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President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry have blasted the military coup in Thailand as oppressive and unlawful. It did not take more than 10 minutes to make this announcement and announce all military aid for Thailand would be stopped. So far Congress has been rather mute, which is a surprise, as promoting this supposed crisis would take enough news time to stop the focus on killing America veterans with rationed healthcare.

Thailand’s military chief announced Thursday in a national address that the armed forces had taken control of the country after rival factions were unable to reach an agreement to govern.

My mind races to think about what if the US military had taken over our government in 2009 when rival factions began the race to eliminate all agreements to govern.

Would we have the nearly $18,000,000,000,000.00 in debt?

Would American be totally divided and hate each other?

Would the Supreme Court decide every issue based on politics rather than the Constitution?

Would we have Presidential Executive Orders that not only violate the Constitution, they also violate specific laws?

Would we have an Attorney General that openly defied Congress, was censured, and only prosecutes the law he decides need to be followed?

Would we have Obamacare this is an abominable failure?

Would we have a Senate that has not functioned and ignored the laws?

Would the four Americans killed in Benghazi still be alive?

Would the members of Congress and key government bureaucrats that openly ignore the law be in prison instead of in power?

Would we have thousands of people building the Keystone pipeline instead of drawing unemployment?

Would it have taken six years to discover the death panels that have killed so many veterans?

If anyone would like to add more to this abbreviated list, please send me your inputs. To be fair and balanced Obama did kill Osama with his bare hands.

Take a look at more facts about Thailand. On Tuesday May 20, 2014, the military declared martial law without consulting the country’s interim prime minister, who was serving in a caretaker status after former Prime Minister, also a caretaker — was ousted by Thailand’s Constitutional Court.

Martial law, which among other things includes restrictions on where protesters can gather, what TV and radio broadcasters can air and social media posts, according to the Bangkok Post. I would prefer to have our military control protest and decide what can be broadcast rather that Obama, Holder, Reid and Pelosi.

Thailand’s politics have been in turmoil for years, driven in large part by a schism between populists, many of them rural and poor, and a largely urban middle class and elite in Bangkok partial to the nation’s royal establishment.

This seems to be exactly what has happened in America except our Royal Class have elevated themselves without approval of the people.

Why should anyone except the Thai people worry about this?

In the business world Thailand is “Known as the ‘Detroit of the East.” Thailand has risen to become a vital manufacturing and assembly hub of hard-disk drives and automobiles for Japanese and Western companies.

The unrest and protests have already hurt Thailand’s economy and run the risk of making the country less attractive to investors and governments looking to strike up deals, analysts said. This sounds like a great description of what is happening in the USA.

A reputation for perpetual political unrest definitely hurts any countries competitiveness and attractiveness to foreign investment in the future. We seem to equal Thailand’s worries as our political unrest has increased for the last six years

I read a report that a stable Thailand is strategically important to the United States, both because of its status as a U.S. treaty ally and as an anchor for mainland Southeast Asia. The report stated that U.S. policymakers are faced with how to deal with an unraveling democracy. I wish they would be concerned with our own unraveling democracy.

Take a look at another recent coup our government agrees with. In February, Ukraine’s President claimed a coup had forced him from office, while lawmakers said they were following the will of the people when parliament voted to oust him and hold new elections. Our Congress is so divided, they can’t agree on what day it is much less stopping the rape of our Constitution.

In Thailand economic problems persist. Poor people remain poor. Poverty can’t be eradicated. Economic crises may be something that cannot be easily eradicated. Sounds like the USA to me.

There is always a relationship between the economy and political health. World Bank, has noted that “Thailand’s economic growth has been slowing down because of weak private consumption and investment demand, following political uncertainty”. They must ignore the same situations in the US and other countries. Why was The US credit rating lowered?

Corruption is common in many parts of the world, including Thailand. It has evolved into many different forms, some are not recognized by existing systems. We have recognized laws that are just ignored. We just ignore corruption unless you are a conservative.

Another Thailand issue is related to corruption and it is called cronyism or favoring one’s friends. Cronyism is common in Asia, as it is rooted in their cultural values. Who else would you help more, they may argue, if not your friends, relatives, and families? Is there one American alive that believes we have no cronyism culture in America? We have refined the process to make it legal.

I read that unemployment among Thai youths who have dreams, ambitions, and energy fosters unrest. There are not enough job opportunities for them to live normal lives. We have captured the art of pacifying unrest by using welfare, unemployment pay and creating hatred of successful Americans as a way to control our youth.

For anyone who has not traveled to Thailand and other South East Asian countries, they are all sick of political destruction of their lifestyles. Social programs do not exist in most of these countries which means if you are hungry you work for a living. Crime is a variable that is not the same in every country. One thing for sure they have no drug related usage problems. The military is responsible for the people’s safety and control the police if they get out of control. I had no concern for my safety in Indonesia, China, Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore in my many trips there. I fear being in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Detroit more than in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Batam or Singapore.

