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What is a qualified Professional Career Politician?

This may be a surprise for some?

I had lunch with my good friend Glen Provost this week to discuss the recent election cycle. We have conflicting political views on many aspects but we both accept each other’s intelligence. One thing we both agree on is that our entire political system is outdated and inoperative. Glen has been diligently trying to promote one term limits on Congress. With small exceptions, I am on full agreement that this has to be the first step in a new beginning to get our political mess cleaned up.

This concept has been lively discussed on the Internet but no newspapers, magazines, political hacks on the “one-eyed monster” or radio have the gonads to even discuss this issue. I have never heard a member of Congress utter a word of support for making politics a public service instead of a career in my lifetime. Public service for politicians was the objective of the people who designed our Republic form of government. The framers of our constitution also required that we would be a nation of laws that we now ignore if you have political power.

Glen pointed out in our discussion that our political system in place today places re-election the first responsibility for any politician from Mayor to President. Glen has some other intriguing ideas about other improvements that will help the people regain control of Congress and put public servants back into politics.

One thing we both agreed on was that it is very unlikely we will never live long enough to see our thoughts even surface much less materialize. For the record, Glen is a retired Attorney and I am a retired registered Professional Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Business. Realistically, the likelihood of our plans ever happening is less than zero.

Laws of the land and professional societies require that to provide professional services you must meet specific standards. Doctors and nurses must be specifically educated and licensed to practice medicine. Lawyers must be educated and pass exams to practice law, chase ambulances, annoy people with ad’s to sue somebody or become politicians. Professional Engineers and CPA’s must pass rigid exams to provide their services. This list is just an example and by strange coincidence, Lawyers are the only profession that is not liable for making mistakes.

We have 535 Americans serving in Congress. What are the minimum qualifications to serve in Congress?

The Constitution establishes the minimum qualifications for Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Members of the House must be at least 25 years old, a U.S. citizen for seven years and a legal resident of the state where the Congressional District is located.

Members of the Senate must be at least 30 years old, a U.S. citizen for nine years and legal resident of the state that elects him or her.

Wow, 18 year olds and illegal aliens can elect a Congressperson but don’t have the qualifications to serve. I suppose dead voters can serve as long as they are buried in the State or Congressional District they will represent. My, that seems strange just using common sense as a tool.

With the shape Americas is in today, it appears to be the time we demand qualifications for serving in Congress. They spend our money, raise taxes, manage the Postal Service, Amtrak and the TVA, make their own rules without public approval and spend 98% of their time they serve running for re-election.

Let’s review some fact’s, the postal Service just announced a $16,000,000,000.00 loss for 2012. Amtrak and the TVA have never posted a profit and the US is over $16,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. It must be acceptable to most voters who re-elected most incumbents who ran for re-election. 

Question, “Do you feel comfortable with a Congress that allows its own members to break the law, avoid any punishment and allow them to be re-elected?” I don’t but we just saw it happen with Charles Rangel and others this month. Why?

I feel and I hope you agree that anyone who has the power to enact laws should at least pass a test on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court can’t agree on what these documents require and they are lifetime approved by a Senate that has no requirement to even read them.

I am working on what should be the minimum requirements to serve in Congress that I will share with you as I complete them. Should you have your own list of what you perceive to be minimum qualifications to serve in Congress, please send them to me? I will give credit to those who help me compile the lists.

The most sensible thing we should do is change the voting age to at least 25. This comes close to matching the new “Obamalaw” that kids are covered by their parents insurance until they are 26. Something fails to compute.

C Brewer



We have not had just one American “Union” in my 80 years, today we have at least three; “republican”, “democrat” and whatever “independent” means. To me there is only two kinds of true Americans, “conservatives” or “liberals” and the bunch in between the two who are  not yet adults or nitwits. Obama’s perception of a union is a group that pressures our businesses and government to create a power that will destroy the free enterprise system that has made America a world leader. Watch his gift of General Motors to the UAW end up in flames.

Watching our State of the Union (SOTU) messages for the past 65 years has been a mirror image of how far American politics has denigrated. The first one I remember was a radio address in 1945 that inspired all Americans to stay together and win WW11. Most of our earlier Presidents utilized the SOTU to rally the people to support truly bi-partisan issues to advance America’s future. Sadly, all we have seen for the past several years is partisan pep-rallies to keep the people divided as far as possible politically for the purpose of getting what ever party is in power re-elected.

The past three SOTU events, including Tuesday night, have been a continuation of Obama’s only real talent, “Snake Oil Salesman”; these events provide him the maximum exposure to keep the people divided as far as possible. We watch him every day throwing spears and threats at everyone who has a dissenting view. He uses any crisis available as ammunition to keep us divided and hide behind. His false sincerity and somber facial expressions make him a better actor than ever went to Hollywood. His only weakness is not having the ability to do his act impromptu like Clinton. He probably has to use the teleprompter to talk to his children.

The pep-rally in Arizona recently is a perfect example of using any tragedy to sell something. Using the attempted killing of a democratic Representative, to advance his Socialistic goals is sick. The Presidency has provided him the world stage and the bully pulpit capability to destroy our world leadership positions and reduce our freedoms.

Encouraged by the tree huggers, Hollywood’s elite, OPEC and China, he is nearing the power position to increase our buyer nation status by eliminating more of our industrial base. The fastest way to do this is by regulations, and boy does he know how. He has proved that he has the power to ignore Congress to get his way. Allowing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase regulations and give Congress the finger, is a perfect example of the power imbalance. It also shows how our Congress is totally incapable of any control over the Executive Branch of our government.

The demoncrats (not misspelled accidently) sit up like a lap dog and do whatever the “King” desires. Reid, Polosi, Durban and Kerry is just some of his hit-men. All he has to do for the rest of them is throw them a biscuit in the form of a bridge, airport, Medicade money or a future place in government power. Just watch when the wave of Senators who just left or the ones who have announced they will leave in 2012, end up as Ambassadors or in well connected government positions. Most of the others will end up as lobbyist sucking on the government teat.

The republicans have been in retreat for so long they need to use the “Greatest Italian Military Invention”, back up lights for tanks, to see where they are going. They get the power back, make rabid speeches, promise to stop the run-away-train, then they fold up when they are pressed into making critical decisions. When they do shut down the government the “demons” always make them look like Simon Lagree attacking orphans and widows. How many cycles do we have to watch for them to admit they have no clue how to match the clever clandestine ability of the demoncrats to use power. One thing the republicans do that is smarter than the “demons” is bypassing the positions of power in government and go directly to consulting and lobbying. The work is easier and the money comes faster and better.  

The only hope we have to stop all of the Washington D.C. spending is for John Bohner to have the courage to stand up and stop it now. He appears to be an honorable man and hopefully a man of his word. Next the entire republican House must get committed and operate as they promised. If they fold this time we need to throw them all out in 2012 and elect at least 537 new people. This is the only way that politics will again be a public service rather than an occupation.

Clyde Brewer

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