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Remember that next Monday, October 20th, early voting will begin in Texas.  

Voting is one of the few rights we still have as American citizens. This constitutional right has been machinated by politicians all of my life for many political reasons. The one event that caused me to leave the Democratic Party was the theft of the US Senate seat stolen by Lyndon Johnson. The flagrant disregard for honesty including missing ballot boxes, dead people voting and stuffing of ballot boxes in Duval County was my voting reality check.

Now we have a US Justice Department, Democratic members of Congress, State and local Democratic schemers and the media screaming about people having to prove they are citizens before they vote. They claim this is a hardship and un-Constitutional. This is about the lamest excuse by politician’s that is totally insane. Even the aliens that are paid to vote using dead peoples or illegal voter registrations know it’s just a job. The media is so biased you now hear little about voter fraud anymore.

Texas allows several methods to allow anyone to prove they are alive and a citizen including a driver’s license, birth certificate, and a free identification card the State will provide. The only reason the Democrats are concerned is that they can’t buy votes anymore. Even an idiot can see through this manipulation by the best ambulance chasing lawyers in the world that control our courts, our White House, our Senate and the media.

Our Governor’s race in Texas is a perfect example of a Democratic plot to steal the election. The Democrats plotted the brouhaha by selecting an unqualified woman to grandstand the passage of new abortion laws by a bunch of stupid Republicans led by our Governor, Rick Perry.

The only reason we still have a Democratic Party in many States is the Republican obsession that women have no rights to choose to abort a child. This has divided the Republican Party ever since Roe vs Wade was enacted by law in 1973. The inflexible Republican Party was the reason for the switch of my voting rights and becoming an Independent. The sad part is they still do not understand that this one issue is what got Obama elected, re-elected and if Wendy Davis becomes Governor it will be because women do vote. I am not sure the Republican Party is aware that women vote now in America.

If you are happy with everything as it is in Washington D.C. today, just vote to keep Harry Reid as the leader of the Senate. If you are a Texan and want to see the same Democratic radical change in our future then usher in Wendy Davis as our next Governor.

I guess I am lucky to just be old and not have to suffer with the change we have watched for the past five years much longer. Obamacare has made sure that at 84 I will be denied medical care because I am just too old to waste the money. The preventive care when you reach 75 will no longer be paid for like the PSA test.

The money I saved to live on in my golden years living off of interest like my parents did was abolished immediately by our President and the bankers. That was not enough change so they made sure that using the stock market to hopefully increase the worth of my savings actually reduced them by 25% almost immediately. Interest will not even cover the inflation losses and this week the world leaders and bankers made sure that our retirement savings were deflated another significant amount by stock market losses.

I don’t know about you and likely never will as few people will take the time to comment on my articles. I plan to vote for Greg Abbott for Governor of Texas and except for one local election of a District Judge who should have known better, I will vote for the Republican candidate in every race as I can’t support anyone else that is dumb enough to stay connected to the Democratic Party.

If we fail to change the control of the US Senate and demote Harry Reid there will never be another Republican or Independent President of the United States. Obama will make sure before he leaves the White House that all people who live in America will be able to vote in 2016 for his replacement. Granting amnesty to the 13,000,000 illegals which he will do immediately after the November 4th elections will create a one party system he has promised to do for the country.

One more note to the Republican leadership in America, women do vote and they have rights too.


C Brewer




I just read this article in Newsmax and it makes my blood boil to see how the Courts are increasingly being used to destroy people illegally. Please read my closing words and if you find the time tell me what you think of this criminal activity? I watched J. Edgar Hoover and Senator McCarthy prefect the ways to politically and/or illegally destroy people this way in my lifetime. I never dreamed that they must have been raised in Austin Texas.

DeLay: ‘Dangerous’ for Left to Use Courts to Destroy Opposition

By: Courtney Coren and Bill Hoffmann

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay says while he is relieved that he was “exonerated” by the Texas high criminal court he is concerned about the left using the legal system to go after its opponents.

“I had a great day yesterday in that the highest criminal court in Texas, the Court of Criminal Appeals, upheld the ruling of the 3rd Court of Appeals in that they totally exonerated me,” DeLay told J.D. Hayworth on “America’s Forum” on Newsmax TV Thursday.

