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I read an article recently In Townhall written by Marita Noon that put a new twist on stupidity you would expect to come from California or other tree-hugger or union controlled states. I was unaware New Mexico had these nut-cases to contend with. I should have known that as they voted for Obama again last year.

In April, elected county officials in a small New Mexico county became the first municipality in America to vote for and insure permanent poverty. Mora County’s unemployment is double that of most of the United States and nearly 500% greater than that of some other parts of a state where oil and gas development is booming. Fact, 23.8% of Mora County’s residents also live in poverty.

Any sane person would expect to see the Mora County Commissioners welcome the jobs that are boosting the economy in New Mexico. Instead, they voted, 2-1—in a session that reportedly violated the Open Meetings Act as the notice did not contain the date, time and place of the meeting. They passed an ordinance that permanently bans oil and gas drilling in the county.

Chairman John Olivas, an employee of New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and no political experience, explained: “We need to create other jobs. First, sustainable agriculture; second, business development; and third, eco-tourism to keep people on the land.” These county officials seem over qualified and should be in the US Congress to help the liberals shut down drilling and production nation wide. If they can get 23.8% of the nations workers unemployed, re-election will be easier.  

The Mora County GOP chairman Frank Trambly disagreed. “In our economic climate, we simply cannot afford to needlessly throw the possibility for jobs down the drain.”

Mora County has no oil and gas activity—and now it appears it never will. Lawsuits will be the only way to bring common sense to these extremists and they will make the lawyers richer. It appears that there is a potential for development and jobs based on other facts. Shell has 100,000 acres leased for development. Private interest in Mora County have more than 120 leases on state lands within the county.

In Colfax County, adjacent to Mora County, there are 950 natural gas wells. The Commissioners there don’t seem too troubled by the activity. The Colfax Country Commissioners are working on drafting ordinances that “allow oil and gas drilling while establishing standards and regulations to provide county officials control over critical aspects of the industry’s work that could affect landowners and other citizens.

Thank goodness we have leadership in Texas that forces these types of loons to move to other states to inflict their damage on the public. Unfortunately we still have to incur the wrath of the feds who hug trees and save bugs that cause damage for future generations to eliminate.

I’m still mad that Texas ever agreed to join the United States and let the feds steal our resources to offset the losses where the tree-huggers have control.

C Brewer June 2013


Democrats, tree huggers and alien lovers will scream and yell foul that this is bad logic. If you live in Texas you are allowed to have your own opinion and we really don’t care what others think!

The government controlled news media will spend months trying to determine why the Muslim men killed and maimed all of those Americans in Boston.  They have been protecting the real reason why we let another bunch of Muslims kill our Ambassador and three other Americans in Libya for nearly eight months. They spend countless hours wondering exactly what Americans did to make these outstanding friends so angry with us. Most Americans really want to know why these obvious terrorists were not arrested before they killed these people. The media will spend months boring us with stories asking why these home grown radicals did what they did and wonder about how they could live among us and still hate us.

Well in Texas and especially west Texas where I was raised we have rattlesnakes.  We have killed a rattlesnakes on the front porch.  We have killed a rattlesnakes on the back porch.  We have killed rattlesnakes in the barn, in the shop and on the driveway.  We kill every rattlesnake we encounter.  We kill rattlesnakes because a rattlesnake will bite you and inflict you with poison.  We don’t stop to wonder why a rattlesnake will bite us.  It will bite us because it is a rattlesnake and that is what rattlesnakes do.  We don’t try to reason with a rattlesnake…We just kill it.

We don’t ever try to get to know the rattlesnake better so that we can find a way to live with the rattlesnakes and convince them not to bite us. We just kill them.  We don’t quiz a rattlesnake to see if I can find out where the other snakes are because (a) It won’t tell you (b) We already know that they live on our place. We just kill the rattlesnake and move on to the next one. We don’t look for ways that we might be able to change the rattlesnake to a non-poisonous rat snake. We just kill it.  On occasion we kill a rat snake, because we thought it was a rattlesnake at the time. Also, we know that for every rattlesnake that we kill, two more lurk out there somewhere. We know that we will never be able to rid our place of rattlesnakes.  Do we fear them?  No!  Do we respect what they can do to us?  Yes!  And because of that respect we give them their fair justice. We kill them.

Maybe as a country we should give more credit to the Terrorists just being a rattlesnake!

We can prevent them from being here by refusing to let a single one even visit. Unfortunately our Muslim loving President bows to them and with our “pinko” media they welcome them with open arms. We even sacrificed four Americans in Benghazi to appease the bastards.

My thanks to my friend Peter F for providing the basic facts I used to make the impact of these actions more understandable. I do not know what Texan came up with the basic rattlesnake concept I modified to expand the analogy of the way we all think about our government all over Texas. Texans had rather live with rattlesnakes than Muslims extremist who so far have chosen Democratic states to kill Americans. Maybe they know how we treat snakes. Remember,  Democrats and Muslims, “Don’t Mess With Texas”.   

