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Watching politics for over 60 of my near 86 years has been a constant downhill trip. Like America Texas was created by many brave men willing to give their lives for independence and freedom. I had Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Sam Houston, Audie Murphey, Clare Chennault, and Chester Nimitz just to name a few to revere while I was growing up.

The first pot hole that appeared in my life was Lyndon Johnson who was not an honest man. His actions as President made me ashamed when he was noted to be a Texan. He sold out many of our freedoms and actually created the race wars we have seen Obama use to divide our country again.

Can you imagine who children have to idolize today. I doubt that one percent of Americans could even name the Chairman of the Joint Chief of staff of our military today. Look who they have to choose from;

  1. A President that has made lying a national pastime and has divided our people more than anyone since the civil war.
  2. Former Speaker of the house, Dennis Hastert, who is in prison.
  3. President Richard Nixon who resigned for breaking the law.
  4. Hillary Clinton who may be our next President that broke more laws than Nixon but who has millions of both dead and alive Americans ready to vote for her. Her staff has spent more time listing names in cemeteries than any politician since Lyndon Johnson.

When you have a list of losers, liars, thieves, convicts to choose from our children have been cheated as Americans.

Today I offer my personal apology to all Americans, my family and friends and even to Demoncrats. I admit that I voted for Ted Cruz to represent me as my Texas Senator. Even though he is an adopted Texan I actually made donations and wrote articles supporting him as I thought he was an honest man.

Watching him try to destroy Donald Trump last night was sickening but watching him grovel with personal hate when interviewed this morning was unforgivable. There stood a Texan who failed to support a man he had signed his name to support was the lowest act of dishonor I ever watched. He made me sick using an invited event to stab Trump in the back before a national audience. He has made Texans look like fools that we are for electing him. He is incapable of being a County Commissioner.

Watching our country’s supposedly leaders lie, distort, hide, steal, and cheat is sad. Any American who tells his children to revere and use these thieves as role models is sick.

Ted Cruz, you are not a Texan, you are not an honest American and again I am ashamed I help get you elected.

C Brewer



How man people listened to Hillary Clinton dance around the fact that she violated federal law by using a personal E Mail account all the time she served as Secretary of State representing the United States of America. Remember she is the likely Democratic candidate for election in 2016 to be President of the United States. She is a lawyer, wife of William Jefferson Clinton who served eight years as President of the United States.

I have followed the history of her activity and politics from the time her esteemed husband served as Governor of the great State of Arkansas. Her short-lived position with the Department of Justice made great credits for he resume when she was fired.

What really blew me away in her interview was her response that she had no second thoughts because others had done this in the past. Now analyze that simple revelation, “others have done it.”

Looking at history “others” have committed fraud, others have lied, others have evaded income taxes, others have accepted unlawful foreign money, others have been dis-barred and lost their law license, others have pardoned convicted felons, others have been impeached by Congress, others have committed adultery, others have committed voter fraud and I feel sure this list could involve more illegal activities.  One of those others, Richard Nixon, actually resigned from office when he was caught red-handed stealing and hiding opponents records.

We all know that her husband should have resigned but Democrats can escape punishment in America. When you look at what the others have done, Bill Clinton has actually done most of the actions. In fact Hillary has already committed several of these “other”actions all by herself.

If anyone who believes one word the Clinton’s utter will be anything that helps anyone other than themselves they are morons.They perfected the art of lying to a level unprecedented until Obama elevated lying to a new plateau well beyond their comprehension.

The really sad statement she made while running for President against Obama was her specific statement that the Bush administration violated the same laws she violated later. If there was a picture next to the definition of the word “Hypocrite” in the dictionary it would be a picture of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary is nominated by the Democrats they have scrapped the bottom of the barrel searching for a “leader”. The only Democratic Presidents in recent history that might be worse leaders than the Clinton’s would be Lyndon Johnson and Obama. They all make Nixon look like a saint. At least he had the gonads to resign.   

Politicians are no longer expected to obey the laws and far too many Americans really don’t care.  I do!

C Brewer


I spent several hours compiling my article “Role Models” that was published December 14th. I feel I did a poor job by not including more of our outstanding leaders and let them share the limelight with Larry (Harry Reid), Curley (Nancy Pelosi) and the biggest liar and con man in history, Moe (President Obama).

This may be unfair to some as Richard Nixon was a more than capable liar. Obama just raised the bar a few notches. At least Nixon had the ethics and honesty to resign as President after he was caught lying by the media. This is the same media that ignores lie after lie from our self-anointed “King” who imposes laws without authority and ignores the laws he has decided are unfair. Can any American stand with a straight face and accept these three people role models?

Take a look at some leaders who unfortunately may be “Role Models” that our young people look up to for shaping their careers and lives.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright was one of President Obamas “Role Models” until he was discovered to be openly radical. He was one of Obama’s tutors, advisors and pastor for some 20 years. He performed the Obama’s marriage ceremony and baptized both of their daughters. I have never written that Obama is dumb, he had enough sense to throw Reverend Wright under the first bus available. Wright also accused the United States for causing the 911 disaster, dammed America from the church pulpit and is one of the zealots that preaches income re-distribution illegally. What a “Role Model” for our young African Americans to look up to unless they choose a life in prison.

