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Thanks Ron………….Anyone who has not seen this will see the real Obama and how he has been programmed from birth. CB

The movie 2016 and its free.

I’m sending you a “Free” copy of an 87 minute, feature movie, that discusses President Obama’s upbringing and heritage.   It was released to US movie theaters in August 2012 and achieved phenomenal box office success.  It has been critically acclaimed for it’s lack of emotionalism or bias.

The president of the Christian “Kings College” produced it and the director of Schindler’s List directed it, so it is a high quality film.

So, save it for a time when you have 90 minutes of free time.  It’s not meant to change any ones mind; it is only presented as an effort to explain and help one understand how his view’s were formed and what he himself says are his hopes and plans for America’s future.


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