“They said that I should’ve never been charged in the first place,” he explained. “They said that I shouldn’t have been indicted.”

“It was a great day,” he added. “Nine years of going through this mess is over.”

The former Texas Congressman was charged in 2005 with money laundering allegations and convicted in 2010 by a Texas jury. In 2013, the 3rd Court of Appeals overturned that conviction, a decision which was upheld Wednesday by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

DeLay has said from the beginning that the allegations were politically motivated.

“It took five years for me just to get to trial after being indicted on a law that doesn’t exist in Texas,” he said. “Then, I was convicted by a liberal jury from Travis County, not even my home county in Texas, and sentenced to three years in prison.”

The former House Majority Leader credits his Christian faith for helping him get through it.

The Texas Republican said that it’s a problem that the left uses the court system to attack its opponents.

“Any ethics questions are just a detriment to the reputation of that elected official” who is charged, DeLay explained.

“That’s what the criminalization of politics as a political strategy is all about,” he said.

“The left just wants to get the headlines in the papers and the top story on television that you’re a corrupt individual, and they go to work on it,” he added.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Republican, was indicted in August for abuse of power for allegedly using a funding veto with the intention of forcing a local prosecutor to resign.

DeLay says that Perry “needs to understand this is a political trial that he’s about to go through.”

“Hopefully the judge will throw all this nonsense out, but Rick Perry is going through exactly what I went through with the same people,” he explained.

“This is the criminalization of politics and it’s not just Rick Perry,” the former congressman argues.

“I contend that Gov. Bob McDonnell in Virginia is going through the same thing,” he said. “He may have done some stupid things, but he didn’t do anything that was criminal.”

“Scott Walker is going through it, the governor of Wisconsin,” DeLay explained.

“This is having a huge impact on our politics,” he contends. “It puts the fear of God in elected officials — they don’t want to stand up and fight for what they believe in because they’re scared to death they’ll get their heads knocked off by going to prison and having their families destroyed.”  

“This is really, really dangerous what’s going on out there.”

In a separate interview Thursday on “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Delay said conservatives have been targets for unfair prosecution for years.

“It’s just starting to elevate itself to a higher and more visible office … This is a political strategy that the left imposes and when they can’t beat you at the ballot box or beat you on the floor of some legislature or beat you as a governor, this is what they do,” he said.

“I call it criminalization of politics. It’s a political strategy and it’s undermining our system of government, it is deterring people from running for office.

“It’s putting the fear of God in elected officials not to stand on policy for fear of getting their heads knocked off. It’s an abuse of power in our justice system to use the judiciary for political gain. But, it is a political strategy and to be honest with you it’s working.”

Regardless of your political beliefs using the courts to destroy anyone is “CRIMIMAL JUSTICE” that has gone unpunished far too long. This has been a Progressive-Liberal tool since I was a boy. Being a Texan I personally do not like Tom Delay or Rick Perry but allowing a drunk Liberal and a crooked Liberal Judge allow the recent attack on Perry is criminal. Did you ever wonder why the majority of lawyers are Liberal? I have three of them in my family that I am ashamed of.

C Brewer


Written by  Dr. Jack WheelerThursday, 07 July 2011

Monday’s (7/04/11)  unveiling of Ronald Reagan’s statue, described in A Reagan Fourth of July, was followed that evening by a black tie Ronald Reagan Centennial Banquet  in London’s magnificent 14th century Guildhall. Some 800 Reagan admirers attended and I was fortunate to be one of them.

I was seated next to a nice lady who was the dean of a prestigious US law school, without hesitation I answered, “Sarah Palin.”  She blanched. “Palin can’t win – so there’s no way I could be for her.”

“So who are you for?” I responded. “Mitt Romney,” came her reply. When I made a face, she explained, “For me, it’s all about who has the best chance to beat Obama. We simply cannot afford four more years of this guy. I think Romney has the best chance of anyone out there, so I’m for him.”

“I disagree with your conclusion, but I certainly agree with your premise, was my response”.