Maybe someday the American people will get sick of the tree hugging extremists, lying government bureaucrats, Progressive-Liberal Socialists, politically controlled Justice System and the morons they re-elect to pick their pockets and admit that countries like Thailand are no different than the USA and demand real change. C Brewer


Some republicans in the Senate recently showed some common sense and leadership that is refreshing. Someone in Washington finally acknowledged that the people are fed up with irresponsible spending. They actually blocked the pork laden “omnibus” spending bill and a few actually promised to eliminate “earmarks” in the future.

“Earmarks” are actually a way to hide ridiculous expenditures that are promised to those in their local districts or States so they can get re-elected forever. Another way to elevate themselves to “Royalty” status that we have been revealing.

It was sick to see the Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman, Daniel Inouye D-Hawaii seek support for the “Oinker” from some of the republicans like Thad Cochran R-Mississippi, Robert Bennett R-Utah, and Kit Bond R-Missiouri among others to try to muster 60 votes necessary to stop a filibuster that Jim Dement R-South Carolina and others including some democrats had promised. He was in a hurry as some of his old republican cronies like Bennett, Bond and George Voinovich were not returning to the Senate next year and were immune to worrying about re-election.

Even though Inouye’s measures would have replaced a slightly less expensive bill than the one passed by the House of Representatives. The House bill did not contain earmarks like road and agriculture reasearch projects, water treatment plants and grants for local anti-drug programs. House democrats would have jumped at a chance to accept the Senate version that had $80 million in grants to States and Indian Tribes to preserve pacific salmon and 13 million in clean water grants for Alaska native villages and other rural areas.

The methods utilized by both democrats and republicans to wait until the last two months of a term to pass spending of anything is deplorable. They sit on their hands for 22 months naming courthouses and planning for re-election before they go to work. Why do they do this every cycle?  Because we let them. Who is to blame, we are because we allow them to maintain “Royalty” status.

January will bring an opportunity for the newly elected republican majority in the US House of Representatives. The new Speaker, John Boehner R-Ohio will be the most powerful person in Washington for the next two years. We have all read how the House can stop some of the madness by just not funding the programs like “Obamacare”.

The newly elected majority in the House of Representatives and the real Senate conservatives will be able to even do more by eliminating useless government agencies. Why do we have a Department of Energy and Education for two? They do nothing but interfere with the States and were non-existent for some 200 years. How many of you common people really think that the republicans will actually do anything drastic to reduce the Washington power mismanagement? I don’t think they will do anything significant, just enough to get re-elected. Until we throw them all out and start a third party, nothing will change in the power structure because none of them want to!

For anyone else who is fed up with the “Royalty” status we have in Washington, do something. If you feel incapable then send me any information you feel will help and I will publish verified factual data. I know that I am just one 80-year-old veteran who is fed up, but at least I’m trying my best to stir up as many as I can.

My next part of this series will be to show some more inequities that the “Royal” have over us common Folks. Please send me any examples you might have read to show the differences. I read every article I can find to create these messages.

C Brewer        



With some more facts from the CNBC.com article referenced in American Royalty Part-3, let me share some interesting Congressional investments. The investing tastes appear to be rather conventional, with large-cap, Dow 30 companies dominant and widely held by members of Congress.

Eighty two members of Congress held stocks in General Electric (GE). If you have even read some of the news, you have heard how many times that “GE” has been invited to White House meetings. You may or may not know that GE also owns NBC, CNBC and MSNBC that have been reluctant to be critical of Obama and the “Progressive” members of Congress these past two years. They certainly and openly hounded Bush and the Republicans consistently and still hound the republican Congress members hourly today.

Congress members also have investments in some other companies that have been in the news. Sixty three members have investments in the Bank of America, sixty one in Cisco Systems, fifty one in Procter & Gamble and fifty four in Microsoft.

The Center for Responsive Politics report noted in Part-3 included a statement that, “The most popular investment among members of Congress reads as a who’s who list of the most powerful corporate political forces in Washington D.C. Companies that spend millions of dollars each year lobbying federal officials.”

In addition to the Bank of America, other popular holdings by members of Congress included Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. All of these received TARP funding.

Another big sector that was a subject of major reform legislation these past two years included health-care and drugs. Drug industry giants like Pfizer, for instance ranked seventh on the list of investments held by members of Congress with 49 owning investments. Johnson & Johnson and Merck made the list of the top 50 companies that had members of Congress as investors.

Interestingly the report also revealed that party affiliation was not a key factor in the increase of lawmakers personal assets. Twelve Democrats and seven republicans were among the 20 Congresspersons with the greatest annual net worth increases in the 2008-2009 period.

The article used for part of these last two reports indicated that the study is by no means a precise science. It quotes, “Members of Congress are only required to report their wealth and liabilities in broad ranges. It’s therefore impossible to precisely determine how much value their assets are worth.”

