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Donald Trump News Trump May Skip Fox Debate Over Megyn Kelly!

Donald Trump News
It is hard for me to believe that FOX news is this stupid. They just lost me as a supporter as they are becoming as biased as the other major networks. It is time to clean house in DC and no one else has the gonads to even try. I hope this backfires and FOX go back to “Fair & Balanced?  C Brewer


GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump might skip Thursday’s debate on Fox News Channel and hold his own televised town hall at the same time if the network doesn’t drop Megyn Kelly from its team of moderators, his campaign manager tells New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

Trump has been calling on Fox News to drop Kelly, who is scheduled to moderate with two other Fox anchors, Chris Wallace and Bret Baier. The trio moderated the first GOP debate of the season, in which Kelly and Trump sparred over a question about his treatment of women.

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Trump objected to the question and criticized Kelly for it the next day. When he said she had “blood coming out of her wherever” he was accused again of attacking women, though he said he was meaning it was coming out of her ears.

Trump took up the feud again last week with a series of tweets saying Fox shouldn’t allow Kelly on the debate stage because she is biased against him. Fox responded that Kelly would not be removed from the team of moderators.

Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, told Sherman that Trump might not attend the debate if Fox doesn’t relent.

“Let’s see what happens,” Lewandowski said. “It’s fair to say Mr. Trump is a significant ratings driver for these debates. If we aren’t on stage for some reason, they wouldn’t have the record 24 million viewers and would be back with 1-2 million people.”

Trump might even hold his own town hall event at the same time as the debate and offer it to Fox’s competitors, Lewandowski said.

“That would be a great idea,” he told Sherman.

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