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I have spent the last year deeper in the political arena than I have ever been in my 86 years. I have probably written 75 articles that are about the political process. Like you, I have watched 365 days of television news that is more twisted and biased than we have ever watched.  

Speaking for myself, I have changed my way to stay informed about daily events, news, politics and important issues to the internet. I can get the weather and commercials on the same screen and just read about the weather uninterrupted. I can also watch just the specific part of the weather I had an interest in. If I wish to seek an immediate answer to any specific question I have access to at least 100,000 sites and in any language desired.

As for the TV or radio, I have to 250 TV channels or an array of stations to watch and/or hear. I can watch TV on whatever channel my wife desires and never have to watch the biased, twisted, political slanted and questionable facts on the major networks newscast she abhors. If I wish to watch FOX News, which I am selective on which of the biased reporters I watch, I can go to the bedroom or upstairs. After midnight I can watch anything I desire.

I even dreamed about American politics last night and it excited me to write this article. I will be using factual reasons to analyze what could possibly cause any American to vote for any Democrat, especially those who work for “We the People” in Washington DC. Most Americans appear to believe we work for the politicians.

  1. A woman voting for a woman or a man voting for a man is about as stupid of any reason anyone could possibly have to vote for anyone.
  2. Dead people who vote 100% for a Democrat are motivated by the crooked mentality that resides in the “BLUE” States that have been controlled by payoffs and voters who could care less.
  3. We have watched the Democrats like Bill Clinton make deals with other countries like Mexico to move good American jobs to their countries. What I question is how “Union” workers watch these good jobs leave them unemployed but they still vote for the Democrats that the union leaders demand them to support? The union workers likely need to understand the value of term limits themselves.
  4. We have watched Obama and Hillary preach the same junk science reasons to eliminate the entire coal industry and cripple the petroleum industry. Why do the workers in the Blue States continue to vote for those Democrats who sold their jobs?
  5. For the last eight years have watched a President, two Attorney Generals, even the FBI and the Supreme Court make monumental decisions based on political favors rather than the law. How can any American voter support this unlawful behavior of the Democrats and even a few Republicans?
  6. We have watched a Democratic President use race relations to create so much hatred, rioting, killing even of our police officers to gain political power. How can any American, even the black Americans vote for the Democrats who foster or ignore this violence?
  7. We have watched a Democratic administration and a Congress more than double our national debt to $20,000,000,000,000.00. Let me add the fact that a Republican Controlled Congress has conspired to allow this idiotic waste to happen. Why do we vote for anyone who will not live within their budget like we have to do? I can make this list much longer but I will not waste your time.If you have a closed mind you will not read this far anyway. If you love America and its freedoms you will join me in voting for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump publicly announced he would fight for term limits for all congresspersons and eliminate politicians power to become so rich and powerful. How can anyone except the existing Congresspersons and their bloated staffs oppose this change?

This one change will be the first event in history that will return America around and hopefully eliminate politics in every facet of our government. My good friend and retired lawyer, Glen Provost, a liberal, have had some lively debates over the past ten years but we have both agreed that term limits will eventually clean up the Washington swamp. I wonder if he will support Trump for President?

I encourage every American, even Democrats, to watch reruns if they did not watch Donald Trump announce the actions he would take in his first 100 days as President.

If anyone can explain with facts that Trump’s commitments to change will hurt America worse than Hillary’s vow to continue Obama’s lawless policies I will vote for her to be Queen. That is what she want’s to be if elected.             C Brewer 10-22-16


Reading the comments related to this series from family, friends and total strangers is an experience within itself. I have concluded that those on both the extreme far left and right would not be happy if Jesus or the Devil was running for President. If they were actually honest, they would not even vote for themselves. You could not satisfy them as they are so narrow minded they have no tolerance or flexibility period.

I just realized that I am Conservative but I am not as extreme as I myself perceived. I have a great friend, Glen Provost a retired lawyer, who I deeply respect. We have not crossed paths in a couple of years and if he read my Part Four article about Trump, he would tell me is that I finally woke up. What I refer to is my acceptance of a single-payer healthcare system for America. We have had some deep political discussions for several years and even though we respect each other the only political issue we ever agreed on was Term-Limits for all elected officials. Glen, if you read this it’s your turn to admit flexibility is mandatory if we ever unite Americans again.

