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This message is for the undecided voter and anyone with common sense that voted for Obama in 2008. 

Obama and Biden come across a homeless person. Obama tells Biden to give the man something. Biden, the charitable, gives the man a dime and tells him to buy a cup of coffee.

Obama then takes out a wad of food stamps paid for by taxpayers and hands the man a $20 voucher telling the man to cash it at the corner market. Obama and Biden leave.

An hour later, Romney and Ryan walk by and see the same man. They tell the man that they have a job for him, a healthy meal, a bath and shower if he goes with them. What will the man choose?

Will he go with Romney and Ryan or will he wait for Biden to return and give him a dime and for Obama to give him another free food voucher?

This is what all elections in America have become in my lifetime. Sad but true.  C Brewer

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