Remember that we, you and I, have allowed all three segments of government to elevate themselves to the “Royalty” status. I accept that I have sat on my hands and did nothing to even formally complain. Like others I bitched and did nothing to try to do something constructive to stop this madness. Not anymore as with this blog platform I intend to voice my opinion to as many Americans that I can. God gave me the ability to express myself with written words. If you are blessed with this talent, please join me and get involved. If I can learn how at 80, anyone can. If you are not inclined to express yourself but agree with my position, and others who are unhappy with Washington, pass on our work to everyone you possibly can. Responsible people who do not suck their life from the government are the only ones who can make change happen.


C Brewer    



How well have you, your friends and family prospered since the economy tanked? Even though the stock market has regained some of the losses in my retirement savings, it’s not near where it was three years ago. I have gathered some rather interesting facts on how the economy has been to our Congressional “Royalty”.

The Center for Responsive Politics recently released a study that reported that the combined personal wealth of congressional members increased more than 16 percent between 2008 and 2009. WOW? This study also revealed that a significant number of congresspersons owned shares of major health-care and financial-service sectors that were the subject of major reform legislation conducted in that time frame. Does this surprise you?

Based on the financial disclosure data released earlier this year, the 535 members of Congress, consists of 261 millionaires. Nearly 20% of the 261 members of “Royalty” in 2009 had net worth of at least $10 million. Eight of the 261 were in the $100 million plus range. One Congressman from California was number one at $303.5 million. How many of you think they feel your economic pain? 

To let you compare with the peasants, U.S. median household suffered a 3 percent drop to $50,221 in the 2008 and 2009 period. To compare, only about 1% of the population qualify as millionaires. Just compare that to the fact that over 9.8% of the population is officially unemployed but there is zero unemployment of the royal class. The median wealth of a member of the House of Representatives in 2009 was $765,010.00, up from $645,503.00 in 2008. For a member of the Senate it was $2,270,000.00 in 2008 and $2,380,000.00 in 2009. Remember that they “earn”, a debatable statement, $175,000.00 salary each year. In addition they have some rather interesting “perks” and travel expenses plus staff’s of servants in Washington and in their home districts. Just for fun look up how many offices your Congressperson has in your district.

I gathered many of these facts from an article by  Albert Boozo, Senior Features Editor, for CNBC.com.

Part-4 will take a deeper look at how this segment of American “Royalty” invest in the market. I am sure you will agree that there is no question that they would invest in any company that would have any favored status in legislation before Congress. If you agree you likely still believe in the tooth fairy. 

After you read this one see if you agree that the clowns in Washington really feel the average American family? We have created this new class of American by allowing congress to be an occupation rather that a public service. The entire political process is rotten with the only thing these people desire is re-election. power and more money. Democrats hide behind helping the poor, stay poor, by sharing the wealth of others. They have no incentive to work. Republicans can’t manage power so they usually have a short period of power, blow it, then open the door to the progressives to ram through more socialism. For myself I feel it’s time for a third party

 C Brewer     


It did not take long to re-enforce my position that we do have a “Royalty” class. I will stay at the Congressional Level before we look at the Executive and Judicial branches. I will also cover another entity that has “Royalty” status, the army of lobbyist that plague Washington with bribes, threats and extortion on a daily basis.

This week the Congressional “Ethics” Committee convicted Charles Rangel of eleven ethics violations. These included, failure to pay income taxes , misused office, staff and resources, zoning violations, failure to report $600,000.00 income, misuse of free mailing privileges, etc.

I just read that the Ethics Committee did not consider other corruption charges. It has been alleged that Old Charlie provided a tax loophole for an energy company in exchange for a Rangel Center donation. Another charge ignored was that Old Charlie used his Congressional influence to maintain ownership of his coveted rent-controlled apartment. If you believe that Old Charlie has not used his influence to extort, bribe and break other laws in his 40 years, you must still believe in the tooth fairy.

Translated into what you and I would face would include income tax evasion, fraud, money laundering, extortion and mail fraud just to name a few. We would have been in prison a long time ago. In addition we would have paid, back taxes, plus interest, plus penalties, or lost every asset we are out family ever owned.

Guess what old Charlie faces, “sanction”. What is “sanction”? He will have to stand before The House of Representatives and listen to “Fancy” Polosi read all of the charges aloud in front of the other members of the “Royal House”. As many of the House members have the same ethics history, there is no doubt in my mind that the full house will vote to accept the Ethics Committee recommendation. Congress is not required or expected to obey the laws, except possibly murder. If they were required to obey the same laws we have to comply with, Old Charlie would get three hots and a cot he deserves and no pension. 

How does “censure” compare to punishment for the “Common Folks”, a warning ticket. If you think you would get the same free pass to keep your job and continue to have the power to keep on ignoring the law, you must be a minority, illegal alien, disabled, close minded, liberal “Progressive” democrat or a member of Congress.

C. W. Brewer  

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