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Prove me wrong?

Watching and reading the news, possibly deeper than most,  has proven to me that all of our government agencies have been unlawfully using security classifications to hide facts from the people. We get to see what they want us to see and this must be investigated.

Hiding anything from the public by every government agency is the scariest event in my lifetime. It is also factual that the major networks and publishers use innuendos, evasive methods to modify the news to fit their political propaganda objectives. I have lost trust in the news from television, radio and all newspapers and rely on the internet to keep me informed. Watching President Trump use the internet to express his positions has been refreshing. He obviously had some of the same concerns when he referred to Washington DC as a swamp that needed draining. He has been systematically addressing specific concerns and has chosen to express his positions openly. His actions to criticize the media when they spew propaganda is evident. His bold actions about the honesty of our own government has been refreshing.   

Anyone who questions the clandestine unlawful actions by our own government is either blind, deaf, dead or a Socialist, Democratic Progressive. This definition also describes the upper level leadership in all or nearly all current government agencies. When the Department of Justice (DOJ) becomes the most questionable agency we have, America is in deep trouble. Even more troubling is when the Justice Department uses security classification to hide their actions from Congress and the President. Save this article and watch this unfold as it can’t be hidden forever. It appears that our current Attorney General Sessions has been gagged by his own people for a reason we will never know. What prompted me to write this article was an article written by Chuck Ross for the Washington Journal Friday. I will use some of his statements to reveal what motivated me to spend this Sunday writing this article instead of watching the final round of The Masters Golf Tournament.  

“The Department of Justice says it will allow members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees to view surveillance warrants granted against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in what the agency is calling an “extraordinary accommodation.”

DOJ is allowing the access to the four warrant applications in response to demands from California Rep. Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence”.

These revelations should be very troubling for any American who loves our “Freedoms”. I can’t fathom how or why the DOJ can hide any document, even politically misused actions, from the Congressional oversight committees. This mistrust within our entire government operations is deeply troubling. Analyze the next quote from Mr Ross.     

“Nunes threatened earlier this week to take legal action if the DOJ did not provide all committee members access to the four Page warrants, which were issued in 2016 and 2017 by judges on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court. Nunes also demanded that the FBI hand over an internal document known as an Electronic Communication (EC), which laid out the basis for the bureau’s investigation into possible Trump campaign collusion with the Russian government”

“WOW”. A Congressional committee may have to sue the DOJ for what must be classified “Top Secret” for some scary reason, WHY?  The referenced, “Ross” article revealed that there was a subpoena issued to review the secret documents last August 24th from Chairman Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee. The DOJ and the FBI  have not provided the documents yet.

The Ross article revealed that the DOJ has allowed two members of the House Intelligence Committee to view the FISA warrants.  Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Trey Gowdy have reviewed the documents. Nunes sent four request in February to permit all members if the Intelligence Committee to review the Secret documents and his requests were declined. Another request has produced the following reply from assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd to Nunes Friday and is quoted from the Ross article;

“The Department considers this an extraordinary accommodation based on unique facts and circumstances. We are also extending this review opportunity to the members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence,” the letter continues.

“Nunes set a deadline of April 11, next Wednesday, to provide a copy of the Electronic Communication”.

Can you imagine how many more government agencies use Security Classification to hide information from Congress, the Media and the people?Inspector Generals.

I recently read that the Inspector General within the DOJ has over 400 people to make sure operations are within the law. If this is an example there must be over ten thousand

Government employees making sure everything that happens in the entire government is lawful. The same Inspector General for the DOJ and his 400 plus people have been reviewing the Clinton computer and cell phone debacle for over a year. The Mueller investigation of the Russian involvement in the last election is the closest example of bias I have ever observed.  Fueled by the media it may last until they all die.

As most of the people who I worked with for 27 years in Aerospace for a company now part of Lockheed-Martin have passed away I will justify my knowledge of the security issues. I had security clearance for most of those years and spent many years with a Top Secret Crypto approval.  

Watching our government operate these past few years has been a lesson on what not to do. The size of every agency seems to grow faster than our increase in citizens. When you see what we spend on illegals you can should be see why every agency grows. Some States now encourage illegals and prison inmates to vote to keep the the Socialist Progressive Democrats in power. I believe that at least 90% of all government employees are near rabid liberal Democrats. This is why we need more rabid conservatives to make up the government function on an even basis.