C Brewer 3-5-13


One thing is factual if Obama is re-elected the American people that vote for him have no ethics or honesty. Any political party that nominates and elects a candidate that uses outright lies for political gain is Un-American.

The only President that resigned from office in my lifetime was Richard Nixon. He used illegal activities to steal political information for political gain then lied about having any responsibility for the event he exposed. The main stream media was responsible for exposing the clandestine theft and demanded that he resign. The pressure of the media was so intense that he finally did resigned. In addition the Republican leadership in Congress did not blindly defend Nixon’s ethics and illegal actions.

Our President not only lied about the terrorist attack in Libya, he was supported by Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, his Press Secretary, our Ambassador to the United Nations, the Democratic Party executives and nearly every Democrat in Congress. That is bad enough but the main stream media, who knew he was lying, still support his re-election today. Can you imagine how the families of the four Americans feel about being lied to for Obama’s political gain? At least in Nixon’s case no Americans died on his lying escapade. 

This is a sad day in America as ethics and honesty have been have been hidden from the American people by a sitting President of the United States and the news media. Obama has proved over and over again that he is a chronic liar. He has fabricated so many falsehoods that if he was Pinocchio his nose would reach Iran and the Middle East where his fellow Muslim brothers love us so much.

The Muslims commit thievery with OPEC to transfer wealth at the expense of the free world using oil as a power tool.          Obama and his Democratic Party have strengthened the OPEC position of power by destroying the American coal industry and all but stopping all oil and gas exploration and production to help the Muslims rape Americans income and savings.

Watching the last lying Democratic President, Bill Clinton, twisting facts to get Obama re-elected is hypocrisy at its best. It makes me sick. The only reason he is doing this is to get Hillary elected President in 2016 or God forbid, appointed to the Supreme Court for life. Obama and both of the Clintons have been disbarred from practicing law already.

This message is a plea to every American voter to use honesty and ethics when you vote in next month’s election. If you vote for Obama or any Democrat for any office from Mayor to Congress, you are just as dishonest as the person you vote for. Look in the mirror and admit that you have no ethics and desire to destroy our Republic form of government in exchange for some form of Socialist democracy. That is not why I and all American military veterans served in the military to protect American’s freedoms. The millions who died to project these freedoms must be turning in their graves watching America destroyed by lying politicians, the “tree huggers”, the Socialists and Arab money.

GOD SAVE AMERICA, the American voters are about to re-elect this evil person.


Clyde Brewer


The recent Supreme Court decision to find Obamacare constitutional upset me deeply. Now that Obama and Congressional democrats have a majority of the court it will just accelerate the destruction of this once great Republic.

Yesterday I read an article titled, “Is President Obama Intentionally Destroying America”, on Townhall.com. This article was written by David Limbaugh who just wrote a new book, “Crimes Against Liberty”. I also heard on the news about a new $22,000,000.00 fine being levied on Google for again allowing private information to be shared. Someday enough people will get fed up with this assault and decide they have had enough. I have. I will paraphrase some of the points in the article and hope that you will help stop this madness.

Does anyone else agree that Obama is intentionally destroying America? I do.

Nixon was a crook punished properly for just digging up dirt on his enemies. Obama and his Socialist team of “Destructors” have reached a new plateau of political criminal behavior; they are destroying our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They should be deported.

I see the country being attacked at all levels. Our freedoms have under assault for quite some time, aided by a Supreme Court so politically slanted it is sad. My life savings are disappearing and economy reminds me of my boyhood in the 1930’s. The President and Congress have designed programs to cause sustained unemployment that is criminal at best. Our financial crisis, born of world-historic national debt is being fueled by this President and Congressional Democrats.

The government has now gained absolute control our health care system. Businesses are afraid to hire because of the uncertainties caused by new taxes and regulations. Obamacare is now the biggest tax increase in history. Now we face another tax increase awaiting us in January when the tax cuts expire. The government is at war with all businesses. The government is determined to destroy the entire energy industry and waste billions on green energy debacles doomed to failure before they are started. We just keep pumping more money to Obama’s Arab and environmental extremist friends.

No one can explain this insanity. Obama truly harbors a grudge against America. Sane people know what he meant when he said he wanted to fundamentally change America. What justifies Obama to deride and apologize for America? What causes him to reject the proven American concepts of equal opportunity? What drives him to energize labor unions and encourage a permanently adversarial climate between labor and management?

Am I not being honest and rational in questioning the reasons for this destruction of our Republic form of government?

I believe that Obama, like his army of leftist radicals, has a strong hatred of America and they actually believe that the United States deserves to be punished. They view America as an imperialistic international bully and that we consume far too much of the world’s resources. They envision America as an environmental criminal and that our capitalistic system unfairly and inequitably distributes income and wealth. I believe that he has dedicated his life to punish his own people to rectify his and his follower’s perceived sins.

I believe that he wants to “destroy” America, as such. In his mind he honestly believes he is helping to create a better America — a utopian Empire. I pray that most Americans will understand the full scope of what is happening and stop this destruction next November.

