ran and hid from the responsibility behind the smokescreen of lies.

Gregory Hicks, became the top diplomat in Libya after Stevens was killed. He claims troops who were ready to come to the rescue were ordered to stand down. It has been nine months and we still do not know who executed this order that obviously executed four Americans to protect Obama’s re-election.

Lying to the American people was not a minor when Richard Nixon lied to the American people about Watergate. Worse he manipulated assisted by people who worked in his administration to cover up the facts. As bad as what really happened in Watergate was it severed all trust between the President and the people. At least no Americans died because of Watergate.

The Benghazi cover-up is much more critical because four Americans did die. The Obama cover-up will make the entire world question the integrity of Obama and the entire United States of America.

Obama will never have the gonads to resign as his ethics make Nixon look like a Saint. His only chance to escape impeachment is if the democrats seize control of the House and Senate in 2014. Although it is hard to believe this will happen, I never expected him to be re-elected, but he did. Obama has more political lives than a cat.

If the democrats do try to protect Obama and their party, at the expense of the truth, they will get what they richly deserve, early retirement.

C Brewer May 8, 2013




The IRS just can’t seem to care about costs. It should be no surprise as they can steal enough from the conservatives and make millions for their lawyer friends who donate the money to Congress to protect them. Can you believe that an Inspector General is reporting that the IRS spent about $50 million to hold at least 220 conferences for employees between 2010 and 2012?

Newsmax reported that the Treasury Department’s inspector general will release this report on June 4th. They reported that the department issued a statement Sunday saying the administration “has already taken aggressive and dramatic action to reduce conference spending.” WOW!

Three congressional committees are investigating, a Justice Department criminal investigation is under way, President Barack Obama has replaced the IRS’ acting commissioner and two other top officials have stepped aside.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., Chairman of one Committee has released excerpts of congressional investigators’ interviews with employees of the IRS office in Cincinnati. He stated that the interviews indicated the employees were directed by Washington to subject various conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status to tough scrutiny.

Rep. Elijah Cummings D-Maryland, said none of the employees interviewed have so far identified any IRS officials in Washington as ordering that targeting.

One of these two Congressmen is lying which is nothing new and the media will bury these stories until the whole thing is forgotten.

Democrats are allowed to lie when they control any branch of government and always have. Republicans never have the gonads to actually vote to put any elected or appointed official in jail for breaking the law. With Eric Holder selecting which laws to enforce on Republicans only, it just stays business as usual in the Washington sewers. Changing control of power allows the Democrats to make the Republicans look like idiots as they fight each other.

Newsmax also reported that just one conference spent $4 million for an August 2010 gathering in Anaheim, Calif. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee reported the IRS did not even negotiate lower room rates, even though that is standard government practice.

Some of the 2,600 attendees received benefits, including baseball tickets and stays in presidential suites that normally cost $1,500 to $3,500 per night. In addition, 15 outside speakers were paid a total of $135,000 in fees, with one paid $17,000 to talk about “leadership through art”.

Last Friday, the new acting commissioner, Danny Werfel, released a statement on the forthcoming report criticizing the Anaheim meeting.

“This conference is an unfortunate vestige from a prior era,” Werfel said. “While there were legitimate reasons for holding the meeting, many of the expenses associated with it were inappropriate and should not have occurred.” WOW!

You would think that this would have occurred before the money was spent like a business would do. It just proves that our government has no requirements or intentions to function with common sense or like a business.

I am and will always be critical of our government, regardless of who is in power, especially when they ignore their responsibilities to function professionally. It matters not “who” screws up, it matters a lot that we never find out “why” and that “no one” ever gets fired.

Please don’t faint, I am elated to give praise and applaud everyone in US government service during my nearly 83 years of life. They are the World Champions at “Lying, Wasting Tax Money and Making Excuses”.

C Brewer June 3,  2013

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