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Webster defines the term Luddites as a group of British workers who between 1811 and 1816 rioted and destroyed labor saving textile machinery in the belief that such machinery would diminish employment. One who opposes technical or technological change. Alleged to be named after Ned Ludd, an 18th-century Leicestershire workman.

In my quest for knowledge usually as a result of discussions with my old and dear friend Phillip Sizer, I did some research regarding “Modern Luddites”. Some of the things I read tell me Luddites today do actually invent technology advancement like computer viruses, cyberworms and other malware—to disrupt the technologies that trouble them.

You might have read about recent incidents like sabotage of Stock Exchanges. Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, attacked what he called the “industrial-technological system” with increasingly sophisticated mail bombs. Remember the cave-dwelling rag-headed terrorist named Osama bin Laden invented the use hijacked airplanes to destroy skyscrapers.

You should have known when you started reading this article it would have a conservative purpose. Not to disappoint anyone let me take you down a trip of modern destruction that is programmed to destroy the United States of America.

American Luddites are called several names like Democrats, Progressives, Liberals and even Republicans. They have only one dedicated purpose which is to destroy something. We currently have a President and the Democratic Party who are hell-bent on the destruction of our military, our right to bear arms, our immigration laws, our free enterprise system of business and create enough hatred to hopefully incite another civil war.

We have a Supreme Court that ignores our Constitutional laws to give freedoms to minorities and destroy the freedoms of the majority. Decisions these past few years based are on compassion instead of the laws of the land. They are one-by-one destroying States rights to make laws and encouraging anarchy in the streets of large cities. Creating freedoms for marriage prohibited by the Constitution is a violation and the Court is now making laws instead of Congress.

Our President issues Executive Orders to ignore the laws and no one takes action to stop the destruction. Congress is leaderless under the Democrats and the Republicans and our national media is no longer a reliable source of the news. We read, watch and listen to nothing more than propaganda.

The original Luddite disturbances had circumstances very similar to our own. British working families at the start of the 19th century were enduring economic upheaval and widespread unemployment. In March of 1811, in Nottingham, a textile manufacturing center, British troops broke up a crowd of protesters demanding more work and better wages.

Later, angry workers smashed textile machinery in a nearby village. Similar attacks occurred nightly at first, then sporadically, and then in waves, eventually spreading across most of northern England. This sounds like our occupy movements of destroying property in our cities that is actually encouraged by President Obama. Unlike our government doing nothing to stop the destruction here, the British used thousands of soldiers to defend factories. Parliament actually passed a measure to make machine-breaking a capital offense. Our Congress does nothing as usual.

The English Luddites were neither as organized nor as dangerous as authorities perceived. They did set some factories on fire, but mainly they confined themselves to breaking machines. In the US our protesters are not only well-organized they have the support of the Media, our President, the Justice Department, the Supreme Court and 100% of all Democrats in Congress. Our military has been gutted of leaders that could stop the destructions and anarchy that will destroy America if something is not done to stop it.

We have two people running for President that are capable of leading us back to being a “United” States of America. They have the desire and leadership ability to stop the path of destruction of a Republic that has enjoyed the longest period of individual freedoms in the history of the world.

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are the only ones who can turn this country around and create jobs instead of welfare and all of the problems will disappear. Sadly neither will get the nomination unless more freedom loving Americans like myself shout loud enough to wake people up. Sadly the most prominent Luddite alive, Hillary Clinton, will make Obama look like a choir boy as she destroys “all” States Rights and completes Obama’s mission to disarm the citizens. When we reach that point read how Hitler destroyed Germany and watch history repeat itself in America.

I dream about getting to vote for Trump for President and Cruz for Vice-President. Who is your choice for these positions?   C Brewer


I selected Denmark as a benchmark for Americans to evaluate as it is probably the best example of a European Socialist democracy. I also spent a lot of time in Denmark when they were re-aligning their society to accommodate their younger people’s desire for expanded life styles. It was similar to the post Vietnam period in America when the hippies and druggies protested just about everything. This is the same type of protest we see today in our cities begging for a Socialist America.