Trump has stayed on the path he promised to clean up what he called the swamp. What he has flushed out are many known as “Republican in Name Only” or “Rinos”. The biggest surprise for me it was John McCain who helped the Democrats keep Obamacare alive. If Trump stays on his promised path and the Rino’s keep voting with the Democrats it may stop the swamp draining. The only hope to keep America a Republic is for the people to finally force a vote for term limits in Congress. If that fails America will be Socialist on or before 2030 which will be my 100th year, dead or alive.

Do you agree or disagree, share your reasons why?

Clyde Brewer



“Trump making America small, not great.”

Op-Ed from O.R. Pimentel, March 6th, 2016.

My good friend Ron Jenkins, a guest writer infrequently posted on my Blog, shared his discern with what appears to be another paid “Hatchet Job”. Hopefully you read my similar, article on Mitt Romney’s diatribe on Donald Trump. It appears to me to be a contest between Republicans and Demoncrats regarding who hates Trump the most? In my opinion the GOP itself is or will be the winner. Individually and especially if Trump gets killed or disappears, it will be a wild race for which American journalist, power broker or politician to claim all of the credit for his killing or his Jimmy Hoffa like dis-appearance. C Brewer

Mr. O.R. Pimentel


As I read your opinion piece today, it struck me how little evidence you offered to back-up your assertions, that “the damage, Mr. Trump will inflict, across a broad range, would not be trifling!”

Apparently, you are content to parrot the words of a failed GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. But, please tell me, how does your name calling convince a non-emotional or a non-ideologue that Mr. Trump is, as you claim, an “opportunistic provocateur”?

Your use of the “race card” so frequently, ultimately dilutes its value and impact. When Mr. Trump called for “the temporary suspension of foreign immigration by people from countries with a history of violent Jihad against the United States”, as the United States Code encourages and, as it has been employed by Democrat Presidents in the past (Roosevelt and Carter), for example; his words were mocked by those ignorant of the law. His reference to “illegal aliens” or “undocumented immigrants” are not “racist” terms.

How do you think they should be referred to: as “unofficial guests, “queue jumpers”, “uninvited visitors”?

When a statistically disproportional number of youngish males, from South of our border with Mexico, have been arrested and convicted of rape, robbery and murder, sent back to their home countries, returned, time and again, he wasn’t wrong in citing their crimes, as further proof, that our borders must be secured, before any serious talk on, so called, comprehensive Immigration legislation, is contemplated.

A significant portion of Conservative Republican and Independent voters are “mad as heck and they’re not going to take it anymore.” The TEA Party and staunch Conservatives who elected Senator Cruz and Rubio, see Mr. Trump as someone who will do what those elected to office in the Republican landslide in 2011 have failed to accomplish, in these last four years. And, maybe, because “the Donald” has not been a professional politician, his language and public pronouncements are not always “Politically correct!”

Of course, that may be part of his allure to millions of new and revitalized voters. If you must be so partisan, could you, at least try to provide evidence to back up and justify your passionate sentiments, to those of us who try to make logical and reasoned election decisions?  


R.B. Jenkins

San Antonio, TX,

Thanks again Ron, C Brewer 3-6-16


Also how to politically change the focus of the news.

Let me explain how the exchange of facts you are about to read can portray how the Democrats create confusion. Some 20 years ago I made a business trip to Melbourne Australia and I met a couple and we became great friends, Baxter and Delyse Henderson. Subsequent trips brought them to my home and in February when they were here again.

Ron Jenkins, a retired Air Force Colonel, also met the Henderson’s while working in Australia and he is married to an Australian, Doreen. They reside in a military retirement complex in San Antonio. Ron was here when the Henderson’s visited in February. Baxter, Ron and I have corresponded for many years. Ron and I are conservatives and Baxter has lived a more liberal life beginning in Scotland, Canada and eventually Australia. We are all three well educated, lived successful professional lives and have all traveled the world.

Our exchanges about politics, healthcare or most other subjects have been honest, emotional, and educational. We are all still great friends. It is apparent that Baxter watches several of our news networks besides FOX NEWS and the next two paragraphs are his request for Ron and myself to respond to his concern. CB


Fox is making a huge deal out of 4 people dying in an embassy attack (not to downplay those deaths), yet during the Bush administration there were 13 embassy attacks that killed 87 people. Fox news said nothing and there were no investigations requested by the GOP. There have been 13 congressional hearings over this, and none have found any “conspiracy” of any kind.