My message to everyone who might read this article is to understand there is and never will be any human that is 100% perfect in every way. Norma or my kids will not believe that I said this as I always told them I was perfect.

Back to Trump. He is not perfect but he is a leader and he meets more of my desires than anyone running that has a chance to be elected. Let me share some more commitments and positions he has made public and that the media and those extremists noted above have ignored. If you have a candidate who has made equal or better promises on every issue I have revealed in this series, document them and I will post them for others to evaluate. Do not just pick some issues include them all.

Regarding welfare I read that he will reform our current welfare debacle and stated that “America needs a safety net, not a hammock.” He wants Congress to create a welfare to work program that would help reduce those on welfare and encourage people to get back to work. He will demand a crackdown on entitlement fraud.

Other positions he has addressed include his belief that climate change is a hoax. He opposes Common Core. We both are and believe that abortion must be evaluated if the pregnancy was due to rape, incest, or the life of the mother. This is the issue that divides the Republican Party and why I consider myself an “Independent”. If this issue is the reason he is not nominated as the Republican candidate I will support hiM if he runs as an Independent. I am sick of the Republicans who have no flexibility. We don’t need a police state mentality because of this single issue.

Trump is 100% for pro 2nd Amendment rights. His view and mine regarding same-sex marriage is that marriage is between a man and a woman. We both know that this is a States-Rights issue, not a federal issue. That is why before the Progressives and Liberals who have been systematically destroying States-Rights, we were free to leave States that had laws we found objectionable.

To keep from making these articles too long I will try to wrap-up my reasons that I am supporting Trump in one more article that will give you a look at what real leaders are made of and why he has been a successful business man. He has made mistakes in life, relationships and business just like we all have made. I have made my decision and this series has explained why. Again, send me your factual reasons for opposing Trump and I will post them with your name on the blog.   C Brewer


Now that nearly one half of all Americans live off of the work of the other half, chaos like what is happening in Greece is near by. What a sad day for those millions of brave patriots that laid down their lives to make and maintain our Republic as “The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”.

Our current President has done more to divide this great nation in three short years than every event in our combined history, including “Slavery”. As radical as it might appear he seems committed to force anarchy to destroy America. Why does he openly support the disruption and destruction of property by the current morons who protest anything but a welfare society?

Why does he weaken our military power to make friends with old enemies rather than old friends? We anger our allies by scrapping plans to help protect them from attack. Why does he voluntarily decrease our atomic weapon inventory that provides protection for America and our allies, from attack? Why does he ignore the voter fraud and foster voter intimidation by gangs of militants we all watched on TV in Philadelphia?

This week we were all subjected to watching our sitting Vice President, Joe Biden, make an ass of him self again. His constant gaffes have degraded the office he is obviously not qualified to fill. He can’t even lie without making mistakes. For this man to compare his life as that of a common middle class American is preposterous. He was possibly an average American when he acceded to the elite class of career politicians. To make that statement after becoming wealthy with the power that Congress provides its members to lie, cheat and steal is laughable to an idiot. With the tearful emotion he exercised in the last speech, he deserves to be nominated for an Emmy for the best performance by a politician in 2012. He is not qualified to manage an insane asylum. I suppose I got carried away with emotion. He must be qualified for something as he presides over the U.S. Senate. Well I suppose there is a reasonable connection if you observe the Senate’s ability to do anything. Watching the Senate on “C-Span” would convince any sane person that it is an insane asylum.

It is a crying shame that we have allowed these greedy, power hungry incompetent people to become so powerful. My friend, Glen Provost, is currently crusading for mandatory term limits. Glen does not share my conservative views and I do not share his liberal leanings. We do however agree that politicians should be public servants like our founders, not lifetime power brokers. I would like to encourage everyone to read Glen’s work at GlenProvost.com.

Every time you pay $50/60 to fill your tank, bend over and bow to thank Obama and the entire Washington band of thieves. It really does not matter what you think and to keep re-electing the same incompetent people will never allow us to return to sanity. It makes no difference what political party you vote for if we can’t restrict their power.

Tenure has destroyed our educational and political processes in America. No one should be given power for life including the Federal and Supreme Court. If we can’t eliminate political bias we are destined to lose all of our freedoms and deserve that fate. I am nearing the end of a blessed life that few ever achieve. I feel so sorry for my heirs who will never have the freedom I enjoyed most of my life.

 “God Save America”    C Brewer    

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