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One could go crazy reading and watching the media try to sway the election next month. If I had not watched the media get Obama re-elected in 2012, I would have bet my life on the Republicans winning control of the Senate next month. Watching Americans get brainwashed by the most corrupt media that has ever existed in my 84 years is the saddest event in my lifetime.

I am truly an Independent voter, I just proved that last Monday when I early voted and actually voted for two individuals, one Democrat and one Libertarian. I did not vote for all of the Republicans, I voted against Republicans, Democrats, Libertarian and Green Party individuals who could not find their way out of a paper sack if one end remained open. Sad but our politicians have become so corrupt, unethical, unqualified that in some cases you just have to vote for the best of the worst as no real leader chose to run for some positions.

This year the Republicans, in spite of self-destructing over abortion in some places, are on record to stop the destruction of our Constitutional Republic form of government. The Democrat-Liberal-Progressive power has nearly destroyed our freedoms and they will if left in power. The George Bush Republican-Progressives are powerless at this point in time to control the Republican Party.

Reading the various polls tells me that the Democrats will keep control of the Senate seats in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon and Virginia. It is hard for me as a Texan who has spent a lot of time in New Mexico to understand how the people can keep a Democrat in the Senate. They used to love the freedoms they have now lost and appear to be comfortable with letting Harry Reid control the future. The rest of these States are and have been controlled by morons like Al Franken for so long they have no capacity to even think for themselves anymore.

Looking at the polls they place the following Senate seats in the toss-up category. Alaska/Begich (D), Colorado/Udall (D), Kansas/Roberts (R), Kentucky/McConnell (R), Louisiana/Landrieu (D), New Hampshire/Shaheen and North Carolina/Hagan (D). The polls also show the Senate seats in Iowa and Georgia to be a toss-up. Colorado and Oregon are  no surprise as they are already controlled by potheads. North Carolina like Virginia are no longer conservative. 

Again I am really surprised that the voters in Alaska, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, and especially Louisiana appear to be even considering a vote for anyone but the Republican nominee. I live on the Texas/Louisiana border, spend as much time and money in Louisiana as I do in Texas. I have yet to find one Louisiana voter who will admit they voted for Obama but for some reason they keep Mary Landrieu in power to help Harry Reid to cram the courts with Liberal/Progressive Judges like Sotomayor, Ginsburg and Kegan. Like New Mexico I suppose that loss of freedoms in these states is unimportant to the voters anymore?

The polls show that Arkansas/Mark Pryor (D) and South Dakota are leaning toward the Republican candidate and that Mississippi/Cochran and West Virginia will be Republican seats in the next Congress. If Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana or Mississippi elect or re-elect a Democrat to help Harry Reid stay in control of power in the Senate, Socialism will be in place for the next 100 years. I hope someone else cares? 

C Brewer 10-25-2014


Is anyone else tired of the entire election process in Washington? For that matter I would include the same type of concern for what happens, or gets ignored, in Austin Texas. We the people don’t really have much to say about politics as a career. There will never be any changes made until enough people force all elected politicians to accept term limits. I do not anticipate ever watching this happen myself as the American people don’t really care anymore.

I refuse to watch any network news as it is all sensationalized or twisted to reflect imagined and biased presentation. Talk radio is so biased you never hear two sides of any issue. At least you can find both sides of any issue by searching the blogs. It is fairly obvious that I am conservative or I would have named this blog something else. I fit somewhere between a Libertarian and a conservative republican.

I was born a democrat as that was all we had in Texas in 1930. I remained a democrat until Lyndon Johnson assumed the Presidency by default and did more damage to America than anyone up to Obama. I did not leave the Democratic Party, they left me.

This automatically made me a republican and I was a loyal, donating member, until George Bush’s second term win in 2004. That was when I discovered we don’t vote for a candidate anymore, we vote against the worst one. I did vote for Bush again because if Kerry had been elected it would have introduced pure socialism four years sooner.

I have a lot of time to read and write about anything I desire. I have time to reflect back on the things that have hurt this country and make it a worse place to live and it makes me sick. If you follow my articles you have had a chance to see how American politics has become rotten, nasty, and wasteful and ignore the laws they write for us to follow.

Today I wish to say that the Republican Party has become the party of self-destruction with a gutless cadre of excuse making leaders. I watched a replay this morning of an emotion packed speech on the House floor yesterday by a republican member showering wrath on the current administrations regulation explosion. I listen to republicans bitch and complain about everything and do nothing about anything.

Watching the primaries was the most disturbing event in my 82 years. These people slaughtered each other unmercifully and after months of stabbing each other in the back now they hug and kiss. Do they really believe that after all of the bad things they accused Romney of doing would help the Republican Party?

We have had a republican majority in the House for nearly two years and what have they accomplished? They scream about the EPA, Departments of Energy, Education, Justice, Homeland Security and on and on and on. I have one simple question that I never expect to get an answer. I hope everyone that reads this will want an answer.


The President and the Senate can’t provide funding or create funding legislation; it must be created in the House.

If Romney expects to save America he should take command now. The Libertarian Party will get Obama re-elected if something is not done quickly. The scary thing is the conservative people who tell me they will just not vote as neither party can save America.

Does anyone besides me really care?   C Brewer

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