A fellow across the table joined in, an investment banker from Connecticut who now lives in London. “Palin could win, although I’m far from convinced of it. I am convinced, however, that there is someone else in a much better position than Romney to defeat Obama.” Our eyes turned to him.

“Rick Perry, I think he would slice Obama up like shredded pork and have him for a Texas barbeque.”

We all laughed and agreed that called for another glass of wine. “Just compare the stats, the economy of Texas, the state that’s created half of all the jobs in the country, vs. the economy of the country as a whole under Obama, “he continued. “Obama – or Zero as you call him, Jack – is an abysmal failure, Perry is a stunning success, period. I could go on…” We invited him to.

“Well, to start with, Perry is a man’s man, while Obama is a metrosexual, a girlie-man. Perry is 100% American, Obama is 100%…something else. In 2008, the energy and passion was pro-Obama; in 2012, the energy and passion will be anti-Obama, which Perry could personify as he’ll go for Obama’s jugular like Romney could never do.

“But there’s another reason why I’m excited about Perry that is far more fundamental than all of this, even the economy.  The only possible way I see to truly cut the federal government down to size, is for the states via the 10th Amendment to do the cutting, to take chunks of power away from it. A President Perry would be uniquely positioned to lead his fellow Republican governors in a crusade to do this.”

I could not help staring at him. “That is a very interesting and persuasive argument – the best I’ve heard for Perry,” I mused. “What you’re saying is that Perry, as the most successful sitting governor in the country and chairman of the Republican Governors Association, would naturally focus his campaign on the success of states with Republican governors like him…”

We began ticking them off: Christie in New Jersey, McDonnell in Virginia, Kasich in Ohio, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Rick Snyder in Michigan, Rick Scott in Florida, Mitch Daniels in Indiana, Bobby Jindal in Louisiana, Nikki Haley in South  Carolina, Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania – 29 out of 50 now.
“… And focus by contrast on the failure of states with Dem governors, like California, Illinois, and Minnesota. He’d bring all these GOP govs, his current colleagues, into a lead campaign role, and make 10th Amendment freedom of states from Washington control a major campaign theme.”

“Exactly!” the fellow across from me exclaimed with a smile.  “No other major political leader in the country has embraced the 10th as a personal cause like Perry. Can you imagine how much he would enforce it upon the Federal Government as President?”

There’s no doubt about Perry being a 10th Amendment champion. He wrote an entire book about it:  Fed Up! This is no presidential aspirant vanity book. He actually calls, for example, Social Security “a Ponzi scheme.” He advocates the repeal of the 16th and the 17th Amendments. Repeatedly he argues that the way, the mechanism, for regaining our freedom from the federal nanny state is enforcing the 10th.

He offers a fascinating rebuttal of the Dem states-rights-is-Jim-Crow-racism canard, that it was the federal
government’s unconstitutional violation of northern states’ rights that precipitated the Civil War:

“Unwilling to give up a way of life inexcusably based on an abominable practice, southern states  persuaded Congress — the federal government to pass the Fugitive Slave  Act of 1850, which compelled citizens of northern states to act against  their conscience and help return escaped former slaves into bondage.

“Meanwhile, the federal Supreme Court got involved, striking  down states’ personal liberty laws and ruling in Dred Scott that federal territories could not be free and that free states were not  entitled to offer the rights of citizenship to former slaves. Thus, while the southern states seceded in the name of ‘state’s rights,’ in many ways it was the northern states whose sovereignty was violated in the run-up to the Civil War.”

Ever hear of Paint Creek, Texas? It’s in the middle of total nowheresville on Farm Road 600 about halfway between Abilene and Wichita Falls. Rick Perry was born there in 1950. His folks were cotton farmers. He’s a fifth-generation Texan who went to Texas A&M. He’s an Aggie. He’s a real guy, a real American unlike the ersatz-elite pseudo-educated pretend-American infesting the White House today.

Liberals hate him – and so does the RINO Republican Establishment elite. The latter, led by Karl Rove, went full bore against him in supporting Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the 2008 GOP gubernatorial primary. All the smart money was on KBH. Perry obliterated her by over 300,000 votes.