What I suspect is that bad decisions were made in the heat of the moment, but not that the President and all of his staff, military and administrative, decided to collectively ignore the problem. Maybe now, since as they have to duck and weave because they made those bad decisions, but not at the time. Why does Fox News continue to have Benghazi as one of their lead items every morning, over here at least? It has taken the heat off Obamacare!


My response was rather short and terse but Ron took more time to properly explain why the Benghazi incident was worse than Watergate and the worst Democratic political cover-up in American history. Sadly Fox News is the only American news source with the courage to supply the entire story. Hopefully our Congress can overcome the Democratic resistance to expose why four Americans were sacrificed to make sure President Obama could get re-elected. CB

Ron Jenkins response to Baxter.

Dear Friend,

The point of the criticism of the current Administration is focused upon the lies by the political operatives of the President and the President himself.

The ensuing suppression of various forms of communication between gov’t agencies and the withholding of them from Congressional investigators have made prior inquiries and investigations virtually useless.

The issue is broad and spans several administrations, that is true! So let’s focus on the period beginning in 2001, post Sept 11th. Terrorists, world wide, had been emboldened in the years leading up to and including the Iraq war in 1991. The lack of gov’t outrage or retaliation, after the attack on the USS Cole and the debacle in Somalia further exacerbated that attitude amongst the world’s terrorist’s; can you spell Osama??

The majority of attacks on US Embassies, Consulates and personnel had been sudden strikes, in one off attacks, where the perpetrators were small groups of fighters. The series of attacks, starting in Jan 2002 in Calcutta, India, cited by some commentators, starting in Jan 2002, in Calcutta, India, and including the bombing in Sana’a, Yemen in Mar 2008, continued through the Bush administration and were in countries that were either allied or friendly to the US and where the gov’t’s actively pursued the terrorists. The US gov’t has to do their investigations with the cooperation of those gov’t’s, sometimes covertly or by other means. We, the public, don’t really know how much or what was done in those years by our law enforcement agencies. The GOP, a political party, did not receive a rash of complaints that nothing was being done to find out who did what, in many cases, the perpetrators were either killed or jailed. In others, Al Quaida was identified as the responsible group and usually impossible to further identify and apprehend.

The Benghazi attack was entirely different. Libya was definitely not an ally or a friendly place to the USA, before, during or after the attack. The attackers were armed with machine guns (AK 47’s), mortars and rocket propelled grenades (RPG’s). The attack spanned more than half a day and included several diplomatic compounds. Hardly a group of guys, out for a walk one evening, that decided to kill some American’s, as Mrs Clinton claimed during her testimony before a congressional panel.

The Administration was engaged in a re-election campaign. They had a policy narrative that tried to convince the American public that the foreign policy of the President was distinctly better than that of the prior administration, in that our gov’t preferred to embrace Islamist nations, from Morocco to Indonesia. Any event or occurrence that belied that narrative was pooh poohed and suppressed by the Presidents spokesmen and the liberal media.

So, after a succession of riots, and protests across the region, and in Cairo, the prolonged attack in Benghazi was mis-characterized as a “spontaneous, political protest”, rather than what it really was, a planned and coordinated attack on our Consulate, its staff and the Ambassador.

The attack was announced to the various departments in the US gov’t in the middle of the afternoon. The State Dept and the Defense Dept, as well as the NSA, CIA and FBI were all in the loop. The President was informed and briefed before 5 pm. So was the Sec of State. Where they went and what they did after that hour is either unknown or murky. What is clear is that the Presidents political advisors and staff were involved and had input throughout the process.

The stink begins when it became known that calls for help, re-inforcements, support of any kind, was denied!! The excuses for not doing so were ludicrous and unbelievable. Again, the announcements, the “talking points” the statements by our UN Representative (MS Susan Rice) and the President himself, at the UN, were Bull Shit, period!! The attacks were not mere protests a result of an anti-Islamic video, produced by an American and aired in a few isolated TV stations in some Muslim nations.

So, the big deal is that the majority of American’s (62% at the latest Pew Poll) believe that a phoney cover up story had to be concocted and served up to the American public, they think the President and his minions then lied about the whole affair.

Again, it’s not the initial screw up that is the big problem, it’s the lying and subsequent cover up.

What is even more problematic is the way the Obama Administration deals with these screw ups or scandals. He has lost the trust of a majority of us American’s.

We American’s heartily hate a lying hypocrite. Ron

 The next exchange was Baxter’s response.