Copenhagen at that time was, and I am certain still is, a beautiful city. It was sickening to me to walk through the city and see discarded drug syringes in the flower beds and condoms on the ground in the parks but they had the freedom to do as they desired. Hopefully this has changed as it has been some 20 years since my last visit.

One other memory was on a tour of Copenhagen and the guide pointed out all of the beautiful buildings such as hospitals, cultural centers, museums, government offices and boasted about everything being free. Free medical care; free everything that he described, it sounded like Utopia. He was then asked how much of his salary went to taxes and he boasted, only 48%. I have read enough about Denmark today to convince me the people are happy with their lifestyle and rules.



Denmark is a constitutional monarchy. I suppose that is why our President is so enthralled with changing America into a European democracy and his love for Denmark. He can become the first “King” of America.

Political life in Denmark is orderly and democratic. Political changes occur gradually through a process of consensus, and political methods and attitudes are generally moderate. Growing numbers of immigrants and refugees throughout the 1990s, led to over a decade of growing support for anti-immigrant and already-tight immigration laws, the latest revision taking effect August 10, 2009. However, the left-of-center government that took office October 3, 2011 has indicated it will seek to ease immigration requirements. Sounds like what happened here when Obama and Holder took power.

The Social Democratic Party is a well-organized labor movement but today appealing more broadly to the middle class, held power either alone or in coalition for most of the postwar period except from 1982 to 1993. That was the time frame of my visits. Then the Danish People’s Party was a key factor in bringing into power a new minority right-of-center coalition government today led by Liberal Party chief Anders Rasmussen. Sounds familiar and fits Obama’s dreams of a world order someday. At least the Marxist are not there, yet.

The judicial branch consists of 22 local courts, two high courts, several special courts (e.g., arbitration and maritime), and a Supreme Court of 15 judges appointed by the crown on the government’s recommendation.

Denmark is divided into five regions and 98 municipalities. The regions and municipalities are both led by councils elected every 4 years, but only the municipal councils have the power to levy taxes. Regional councils are responsible for health services and regional development, while the municipal councils are responsible for day care, elementary schools, and care for the elderly, culture, environment, and roads. Total government control, the Socialist dream for America.

Danes are proud of their welfare safety net, which ensures that all Danes receive basic health care and need not fear poverty. The portion of working-age Danes (16 to 66-year-olds) that are living on government welfare is 24% (2010). Health care, other than for acute needs, and care for the elderly and children has suffered. About one-third of the labor force is employed in the public sector. Can you imagine America if over 100,000,000 worked for a government? On second thought if we count the ones who don’t work and live off of the government, we likely exceed one third of the population.

Now look at how they pay all of this Socialist happiness; 

a) Everyone pays a flat 8% Social Contribution tax.

b) If you make over 42,900 Dkk ($7559.44 US dollars) you have municipal taxes range from 23% – 28%, Health tax 8%, Base state tax 3.76%.

c) If you make over 389,900 Dkk ($66,673.26 US dollars) you have the same 23-28% municipal tax and the 8% health tax but your state tax rate is 15%. The maximum rate for these taxes cannot exceed 51.5%, 51.5 + 8 = 59.5%.

How do you like them apples???????????????????? Well there is more and Denmark has a non-deductable Value Added Tax (VAT) that we have so far avoided in America. This tax is applied every time something changes hands. It is only 25%. If you are unfamiliar with a VAT tax, you best get acquainted as this will be the next method to squeeze more out of everyone and will just make the poor people poorer.

Denmark also has mandatory military service (includes things like our Peace Corps, etc.) for the fit and able. I bet the “Occupy our Cities” bunch would love this. This why Denmark does not have the civil unrest and fewer prisons than we do. If we had the same rule in America we could have the peace and prosperity we used to enjoy. Here we just pay people not to work to gain their votes so they can use crime to enhance their welfare.

Denmark is about the size of New Hampshire and Vermont combined and with some 5.5 million citizens is nearly 3 times the number we have in these two states. 

It is a great place to visit but would you want to live there? One thing is certain; if the “Occupiers” applied for political asylum they would be denied. Maybe Obama will use his pied pipe and lead these other unhappy Socialist somewhere else. It would be easier to establish his Kingdom in Africa where there is a lot more space and he could be happy. He already has family ties there and the boys even look like they could be his sons.

C Brewer

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