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Looking back over my nearly 85 years gives me more American history to remember than most. Political history is distorted, hidden, misrepresented and protected by both individuals and the government. Our government uses security reasons to hide facts that have no justification other than to protect both individuals and agency failures. Watching the facts currently being made public against Dennis Hastert are a perfect example to support my thesis. To further protect someone from being exposed the Justice Department is now trying to hide reasons to likely protect some other political or governmental agency from being exposed.

When you add the bias, distortion and sensationalism that the printed and visual media publishes to hide the truth Americans today are just brainwashed with propaganda. Watching this happen is what motivated me to devote what life I have left writing and sharing what I have observed. I do use the printed media articles and material shared with me by friends to publish some articles.

Many people use and suggest that I use Snopes to check authenticity. Most of my critics are not seeking the truth they just want to find something wrong with anything that offends them. Snopes has no way to see if a fact is hidden, distorted or falsified by the government. If they think something is an urban legend, folklore, myths, rumors or mis-information, they can say anything they desire without oversight. Snipes is the most Progressive-Liberal organization in American history. If you disagree check where they get their financing. There is no agency or publication in America that has access to government secrets. I trust my friends, other blogs and my own memory of facts far more than any politically funded and slanted source.

Now let me use my memory and some actual facts to predict the Presidential election in 2016. I have been wrong at times and I hope my prognosis is wrong this time. America needs to stop the race to socialize our Republic. When you have a proven communist, Hillary Clinton, along with an admitted Socialist, Bernie Sanders as the front runners to be the Democratic Party candidate for President their mission is quite clear to anyone. The national media will continue to hide, distort, and blindly support the Democratic candidate as always.

Sadly women will strongly support any female chosen as they feel it’s time for a woman President no matter what will happen. I have no opposition to a female President and I feel like the bumper sticker on my car. It has a picture of Hillary Clinton with the following verbiage, “Life is a Bitch, Don’t Elect One”. I you want some I can tell you where to buy them.

Our over 40,000,000 welfare army which includes illegals, dead, and fictitious voters will never vote for someone who insist they work for their handouts. I lived in the CCC and WPA years that actually did help build and repair infrastructure projects. Our current President insist he needs billions of tax dollars to just repair the infrastructure when all he has to do is make the able people on welfare and fake disability get off their butt and go to work.

If we could create jobs instead of gerrymander the unemployment statistics to hide facts we might not have as many in prisons. In fact, if we just made the army of those in prisons actually work on civic improvements nothing but good would happen. If Joe Arpaio was President Inmates would not enjoy prison life. Today, life in most prisons is an improvement for some who are mistreated, ignored or abused. When I was young we were encouraged to avoid breaking the law as prisons were not country clubs like some are today. Fact, the Texas prison system is the largest school district in the state. Why don’t we educate kids before they break the law. You can get a PhD in the Texas prison system, free.   

If she keeps her mouth closed, avoids any debate involving her government service, another woman fails to challenger her or the Republicans don’t nominate a woman, Hillary Clinton will be our next President. Now let me describe the reasons for my prognosis.

The Republican Party will not nominate a woman or a true conservative candidate. They have a well-qualified female in Carly Fiorina, they have a 100% true conservative in Ted Cruz and they have a 100% Libertarian in Rand Paul. In-between they have so many Republican-in-Name-Only (RINOS) that will distort the scene and they, assisted by the media, will defeat themselves. We also have a conservative African American in Dr. Ben Carson who impresses me. It also appears that one proven leader, Donald Trump hopefully will announce his candidacy fast. In my opinion the only two who have the will to downsize and the leadership competency to change the runaway government is Cruz or Trump. If the Republicans nominate either one it will be earth shaking evidence they truly desire to win. Will this happen, “NO”?

