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Three years ago my close friend “Tadpole” encouraged me to share my thoughts with a larger audience. I had been rather vocal sharing local my professional observations with “Letters to the Editor” locally and regionally after I retired in 1994. With his computer talent, more patience and his youth (he is only 74) he set up my blog on WordPress. WordPress has been a wonderful way to share my knowledge and views. “TAD” is still is disappointed I do not use pictures like he does, but I am just a man of words. He has since moved away but if I beg hard enough he helps me when I get in trouble. You will find a link to his Outdoor blog on my blog. His homespun humor and great pictures are enjoyable for all ages. One other friend, Kenn Fong, has helped me with questions and designed my Constitutional background. He also set up my internet address I can never remember. I feel I have worn out my friend with questions and at 84 I am certain that I will ever be computer literate. If you ever need professional help you can connect with Kenn from the link on my blog.   

God gave me a mind and two parents who taught me to be successful at anything I attempted. The 1930’s had limited resources for entertainment but a local Carnegie library gave me a way to learn as much as I desired free. So I decided to fill my mind with knowledge because money to do the things kids do today was not possible. I currently have 42 kids, grandkids and great grandkids that would have never been able to cope with having nothing but three meals a day, two loving parents and no car, cell phone, TV or pocket money until they were grown. Even then it was tough and I was 23, married and had two children before I could afford to buy a 14 year old car I was blessed with opportunity. Unlike most today, I choose to take advantage of those options. Now a car at 16 is demanded.

Opportunity was whatever you were willing to seek when I graduated from High school at 16 in 1947. Jobs were just not available so I joined the Navy at 17, spent 32 years working in corporate management and started my first of nine businesses at 52. I worked, enjoyed visiting or both, in 32 countries and 49 states. I have seen cultures that most Americans only read about or watch in the news, especially in the Middle East and Asia. Became a Registered Professional Engineer at 45, gained a Masters Degree at 47, became a member of Mensa and Intertel at 48. I list these facts for two reasons; One. I am proud that my wife and partner for 54 years, Norma, not only encouraged me but she raised our four kids to be a credit to society while I traveled the world to make a living; Two. I have learned and observed so many things in my lifetime I enjoy sharing them with anyone willing to read or listen.

Why in the world would I be discouraged? I spend some 30 hours each week reading or listening to world events as I love America and the freedoms I used to have. It hurts me deeply to see how our country has changed in my lifetime. My youth was so different than today as we were free from government controls that have destroyed our rights to religion, privacy and free enterprise and made the federal Government the enemy of the people. These are the things that I try to share with my writing. The sad part it is my efforts are free and few, even friends and family, seldom even acknowledge that they read the articles. 

Let me share some statistical facts. I have posted 771 articles since we created the blog. 37,126 people have visited the site, 141 people receive a copy by E mail, 14 follow my work on Twitter and 97 friends are notified of a new article being posted on Facebook. I want to thank each and everyone that has had the opportunity to read my work. I have no idea how many people actually read the articles. I do know that I have logged 1028 comments which is what is so discouraging. Even worse, 128 of these comments were my responses to a comment. I try to make a difference for some who do not have the 30 hours a week to keep up with factual events that are distorted by the most biased media of my lifetime. Comments are what any writer needs to encourage their work. I enjoy my critics equally with my supporters as it give me a chance to possibly improve dialog, my own knowledge and debate issues to share with as many as possible. I know everyone is busy but just hitting the” like” icon on Facebook lets me know you read my work.

I will get maybe five people, I can even name them, that will comment and tell me to keep writing. I will get another five that will take the time to hit the “like” icon on Facebook. That my friends is why I am discouraged and considering that my work is probably a waste of time.

C Brewer



I receive many inquires related to creating a blog. I am 81 years old and started this blog one year ago to share my lifetime and knowledge with all who desire more conservative viewpoints. Being retired for some 18 years I have found this outlet to spend my time most rewarding. I also have a large family, currently 39, that all live at least 200 miles away to share my musings with.

A good friend who enjoyed my more than casual articles for our weekly newspaper, The Sabine County Reporter, urged and helped me create this blog. His computer knowledge far exceeds that of my own. In the past year I have posted nearly 300 messages and have received over 7000 hits.

I also am an avid reader of history and the conservative activity in America. I do comment on other people’s work whether professional or just another individual like myself. When I have a question during my two finger visits to probably 40 sites a day.

I live in a neighborhood of mostly retired and older Americans. Several have no access to the internet and we do not have a decent daily newspaper. I make copies of daily happenings, that are not biased by the main stream media, and they are passed on from family to family to provide conservative events. One site I visit for his three times a week articles is www.burtprelutsky.com which you will find on my blog links. Several months ago I had a question regarding a feature on his site I desired more information. He graciously responded and gave me the way to contact his webmaster.

I can tell you that this individual that I contacted is the most knowledgable and professional computer person I have ever conversed with in my life. Coupled with the fact that I am old, independent, and know little more than how to log in, type with two fingers and pray a lot when I hit the wrong key, we have become “E” pals. He just paid me a big compliment by asking me to review a proposed major change to one of the sites he manages. Telling me that what I can find accidentally by not being as bright on computers was an ego boost for this old man. To get completely honest I am a member of Mensa and Intertel and the worlds worst spellers and a failure when it comes to using correct punctuations, etc. My wife of 51 years is my grammar corrector and God Bless spellcheck.

As a message to those who have asked me about how to do anything related to the blog or a website I encourage you to contract with this individual to guide you, create for you or manage your blog or site. You can visit Burt Prelutsky’s site to see his work and you can contact him at www.kennfong.com. Save your self some time and grief when you start by using a professional like Kenn.

Clyde Brewer  

PS: I mispelled 8 words when this was spell checked

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