I hate lying hypocrites as well Ron and thanks for your explanation. I don’t think Clinton said they were a group out for walk. She did say those words, but in context and not as the only cause of the attack! I also have some issues that with so many departments being involved as you outlined, not one person has come forward and given a different story. Similar to why troops in Diego Garcia could not have shot down Flight MH370. As you say, they stuffed up the whole thing and now they are lying to cover there rumps. Could this yet end up like the Nixon resignation? Since Nixon have the tape recorders been taken out of the Oval Office which could prove they are lying?

Stuff them all anyway. How is your health. By the length and detail of your reply I am assuming you are well. Is that so?


Someday, likely after the elections in November, everyone but the Democrats will know the truth about the Benghazi killings. Has anyone ever noticed how the Democrats create another crisis like sacrificing American veteran’s lives with politically managed healthcare to take the heat off of the Benghazi fiasco? Even Fox News falls into this trap every time.

Unfortunately the Democrats never accept responsibility for anything and no one is prosecuted for any criminal actions. The veteran healthcare issue is criminal and Obamacare will eventually end up with the same result. Politically rationed healthcare will never work in a free society. Thousands of veterans have died and Obama is pissed off. Not one government employee will go to jail for killing these Americans who offered their lives to protect the very people who killed them. American government sucks but Americans will likely never see major changes. The Republicans are just as leaderless but some individually do care about freedoms.

Why should any Democrat resign Baxter, when the majority of Americans really don’t give a big rats ass as long as they get their welfare checks and the multitude of other Obama Democratic freebies? Liberals  will buy enough Senate seats and news network bias to maintain control of the Senate in November and probably get Hillary elected in 2016. 

C Brewer   May 2014


Virginia voters just proved it!

The confusion, spending, chaos and failure evolving over the past few years coming from the Washington, District of Clowns,  is like watching re-runs of the three Stoogies. Congress, the Executive and the Judiciary Branches of government have replaced Larry, Curley and Moe. Anyone with a miniscule amount of common sense understands that our entire government has Mad Cow disease.

The only people more stupid than our government leaders are the ones who elected these incompetent liars. Tuesday the majority of voters in Virginia proved their stupidity by electing a Governor who helped try to force “Hillarycare” down our throats, a pure Socialized Medical program, some twenty years ago.

Obamacare was designed to fail and the truth is now being exposed by the media, five years too late. Even the Democrats who designed this monster are running to hide and beg forgiveness before next year’s Congressional elections. They don’t have to worry as the young women, those on welfare, illegals, blacks, Hispanics, Progressives and the dead always vote for the democrats.

Look at the facts, irresponsible enrollment problems, millions of government forced insurance policy cancellations, absolute chaos from users and inexcusable breaches of privacy. The Obama administration is more concerned about reducing the political damage they created than trying to find out why this debacle happened or how to correct the problems. The website is a perfect example of our government rewarding political donor’s single source contracts instead of using proven professionals to provide products and services. They even turned down free advice from private industry website owners like Amazon that operate much more complicated systems for profitable businesses.

Latest reports show that over 4.2 million insurance cancellation notices have been issued, so far. Remember President Obama’s honest and thousands of times repeated pledge, that “Americans could keep their healthcare plans if they liked them”. That was to get re-elected obviously to anyone who can read or write.

Obama’s now tells people who lose coverage to “just shop around”. Unfortunately for those who have had their insurance cancelled they can’t get access to the politically designed website. Most can’t get their applications processed via the non-electronic options recommended by the President and he knows it. The consumers who have been urged to apply on paper for insurance have discovered that the paper applications were all hung up in the same delays because of website crashes.

While we watch the health care program’s problems get worse, Obama makes a trip to Dallas today. He will praise volunteers at an Obamacare call center who are “helping consumers learn about and enroll in quality, affordable health insurance plans,” the White House said.

Users who attempt to start the registration process every day are greeted by the now-familiar message: “The system is down at the moment.”

CMS spokeswoman Julie Bataille said the website is “fixable” and some consumers are able to enroll, so there is no need to take down the site completely as some lawmakers have suggested. She also reported that paper applications are being processed “as quickly as possible and offer a benefit to users, despite revelations about their hurdles in the queue, because they bypass the front-end registration process that jammed up the website”.

I just read a story about Ms. Edie Littlefield Sundby of Southern California. She has battled stage four gallbladder cancer for nearly seven years and now, because of the ACA law she must give up her high-quality coverage and cannot obtain a comparable plan in California’s exchange, even with the help of a trained Obamacare adviser.