The biased media, including Fox News, has announced debate rules for the Republican candidates using distortion, manipulation and creative ways to control your mind. They will use polling data to limit who you will hear and the poll data is as phony as a three dollar bill with Bill Clinton’s picture. Questions in any poll can control information with greater distorted accuracy than the testimony we have watched from the IRS and Hillary before Congress. President Obama, IRS, EPA and the Justice Department have taken more liberty with the truth than anyone in America’s history. Poor old Nixon erased a few minutes of an unlawful action but Hillary and the Obama administration has taken lying and destroying government documents to a totally new level.

We will have to suffer through a barrage of debates and the Republicans will nominate a wishy-washy RINO to represent the Party again. Even then the Republicans could win over Hillary Clinton if enough American independent voters like myself really desire to stop the attack on destroying our individual freedoms. Will this happen, “NO”? Save a copy of this article to review on November 4th 2016 after the elections.

Rand Paul knows that he will never win the nomination and he is building up the same following that supported his father Ron Paul. When he loses the Republican nomination he will announce that he will run as the Libertarian party candidate just like his father has done three times. His dividing the Republican vote like Ross Perot did in the 1992 election will assure that another Clinton will be President. Perot is the reason Bill Clinton won the Presidency and Rand Paul will be the reason Hillary Clinton will be our next President. November 4th 2016 will be the saddest day of my life if I am still here.

My kids and grandkids will not enjoy the freedoms I enjoyed. The freedom to express opinions like I have done will disappear along with all personal weapons. Ladies, I hope you will be permitted to wear designer Burkas. Female voters are being led to the slaughter like the rats that followed the Pied Piper into the sea.   

Wake up America!   C Brewer      



This is being posted as a follow-up to the articles I posted earlier this year. The actual article was published by Daily Sanity on July 3, 2012 and written by Tony Adkins. I will paraphrase and delete some of the article to shorten the message. Someday Congress will have the bravery necessary to force the Feds to be honest with the people. Sadly this will not likely happen in my or Ron Paul’s lifetime? CB

“In an Unprecedented Move, Congressman Requests an Audit of the Federal Reserve! Fed Up With Secrecy and Failure: Ron Paul Seeks To Audit The Fed”.

What if you were told that there was organization at work in the United States today secretly plotting the course of the United States economy?  What if you were told that this secret society is a master of puppets, charting the course of the banking system and pulling the strings of our lending institutions like marionette dolls, all the while independent of sensible government oversight and regulation?  What if  you were told that their meetings and deliberations were as secretive as those conducted by the CIA, Free Masons and the Bilderberg group?

The majority of Americans would not believe that such a secret organization exists, that our government would never allow an entity to have that much power and control over our economy and monetary policy without substantial government oversight.  Unfortunately, you would be wrong.  Since 1913, the Federal Reserve System (The Fed) has been at the helm of the US economic vessel, steering us from one financial crisis to the next; making decisions that affect every American and the global economy.

“The Fed is an independent body making decisions in secret while covertly managing trillions of dollars in American assets and unilaterally creating US monetary policy.  As past and current financial crises can attest, the system is not working.   Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) recently introduced H.R. 459, a bill that would allow for Congressional oversight over the Fed, creating monetary policy transparency and thereby jump starting the process of healing our wounded economy”.

“The Fed was created by Congress in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.  It is NOT a governmental body.  While it was created by Congress, the Fed is an independent entity that works with the US treasury to drive economic policy in the United States. The legislatively created objectives of the Fed are maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates.  They are FAILING at all of these objectives”.

“The Fed has proven that it needs a babysitter; we need your faxes DEMANDING immediate Congressional oversight or the economy will continue to spiral out of control.  We must be the engine of change”!

To refresh your memory, “The Fed is run by the Board of Governors; the chairman of the board is Ben Bernake.  The Board of Governors has 7 total members and they are tasked with guiding the Fed AND the United States economy. This must change if the United States is to regain its position as an economic super power”!

“The United States has faced one financial meltdown after another since the creation of the Fed; including the Great Depression in 1929 and the Great Recession in 2007.   In all, the Fed has guided the US economy into at least half a dozen financial icebergs; yet for all the damage they have caused the American economy, they still act in secret.  This is because Congress is STILL legislatively prohibited from auditing most aspects of the Fed.  This MUST change if we are to have ANY hope of a full economic recovery.  We NEED your voice”!