Eric Holder, United States Attorney General has decided that some of our laws are unfair. Without any written authority and unprecedented in history he alone decides what laws can be ignored. He even brings legal action against States for abiding by existing laws. He is another “Role Model” our children have to revere,

To be fair and balanced, let me offer a trio of female “Role Models” that women must admire. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor make up one third of the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is supposed to be responsible to make sure that politicians, all government employees, the President, Congress, lawyers, Eric Holder and all of the people abide by our Constitution. These ladies have a 100% record of voting their political beliefs when necessary to support Progressive-Liberal causes. They read the Constitution the way they feel rather than the way it is written just like Obama and his staff wants them to. These ladies must have a tremendous influence as women comprised one of the largest voting groups that believe Obama is a Saint. They proved it again in 2012 and re-elected him for a second chance to destroy America’s freedoms.

Not desiring to bore you with illustrating actual performance, I would like to list a few more “Role Models” for our young Americans to look up to shape their lives and careers. I challenge our young Americans and women voters to review the performance and backgrounds of these additional leaders before they admire them as “Role Models” or vote for them.

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Charles Rangel

Thomas Daschle

Christopher Dodd

Jon Corzine

John Boehner

John McCain

Diane Feinstein

Barbara Boxer

Henry Waxman

Maxine Waters

Jessie Jackson X 2

Kathleen Sibelius

Lindsey Graham

James Cliburn

Shelia Jackson Lee

Eddie Bernice Johnson

Eleanor Holmes Norton

I probably have listed some you might challenge so, send me your reasons why you disagree and I will post them and your name with this article for all to see.

I am certain I did not list everyone you feel deserves to be on this list of well-known individuals. Send me your list and reasons of others I missed and if I get enough feedback, I will publish a part three article with credits.

I am working on another article praising true American leaders that are “Role Models”. What would be helpful is for you to send me anyone’s name and reasons why you feel that they are a  worthy “Role Model” for our young Americans to admire. The sad part is that none of these individuals will ever be elected to lead us and unite the American people again. We are so divided now it may never happen.

C Brewer


I do not know who wrote this as it was forwarded to me with no authors name. I share the seniments expressed and hope the American voter will remove this communists family from sight. A real man would resign after destroying this country. May he live in shame long enough to admit his mistakes.  CB


Three significant historical events have been eclipsed by Obama: 1) Jimmy Carter will no longer be looked upon as the worst president in American history; 2) Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton will no longer be recognized as the greatest liars in presidential history; 3) Clinton’s stain on Monica’s dress, and what that did to White House in general and the office of the president specifically, will forever pale in comparison to the stain and stench of Obama. I need not spend much time on the failure of Obama as president. His tenure has been a failure on every measurable level. So much so, in fact, that some of the staunchest, most respected liberal Democrats and Democratic supporters have not only openly criticized him – some even more harshly than this essayist – but they have called for him to step down. Richard Nixon’s words “I am not a crook,” punctuated with his involvement in Watergate, and Bill Clinton’s finger-wagging as he told one of the most pathetic lies in presidential history, in the aftermath of Obama, will be viewed as mere prevarications. 

Mr. Nixon and Clinton lied to save their backsides. Although, I would argue there are no plausible explanations for doing what they did, I could entertain arguments pursuant to understanding their rationales for lying. But in the case of Obama, he lies because he is a liar. He doesn’t only lie to cover his misdeeds – he lies to get his way. He lies to belittle others and to make himself look presentable at their expense. He lies about his faith, his associations, his mother, his father and his wife.  He lies and bullies to keep his background secret. His lying is congenital and compounded by socio-psychological factors of his life. 

Never in my life, inside or outside of politics, have I witnessed such dishonesty in a political leader. 

He is the most mendacious political figure I have ever witnessed. 

Even by the low standards of his presidential predecessors, his narcissistic, contumacious arrogance is unequalled. Using Obama as the bar, Nero would have to be elevated to sainthood. 

As the stock markets were crashing, taking with them the remaining life saving of untold tens of thousands, Obama was hosting his own birthday celebration, which was an event of epicurean splendidness. The shamelessness of the event was that it was not a state dinner to welcome foreign dignitaries, nor was it to honor an American accomplishment – it was to honor the Pharaoh, Barack Hussein Obama. The event’s sole purpose was for the Pharaoh to have his loyal subjects swill wine, indulge in gluttony and behavior unfit to take place on the property of taxpayers, as they suffer. It was of a magnitude comparable to that of Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski’s $2 million birthday extravaganza for its pure lack of respect for the people. 

Permit me to digress momentarily. 

The U.S. Capitol and the White House were built with the intent of bringing awe and respect to America and her people. They were also built with the intent of being the greatest of equalizers. I can tell you, having personally been to both, there is a moment of awe and humility associated with being in the presence of the history of those buildings. They are to be honored and inscribed into our national psyche, not treated as a Saturday night house party at Chicago’s Cabrini-Green. 

The people of America own that home Obama and his wife continue to debase with their pan-ghetto behavior.   It is clear that Obama and family view themselves as royalty, but they’re not. They are employees of “we the people,” who are suffering because of his failed policies. What message does this behavior send to those who today are suffering as never before? 

What message does it send to all Americans who are struggling? Has anyone stopped to think what the stock market downturn forebodes for those 80 million baby boomers who will be retiring in the next period of years? Is there a snowball’s chance in the Sahara that every news program on the air would applaud this behavior if it were George W. Bush?

To that point, do you remember the media thrashing Bush took for having a barbecue at the White House? 

Like Nero – who was only slightly less debaucherous than Caligula – with wine on his lips Obama treated “we the people” the way Caligula treated those over whom he lorded. 

Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but instead, they have been witness to a congenital liar, a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life, failed policies, intimidation and a commonality hitherto not witnessed in  political leaders. He and his wife view their life at our expense as an entitlement – while America’s people go homeless, hungry and unemployed.

Thanks Doc for sharing.

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