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I am sure that most people, including me, are sick and tired of the debate over what history will remember as our current President’s significant contribution to the Socialists cause.

Franklin Roosevelt gave us Social Security, Lyndon Johnson gave us Medicare and Medicaid, George Bush gave us Medicare drug benefits and good old Obama saddled us with the crown jewel called Obamacare. They label these programs as “Social Justice”, my name for them is “Socialism Gone Wild”. One thing is factual, these programs are bankrupting America.

Medicare, Medicade and the Medicare Drug programs, if managed by the private sector, could have been successful. Like the Postal Service, Tennessee Valley Authority and Amtrak, Obamacare managed by the government is a designed failure at conception.  

For those who do not know, I have been on Medicare for over 16 years and my real concerns are for my current 40 heirs having to suffer the pain of paying for these Socialist schemes at some point. My latest great grand daughter, born last week, was some $350,000 in debt when she drew her first breath.

Well last week I got my first look at Obamacare in person. I live in a rural area of east Texas and we have a well equipped county owned hospital. The hospital is leased and managed by a company in Oklahoma. The leasing company also owns the clinic where my doctor practices medicine.

Recently the leasing company, which has several other hospitals they manage, choose the Sabine County Hospital for its pilot program to install the new digital records required by Obamacare. Obama’s stimulus slush fund provides part of the money to purchase the computers and software that makes the system function. I used the term function, as watching this in action, would be a long way from working properly.

Last week I had a problem with my right ear that told me to go to the doctor. Prior to this new system, designed to do something, I could just go to the office and walk in to be treated. Now I have to get an appointment, regardless of my problem, which can be from one to three days. My doctor also works two to three days a week at the hospital emergency room (ER). To see him on those days I can go to the ER, which is a lot more expensive but who cares, I do.

On arrival at the clinic I had to provide my Medicare card and supplemental insurance card as usual. As an aside, I can vote without this but I can’t comply with Medicare without it. I wonder how many people, dead or alive, Obama and our Attorney General Holder feel do not have a government issued ID card for Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc.   

When I was escorted to the examining room by the nurse, I got my first look at a new computer that is in every room. She sat at the computer and entered my weight, blood pressure and the following; every prescription I take, all things I am allergic to, vitamins’ and over the counter medication I use. This was obviously new and the new system seemed extremely slow functioning.

The doctor came in and looked at my ear, checked my heart as usual and sat down at the computer. He entered several things and seemed very impatient with the lack of speed. He asked me what pharmacy I used and entered data that sent one prescription directly to the pharmacy and told me he would be right back with the second prescription as they only had one printer and this prescription had to have a paper copy to get it filled. I was due some blood work and he had to enter the information into the computer and again retrieve a paper copy to sign and take to the hospital for the test. What used to be a thirty minute visit lasted one hour and fifteen minutes.

Remember the hospital and the clinic is operated by the same company. I arrived at the hospital and waited to be signed in. This is normally a five minute exercise. I was ushered in and asked for my Medicare card and my supplemental insurance card that previously copied on a copy machine and now the new system has a card reader that places an exact copy on the computer screen. Wow, that’s progress except it took about ten minutes as it had to be done about six times before it actually worked. The term, frustration, is not close to the feelings observed and the vocal comments of the lady doing her job. Again we had to enter my prescriptions, allergic reactions, weight, height, etc.

In a later visit with the hospital administrator, she explained that the equipment to integrate the systems and prevent duplication had not yet been installed. For those of you who use computers and new software understand as I do why it can be frustrating for all but that is progress. Obamacare will make Medicare and Medicaid blush with wasted costs.

For those of you who may not know the government now has access to my healthcare history at the touch of a computer key. This may not concern you but is scares the hell out of me. On top of that I have to help pay for them to have access. Freedom means nothing to our President and the 535 clowns in Congress and with the change of “one” member it will mean nothing to the Supreme Court.

C Brewer




Over the past few weeks I have spent many hours reading about the education situation in America. Over the past few days, I have posted several interesting articles regarding abuses and failures of our current educational systems. One thing is certain to me, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has done more in recent years to destroy the education system than improve it. What they have accomplished is “Social Justice” that President promised he would expand. He may not get credit for starting this “change”, but he deserves 90% of the credit for putting it in overdrive with twin afterburners wide open.

Billions of our tax dollars, in reality, have been used to make sure minorities and illegal aliens are provided a superior quality education opportunity than the remaining children. Money has been lavishly provided without equality in the staffing and equipping of what are called “Title One schools”. They have the finest and most expensive modern equipment available. They also have what are called “Re-starts” that are not provided to other schools equally. “Re-Starts” are specialists in subjects like reading, science, math etc., that the teacher has available to help with a single student if they have a problem in a particular subject. The costs for these programs are provided by the “DOE” and several other federal agencies with your money. If you doubt my facts I challenge you to go visit a “Title One” school in your district and ask questions and observe. Next go visit what is supposed to be an equal opportunity school, without this special designation. Review the 92 page DOE budget breakdown like I did and previously reported on. This is blatant discrimination specifically designed to share the wealth of others and deny equal opportunity for every child to have equal rights. 

If you doubt my facts then go prove me wrong. I actually observed this in a large Texas school district a couple of years ago. The teachers in the regular school had to spend many after hour’s time in preparing and copying study and work plans as they had to use critically limited equipment. There were no “Re-Starts” available to help with children who needed special attention. In the Title One school each teacher had the necessary equipment in their classroom. They could work on future study and work plans while the students were at work, at lunch and on the playgrounds. In addition the teachers and the principal in the Title One school were paid extra for having to teach mostly minority or illegal students. Even though the work environments were drastically different and the pay was uneven, I did not observe any difference in a teacher’s professionalism at either school.

Any “normal” American, by now, should agree that discrimination is wrong. Everyone should agree that discrimination in the past was terribly wrong. Regardless of anyones belief, penalizing any childs chance to get an equal education opportunity using “Social Justice” as a reason, is wrong. Our government for the past several years decided that revenge for what happened in 1700’s, 1800’s and early 19oo’s will be paid back in the 2000’s. We have been in a second civil war in America for the last 50 years. Sad but true, instead of the north against the south we have the government against the people and the people against each other. Thank God we are using words and printing money as ammunition instead of bullets. It is time to stop this self-destruction and we need a leader instead of a community organizer. Has anyone seen a leader emerge, I have not so far.

The primary reasons we have a decline in education in America has never been admitted or addressed by the DOE. Later I will share with you what are the prime reasons we have let educating our children erode and offer some specific recommendations.

C Brewer

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