“According to the Federal Reserve Act, Congress may only audit check processing, currency storage and shipments, and some regulatory bank functions.  Current law prohibits Congress from auditing deliberations and decision-making procedures regarding monetary policy matters.  Further, Congress cannot subpoena communications of and between the Board of Governors, officers, and employees of the Fed.  Finally, the law prohibits Congressional oversight of foreign bank transactions as well as transactions with other governments”.

“Congress gave the Fed carte blanche to work in anonymity back in 1913.  In 1913, the horse was still the most popular means of transportation and the idea of a technologically connected world could not be imagined by even the most creative of minds.  During this time period, indoor plumbing was the vanguard of progress and the electric light bulb was only 34 years old”.

“It is very clear that the old system is COMPLETELY outdated and change is REQUIRED if we are to provide a healthy economy for our children.   We need your voice telling Congress to destroy the anonymity provisions and conduct a full audit of the Fed”!

“The Fed has failed to protect our economy, pushing the US towards one financial crisis after another.  Chairman Bernake seems to believe that government intervention in the way of bailouts is the most efficacious way to create economic recovery despite mountains of data that say otherwise.   This anachronistic system has proven time and time again that it is incapable of driving our economy towards prosperity; its consistent failures amidst secret deliberations underscore the need for IMMEDIATE Congressional oversight”. 

“H.R. 459 would kick down the doors of secrecy.  No longer would the Fed be capable of shielding themselves from public scrutiny stemming from their many failures.  Further, the legislation would allow for public dissection of Fed policies.  This would create a competitive environment where the Fed would finally be accountable to the American people; Chairman Bernakes will no longer be able to hide behind a veil of secrecy while in the driver’s seat of an increasingly atrophic American economy”.

“Specifically, Rep. Paul’s bill would destroy provisions in the original Federal Reserve Act that protect the Fed from Congressional oversight.  H.R. 459 would allow Congress to audit and review all communications of and between the Board of Governors, officers and employees of the Fed.  Congress would be able to review all deliberations and decision-making procedures currently in use by the Fed.  Finally, Congress would have oversight over all Fed transactions; Congress would no longer be handcuffed to reviewing only domestic transactions, oversight would extend to all foreign transactions as well”.

“We all know that the Fed and Ben Bernake are failing as stewards of the American economy.  We can look at our bank accounts, home values, and investment portfolios to see all the proof we need.  Why should the Fed be insulated from public scrutiny?  Why are they afraid of Congress and the American people?  Transparency is the hallmark of democracy; why the subterfuge and clandestine approach to decision-making?  This is OUR economy.  Those who are entrusted to protect it ought to be accountable to the American people through Congressional oversight”! 

“Continuing with the same closed door deliberations will lead to the same failed policies that have been plaguing the US economy since the early 20th century.  We CAN make America more prosperous, we CAN make the Fed more transparent, and we CAN make our country better for our children; but to do so we need your VOICE!!!  DEMAND Congressional oversight and let’s all do our part in fixing our economy”.

“Please, support H.R.459 and tell Congress that you are fed up with business as usual.  I urge you to fax Congress and demand they make the Fed accountable.  Our economic prosperity is in our hands.  We must never be afraid to act”!


Tony Adkins

Make sure everyone has a chance to read this.  Thanks to the Woodcarver. C Brewer


Goodbye Herman Cain

This was a really sad day for true freedom loving Americans. It was shameful over the past few days to watch this man be destroyed by those who have no decency or ethics. The left wing main stream media destroyed him all in the name of power and money.

I question that there is one American alive over 18 that could escape total destruction as a politician if the media hated him as much as they hated Mr. Cain. They can pay enough to get any left brained numbskull to lie about anything they cook up. Facts or proof are not part of the media anymore and I trust none of them including FOX if they decide to destroy someone.