He sums up his philosophy of governing in five words: “Don’t spend all the money.” He despises Warmism as “junk science,” despises ethanol subsidies as “corrupt,” and is “drill, baby, drill” pro-energy. He’s solidly pro-life and pro-traditional marriage. His first book (2008) is On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts are Worth Fighting For, and loathes the ACLU.

He married his high school sweetheart 29 years ago who’s now First Lady of Texas and with whom he has a son and daughter. He’s much handsomer than Zero, and a much better speaker without a teleprompter. In a debate, Perry would chew Zero up.

As I write this, enormous pressure is being put on Perry by the  entire world elite from Zero personally on down to cave on the execution of  a Mexican, Humberto Leal, who in 1994 hideously raped and murdered a 16 year-old girl, Adria Sauceda, in San Antonio.

He has become a cause célèbre of every commie-marxist-liberal-moonbat hate-America outfit on earth. They are freaking out that the execution of this proto-hominid dirtbag is ‘‘a violation of international law. ”

You of course can see how the Left wants to use Leal as a camel’s nose under the tent of American sovereignty. The black hilarity is that Leal is an illegal alien whom the Left would normally say should have all the rights of a US citizen – but suddenly now he’s a ‘Mexican national’ subject  to ‘international law’ with the rights of a Mexican citizen.

This will be a real-time test for Perry. If he caves, and gives this Mexican pig a stay of execution, he will torpedo his chances for the presidency. If he stands up to the world, to Zero, the UN, and the International Left by allowing the execution to proceed at 6:00pm Central Time, then… game on. The likelihood of 2012 being Perry vs. Zero will drastically increase.

We’ll know soon. The 10th argument for Rick Perry is persuasive – even the law school lady thought so – but the proof is in tonight’s pudding.

Although I’m still a Palinista, I’m getting tired of her teasing.  She didn’t announce as she teased she might on the 4th.  She can’t wait much longer and neither can Perry. It’s going to be one or the other – and maybe that’s the issue. They are good friends and don’t want to challenge each other. They both haven’t decided for sure.

It’s doubtful that they’ll both run. One will defer to the other – but which one? No more suspense, you two! Make up your minds! Then again, they are probably having a good laugh talking on the phone right now over this. “Let’s keep this going until after Labor Day, Sarah.”  “Why not, Rick?  Let’s relax, enjoy the summer, and drive everyone crazy at the same time. “Maybe that’s good advice. Relax, enjoy the summer, let everyone else go crazy, and relish the fact that either one of them will kick Zero’s skinny derrière in 2012.

If you missed it in the newspaper, Leal was executed on time in Huntsville, Texas as ordered by the court. Perry did not bend!!!

Thanks Doc, I hope this posting will get some attention for the people to evaluate. It’s a shame most Americans will never have the opportunity to read this before they pull the lever on a voting machine. CB




Politics: Asked last week why he’s so unpopular inTexas, the only thing our president could say was “Republicans.” Now thatTexas has been lashed by tornadoes, his curious refusal to aid the state suggests the depth of his dislike.

Two weeks ago, Texas Gov. Rick Perry pleaded with the president in a 16-page letter to declare a large number ofTexascounties disaster areas after historic wildfires ravaged over a million acres across the state, burning 350 homes and killing three.

A bad combination of hurricane rains, freezing weather and subsequent drought have made ideal conditions for the inferno during this tornado season.

Perry’s request was a routine effort to free up federal disaster funds so the state wouldn’t have to fight the fires alone.Texasshould have been granted it easily.

But to date, nobody’s gotten back to him – though other states with natural disasters, such asOklahomanext door, got the declarations they needed.North Carolinagot its declaration a mere four days after it made its request. So far, the White House seems to be sayingTexascan burn.

This is no isolated incident. In the aftermath of the September 2010 killing of aU.S.citizen byMexico’s Zeta cartel inTexaswaters, Perry pleaded in another letter to the president to send 1,000 extra National Guard troops to the border, warning of a “dire threat amassing on our southern border.”

The response he got was little more than pablum from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano assuring that all was well on the border.