“What happened to the president’s promise, ‘You can keep your health plan’? Or to the promise that ‘You can keep your doctor’?” she wrote in The Wall Street Journal. “Thanks to the law, I have been forced to give up a world-class health plan. The exchange would force me to give up a world-class physician.”

Obama added a caveat to his oft-repeated “you-can-keep-it” promise, telling a gathering of supporters in Washington that, “if you have or had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law and you really like that plan, what we said was you could keep it, if it hasn’t changed since the law was passed. “We wrote into the Affordable Care Act, you’re grandfathered in on that plan. But if the insurance company changes it, then what we’re saying is they’ve got to change it to a higher standard,” he said. What he left out was if they don’t change it will violate the law.

I just read an article about Mr. Justin Hadley, a North Carolina father that logged onto HealthCare.gov to evaluate his insurance options after his health care plan was canceled. He discovered an apparent security flaw that disclosed eligibility letters addressed to people from another state. Mr. Hadley, then alerted the conservative Heritage Foundation of the problem and was greeted with downloadable letters about eligibility for two people in South Carolina. One of them, lawyer Thomas Dougall of Elgin, S.C., later said he contacted his congressional representatives to have his personal information removed from the government website.

Why want the mainstream media just fairly report the chaos and remind the public of the facts that Obamacare is a dismal failure. Every democrat who voted for ACA and rammed it down American’s throat, or in my opinion shoved it upward in a part of our body where the sun don’t shine, must admit they were wrong. I personally hope they just ignore the failures and let the pain of the debacle hopefully wake up enough gullible voters to throw the sorry B******’s out.

C Brewer


It is really hard for this old man to believe that over 60% of American voters really don’t care if we abide by our Constitution anymore. The millions of young Americans that have died protecting our freedoms in wars with ourselves and others must wonder what they died for.  

In the palatial palaces we call the White House, Capital, and the stone and marble structures of the Justice Department and Supreme Court, ethics has disappeared. The individuals that we elect and appoint have decided that our laws no longer apply to government employees. We have just one Constitution but government employees have decided they are the only ones who decide what laws are applied. Why?

The IRS is the most intrusive agency as they have the power to swat you down like a bee, just because you want to force the government to abide by the Constitution. Witch hunts to punish conservatives or any American without cause is unacceptable. Their admitted actions is a violation of our laws and the Justice department just ignores punishment. Why?

When our President lies like he does nearly every day, it is against our laws and everyone ignores it. He has perfected the practice of lying even when evidence is crystal clear with his own words and the majority of American voters really don’t care. He knows he lied during his speech to the UN about Benghazi but says on TV he never covered up the real reason we sacrificed the four American lives to get him re-elected just this week. Why?

Eric Holder, the Attorney General of this once great country has made a mockery of ethics and honesty because of his “HATRED” of white Americans. The Justice department tapping the telephones of the Associated Press is the scariest violation of our freedoms that I have ever heard about. The real question is how many more of these violations have happened that we are unaware of, yet? When Harry Reid questioned Mick Romney’s tax documents during the last election, how did he know what was in the tax documents? Obviously it was provided by the IRS. That is a violation of our Constitutional law and why was he not prosecuted? Holder ignores law violations of Democrats and the IRS leaks. His actions to ignore the Constitution and lie under oath are unacceptable and he is a wild mad man on the loose that no one can corral. Why?

Hillary Clinton, recent Secretary of State, can make fun of Congress for trying to find out why we let the four Americans die in Libya with statements that must have made the families wonder if their loved ones died in vain. The loss of one American by the hands of any terrorist, should never go unexplained. She really does not care why as the election is over now. She knows that she has three plus years for people to forget, before she runs for President again in the 2016 elections. Why?

 Have you ever read out Constitution? It is available on the Internet and it’s free. I have read it and I am astounded that we have a Supreme Court that can’t ever agree on what is says. The wording is quaint by today’s language and the interpretations by the lawyers appointed for life to protect our freedoms are based on feelings rather than facts. Why?   

I believe I have the answer. Of the hundreds of law schools we have in the United States, each one teaches their students different ways to read this simple document. Statements like we heard from President Clinton cemented my opinion. “It all matters on what the term “is, is means.” Our Law professors have taken it upon themselves to embed their political views and to hell with the Constitution. This appears to be consistent in every law school in America today. They have designed at least one semester to teach students how to “LIE” along with the associated dramatics required to smile when they perform. Why?    

I realize that liberals who run our country will never read my work. I have doubts that the independent young people and women who joined with the Democrats to elect the best con man in history can even read English.