Until Mr. Cain reached the status of a front runner for the republican nomination, we heard nothing negative from any source. When he did get ahead, the ambulance chasing democratic scumbag lawyers and the news networks went ballistic and in unison, scraping up dupes to make people question his character. He scared the living daylights out of everyone in national politics and the media. They feared he might actually change the way our government stumbles to confuse us and dilute their power.

This was another Clarence Thomas type lynching event but in overdrive and with afterburners and George Soros money to accelerate the destruction. Cain might actually be able to stop the race to socialism and help all Americans have a better life.

My primary interest in Mr. Cain was that he provided substance with his proposals based on facts and his business experience. The real clincher for me was that he was not a lawyer, he had never been an elected official, he was not a lobbyist and that he had not been active in national politics. He had escaped the training all of the above excelled at the most, lying.

Today we lost a true leader. He may have been short on playing political games and weak on matters that are handled by career government professionals like foreign policy. He would have surrounded himself with experienced staff unlike our current so called leader, Obama. It appears that we will have to endure continued mismanagement in Washington regardless of who wins in 2012.

We could save a lot of money if we just put every candidates name on a card and drew the winner on national TV, as there is little difference on how much they can screw up in four years. There is one exception in that any of the republican candidates are better than Obama and improvement would be assured.

On second thought my suggested lottery drawing would be impossible. Regardless of who administrated the drawing it would be rigged by who had the most money. If Obama administrated the drawing his card would be the only one in the barrel.

I wait with anticipation for the republican that is nominated. The left wing team and the networks are armed with every negative possible to let the mud-slinging commence.

They do not have to do too much digging as the republicans have provided the issues for free. They have attacked each other with enough mud to make it easy to be smacked again with defeat. I still feel that Ron Paul or another republican candidate, even Cain, will run as an independent and assure Obama’s re-election.

Don’t count Obama out as he is a master of deception. I predict that he will dump Biden and get Hillary Clinton to run as his Vice-President. This will happen and he will promise to nominate her for the next Supreme Court Justice if she feels she can’t succeed him in 2016.

C Brewer


Please keep a copy of this article and watch the Republican party self destruct, again!

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey was conducted  November 2-5. A third-party challenge by Congressman Ron Paul or Michael Bloomberg would result in the re-election of CZAR Obama and the end of our Republic form of government.

If these two hypothetical events between Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and the aforementioned Republicans were held today, socialism would be guaranteed. Freedoms we have fought so hard for will be history and the millions who have died to guarantee our freedom would be in vain.

Survey results;




Other………….……………….. 8%





Other…………………………… 7%

Results reflect responses from registered voters


Mayor Bloomberg has not expressed a desire to run but Congressman Paul has not ruled out the possibility. Paul expressed on Fox News last Sunday that he had “no intention” of winning the presidency as a third-party candidate. If he was an honest man he should accept the fact that he will never get the Republican nomination and if he ever becomes President it will be as an Independent which is just a pipe dream on his part. I am comfortable with 85% of Ron Paul’s viewpoints. His position on defense, trade and foreign policy will never gain the support of 30% of the voters, most of which are progressive liberal Democrats. In my opinion the Republicans have used the deluge of debates to destroy every candidate and create so much diversion of its own members to assure a victory by Obama without a third-party split.

I predict we will have a repeat of 1992 when Ross Perot cinched the Presidency of Bill Clinton as well as his re-election in 1996. Clinton never received 50% of the vote and won both elections.

If any political figure as well-known and popular as Ron Paul ran on a third-party platform, his influence could will alter the 2012 presidential election.

Politico noted yesterday that Ron Paul did not unequivocally state he would pass up an opportunity to seek the nation’s highest political office if he loses the Republican nomination: “I have no intention of doing that,” he said, “That doesn’t make sense to me to even think about it, let alone plan to do that.”

These words were craftily chosen, and are plainly ambiguous. He has stated that he will not seek another congressional term, he is 76 years old now and will probably retire from public life when he loses next year’s presidential election. What does he have to lose by the challenge? Remember he has run as a third-party candidate before and I think he will again.


Clyde Brewer

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