Since then, mass graves have been found on the Mexican side of the border, and they aren’t done digging.

This Monday, Perry announced thatTexaswould finally get its $830 million in promised federal funding for education from the Department of Education after a nine-month delay. Texas alone of all 50 states had been denied its share of the funds as a result of an amendment from an Obama ally, Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Austin, who wrote a special provision into the 2010 federal education jobs bill to require Texas alone to “supplement and not supplant” state education financing through 2013. Perry called it unconstitutional, and it was reversed in the 2011 budget.

If this isn’t a pattern, what is? InTexas, it’s been one thing after another since the president told WFAA-TV inDallaslast week that he’s unpopular in the state because it’s full of conservatives.

What’s more, he suggested they weren’t sufficiently grateful to him. “Gov. Perry helped balance his budget with about $6 billion worth of federal help – which he happily took – and then started blaming the members of Congress who had offered that help,” Obama told a TV interviewer.

Seems the president considers federal funding “his” money – rather than a round trip of cash from the states – deserving of gratitude, and any state that thinks otherwise gets payback, theChicago Way.

Arizona,WisconsinandLouisianahave felt similar stings for defyingWashington.

This kind of ward-heeling behavior may seem logical to Obama, but it’s quite beneath the office of a president who is presumed to govern all the country.

Texas, and the rest of theU.S.for that matter, desperately needs a leader, not a partisan politician whose only fealty is to his political cronies.

Thanks, and don’t forget that B.O. also gutted the manned space program, and then would not let NASA have one of the 4 shuttles, placing 3 on the east coast and one inCalifornia. 

He also refused to let UAL and Continental merge unless their HQ was in Chicago and not Houston, and he has shut down offshore drilling in theGulf of Mexicofor a year. He clearly hatesTexas.

Thanks Phil



Recently I read an article on chron.com, headed “Texas Politics” that got my attention. This article announced that a diverse group of Texas business, philanthropic and community leaders have formed a group named the “Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education”. It was described as a “nonpartisan group” of more than 200 founding members, innovators, job creators, former office holders and education advocates. Their mission was for Texas to lead the nation in higher education. It noted that this was done in support of governance proposed by Rick Perry.

The article went on to say that they were alarmed about the cuts in funding of research and professors. It was predicted as a prescription for mediocrity for Texas. I commend this group of concerned citizens for forming this movement.

It is a shame that our Governor, the legislature, these distinguished business leaders and scholars have no time or desire to improve our K-12 basic education. With all of the interest in higher education Texas has decimated the primary education programs. With no facts to support the spending of billions of dollars by adding more testing in lieu of discipline and better teachers is idiotic at best. Adding additional math and science courses with no foundation or preparation will be another disaster. Creating new testing programs appear designed as a way to evaluate teachers rather than improve our children’s knowledge.

We can’t afford to downgrade education in Texas as our current standing in 43rd place out of 50 states in K-12 schools is unacceptable. Testing does not improve knowledge, teachers do.

This new higher education drive does not even follow the laws of nature. To get an pecan tree we plant, water andFertilize a pecan. We do not wait until it reaches adult life to nourish its growth.

Most of the people who formed this new group, our academics, legislators, business leaders and Governor Perry were educated in another era like myself. We did not have discipline problems, aliens, and a welfare society to distract K-12 education. We also had fewer one parent children and parents who shared education responsibilities. Now we expect a teacher in K-12, who is responsible to teach, to also provide nurturing and discipline that is a parental obligation. Teachers spend an enormous amount of time defending their actions with parents.

Common sense will prevail that not every teacher is perfect and some will need guidance and some removed from education. If anyone believes that every K-12 child is 100% angel, they need an awakening. Our Texas leaders have decided, without any facts that the solution will be to use outside testing agencies to evaluate teacher and administrator performance.

We now live in a technological era where the entire problem could be isolated and corrected at a fraction of the costs of the STAAR testing program.