Over 100 friends and other bloggers subscribe to and receive an E mail every time I post anything. Nearly 28,000 people have visited the site since I started a couple of years ago. Sadly most of the comments I see are from friends and family who post something on Facebook and unfortunately those comments are not shared with others. The time it takes to comment on the myriad of different sites wears me out. In addition, it does not allow me to share my responses with others. I realize that liberals who run our country will never read my work. Feedback is what keeps me motivated to spend the time to share my views. Revenue is obviously not my mission.

Does anyone out there really care “why” we have allowed our Constitution to be ignored by government employees???

C Brewer  May 2013


Reviewing the past has reminded me just how rotten, dishonest and corrupt politics has become in the country I love so deeply. The Majority Leader, Harry Reid, finally stooped so low it made me sick to my stomach. To stand on the peoples Senate floor and outright liable another American is unacceptable behavior for a patient in an insane asylum. To crawl in a gutter and make outright lies to help Obama get re-elected should be grounds to impeach any elected official, much less from the Senate floor.

I pray that Mr. Romney will force Harry Reid to prove his charges in a court of law. Even the Political Supreme Court (PSC) would vote 9-0 to find him guilty. I renamed the Court as it is now 100% political in every decision it makes. It matters not if something is Constitutional, they follow political lines in every decision they make. Lawyers who do not follow the “LAW” are disbarred. This apparently does not apply to the “PSC”. It certainly does not apply to anyone in Congress or the Executive branch and Obama.

Watching the Justice Department under the thumb of Eric Holder openly ignore the laws of the land is sickening. Martin Luther King would turn over in his grave if he watched Holder’s blatant actions designed to create anarchy in America. When our top law enforcement officer refuses to enforce any law he should be tried in a court for treason. He gets censured by the House and just thumbs his nose at the law.

The really sad part is our sitting President and Commander in Chief of our armed services refuses to admonish anyone in Congress or in his executive branch for these crimes. Obama has the scruples of Satan when it comes to his performance. He has only one objective in mind, to destroy the Republic and replace it with a Monarchy. He can lie daily, smiling into the cameras. He can refuse to expose his own records, yet watch Harry Reid and his White House advisors go on national TV and chastise Romney to release everything. This accomplishes nothing but smear someone without facts.

That is politics today and I suppose some people enjoy the charade. It has certainly exposed our network news as the most biased source of mis-information in my lifetime that spans four decades. The network news used to be presented fairly and our commentators were revered by the people as “heroes”. Today they are paid to distort the news and maintain their job with political payback in the form of getting leaked information first. I can no longer watch the network news as it is so shamefully distorted, it is like watching cartoons.

One more comment about our Commander in Chief. Watching him ignore the flag is disgraceful. I feel so sorry for the members of the armed forces who must follow his orders. Watching their faces when he makes appearances, you can see they are disgusted with his lack of credentials and honesty. It must be degrading to watch him destroy our military superiority by using the resources to divide this country and destroy the middle class that it took so many years to create. Clinton nearly destroyed our military forces and it appears Obama will finish the job even if he loses the election.

You might think I am through and only despise Demoncrats. Untrue, the current House of Representatives under the leadership of John Boehner is a joke. The republicans are their own worst enemy. They have no clue how to maintain power or how to use it. They have let the abortion issue destroy themselves. They complain about what the democrats do wrong, like let the EPA destruction of hundreds of thousands of jobs, and then they vote to fund the EPA operations, why? I could go on further but it would waste my time and yours, they are all career politicians.

They write their own rules and really do not care what the people want. Re-election is the only goal of every politician from County Clerk to President. Tenure is power and they are masters of deceit. There is only one solution to fix the mess, term limits for every elected official and the judiciary system must be included. Tenure destroys honesty, integrity and enthusiasm. Just look at union seniority and the current university liberal slant of the professors who have lifetime jobs.

Does it bother anyone but me that these people are setting the example for the youth in America to use as a benchmark for their life? Are the “Demoncrats” really the ones that you want to have your children admire as “Heroes”?

Wow, I feel better now after sharing my feelings. Join me in forcing changes to make America the wholesome and free place it was when I was born.

C Brewer     


Listen to this video and find out the truth that every politician in Washington lies about or is afraid to expose. The Green River project alone has been verified over 30 years ago. We could eliminate unemployment, dry up thr money that fuels terriosim and eliminate the national debt if the tree huggers and Congress were not in the way.


Thanks Alan

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