All that needs to be done is to install a digital sound camera in every classroom, office and board room from kindergarten to graduate school. This would provide the facts necessary to know exactly what to do to improve education at every level. This would pinpoint teacher, administrator, student and school board performance evaluation. Parents could witness discipline problems; administrators could review teacher performance; school boards could evaluate administrators and the state could evaluate school boards. This is what a business would do if their costs keep increasing and the performance diminished. Doing the right thing right, every time, is called success and common sense. Unfortunately politicians have little business or common sense.

How many teachers, administrators, school boards, university/college professors and trustees will fight these suggestions? All of them will. Unfortunately politicians will just ignore them.

Hoping that a child will be smarter with testing, so the professors in college task will be easier is a pipe dream. From my perspective our leadership in Texas has their education priorities bassackwards. Pardon my east Texas vocabulary.

Clyde Brewer



Our illustrious Governor, Rick Perry, has exposed his analysis of the education problems with a bomb shell statement. The reason we will have to lay off 100,000 Texas teachers is each local school district’s fault.

He rejected the charge that the $9,000,000,000.00 cut in state funds over the next two years would lead to the mass layoff of teachers. Quote, “The lieutenant governor, the speaker and their colleagues are not going to lay off one teacher, as best I can tell, Perry said.” “That would be the task of the local school districts figuring out how to do the same with less.”

Texas now provides 37 percent of funding for public schools. A little over 10 years ago the state provided 50 percent of the funding for public education. The difference has been made up with increased property taxes.

Perry suggested that the local school districts should just trim the administrative ranks to make up for the cuts of funds. He added, “Over the past decade, we’ve seen a rather extraordinary amount of non-classroom employees added to the school rolls.”

Perry, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and republican members of the legislature have also blamed this on the federal government involvement. What a bunch of hogwash to place a smokescreen in front of them to hide behind.

According to the latest figures I have obtained, Texas spends an average of $7561.00 per student annually to provide K-12 education. The average for all 50 states and Washington D.C. is nearly $10,000.00 per student. Vermont ranks first with $15,139.00 per student. Utah was fifty first with $5,963.00. When you compare this with our miserable ranking of how Texas students are ranked with the same 51 entities academically, something is rotten in Austin, not Denmark.

As a benchmark locally, the annual money provided per student in the Hemphill Independent School District is less than $5000.00. Compared to as much as $12,000 that some other Texas districts receive, someone should be ashamed. I will provide a look at these variations in a later article that will hopefully excite everyone to contact their representatives in Austin. I doubt our State Representative and State Senator even know this disparity exists? I do not question their honesty, just their concerns for our children.

If the school districts are the only ones responsible for the academic performance and spending state money, as Perry stated, I have some real concerns with education in Texas. This means that the State of Texas has questionable oversight on how the 1265 school districts spend their money or educate the children. If this is true, then Texas needs an agency or appointed citizens group to improve any audit of financial and academic performance elements of each district that is currently performed. When parameters are out of accepted range, they would assess the specific causes of any variable. This would require a plan from the district to correct the situation. Follow up would result in an acceptable condition or the state would take over the school district. For those who are not familiar, this is what a private business would do if they had similar conditions.

I feel certain that the some of the 1265 school districts deserve to be challenged. Our Governor and his band of “Pretenders” have declared that all 1265 school boards are equally guilty of incompetence. Without an intense study they have sentenced every Texas child in grades K-12 equal suffering. Action to approve any across the board 20 plus percent education budget reduction for the next two years is irresponsible. Texas leaders have learned how to utilize the Congressional democrats and Obama tactics to just kick the can down the road for someone else to fix someday.

You may have read this past week that Perry and his “Posse” are about to take over $3 billion from the state “Rainy Day Fund” to ease the pain of the budget cuts. I have not found any details of how this affects the proposed $9 billion in education cuts. Sadly this will have no impact on the state ignoring total fiscal and academic performance, they just do not seem to care.

“Someday” is now, we must demand the republicans who have a super majority to stop pointing the finger and do their job. To say the state does not care if the school districts are good or bad is nothing but cowardice. Defaulting their responsibility is about as stupid as a band of criminals breaking into a prison to rob the inmates. Speaking of prisons wait until you see what Texas spends to educate prisoners. Maybe if we educated them during K-12, they would not be in prison?                 

C Brewer

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