On the financial front alone, Obama Inc. has prevented entitlement and discretionary spending reform. There is no question that he is intentionally dividing Americans on the basis of race, economic class, gender, sexual orientation and, sometimes, religion.

How do you feel? I challenge everyone to write your comments on my Post where I can get them published with this article, good or bad. It is time for every freedom loving American to get involved. Why are most afraid to voice their opinions? Send your comments, criticisms by E mail and I will accumulate them for publication, if you choose not to comment on the blog. All it takes is your time and there are no costs involved. Stand up for your beliefs, I just did!   

C Brewer



I hope every American loves this country as much as I do? No one can possibly love it more than I do. Go out of your way today to tell a veteran and every active duty member of our military that you appreciate their service. What freedoms we have left we owe to these brave people and the ones who gave their life to protect our Republic.

God was abundantly fair to let me be born in this great country and also instill in me the pride that is being destroyed for my children. God gave me a mind but I chose to use it. God gave me the courage and confidence that drove my success. It was my responsibility to use these assets. God chooses to provide most Americans the same opportunity.

Unfortunately we are watching our government slowly replace God in the hearts of our people. Love of our freedoms, unselfishness, hard work and pride has been replaced. Now we have a President of this country, who did not challenge his own wife, when she said in context, “Until my Husband became President, I never loved this country”, why? We have a President who is destroying our freedoms and prosperity on purpose and using race as the bait to hope for anarchy in the streets. He smiles and lies to create a welfare society and sadly, he is succeeding.

Who on earth, that is able to provide for their family, would desire to work if they had everything given to them free. The answer is any freedom loving, self driven patriot. Backed by a Congress, Judiciary, and greedy lobbyist, America is being driven towards failure and on purpose. Let me pose two specific questions that every American should answer with honesty. I could add so many others that no one would read the entire message.

1. Why do we empower other nations to strip us of jobs by letting politicians pander to greedy unions? Unions don’t create jobs, especially government unions.

2. Why do we sit on our hands and see this country driven into bankruptcy by buying petroleum from others to enrich them, instead of putting people to work and selling petroleum products to our friends? Why? The Obama team, tree huggers, environmental nuts and the EPA are the Arabs best friends. They are supported by a Congress that is useless and too many Americans who expect others to provide for their lazy asses.

I served in the military, enjoyed a successful career and provided for us to comfortably retire without being a burden on my heirs. I really enjoyed 76 of my nearly 82 years with total happiness. Now Obama and his treacherous allies in Congress have taken 30% of my savings, doubled my healthcare costs and because I am over 75 a healthcare panel will now decide when I die.

There are some things they can’t take away from me until Government, instead of God, decides when the fat lady sings. They can’t take away my pride, honor, love for God, my family and hope.

They also can’t prohibit me, at least not yet, from asking every freedom loving American to wake up and clean house in Washington D.C. in November.

Even the blind can see what these misguided, power hungry, greedy, bleepity bleeps (the Navy taught me some rather seedy language that Norma corrected), have already done to America. Can you imagine what four more years can destroy?      

Again let me wish every American a happy fourth of July from someone who still salutes our flag, prays to God and gets teary every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner.




C. Brewer July 4th, 2012


When I thought there was nothing else he could do to wreck our country, he now is blatantly violating the Constitution.

Up to now he has just ignored our laws on illegal aliens, intimidating voters rights, massacred the rights of GM and Chrysler bond holders, created 26 years old as the beginning of adulthood, destroyed the petroleum industry, forced people to buy insurance, opened the White House to every progressive with money, the unions and tree huggers. He has just about destroyed the economy by spending us into bankruptcy with promises of prosperity for everyone.

He must be the most envied person on earth by every con man alive or dead with the charade he has accomplished in just 3 years. No wonder the main stream media blindly worships his every act of destruction; they fear his power and can watch him destroy the free press competition. Even Fox News has realigned its programming to ease up the reporting of his destruction of our freedoms.

He has assumed near complete control of our government by thumbing his nose at Congress and they just sit there and do nothing. He has reshaped the judicial with radical progressive appointments to the Supreme Court. If he gets to make one more appointment to the court, he will have total control of all US government for the first time in modern history. If he can gain total control of the military, he will be the first Dictator of the United States. He has gained all of this power without the use of military. That would make Hitler, Chavez, Stalin and Mao blush with envy.

All he had to do was divide this country using class warfare, perceived racial bias and socialistic promises of sharing all wealth equally.

If his power is not slowed down and he is re-elected, he will be President for life or our first Dictator. He has the unions 100%; the environmentalist 100%, the dead 100%, Academia 100%, and his Mickey Mouse and other cartoon friends are alive in all 50 states. He fights every attempt to make people show positive identification to vote and supports voter intimidation at the polling places to scare old people to stay away from the polls. He has generated more hatred in America than George Wallace and the Klu Klux Klan.

He preaches that we need more jobs and ignores the creation of 20,000 new jobs instantly by granting authority for one pipeline that will ease the need to buy oil from our enemies. He knows that he will upset either the tree huggers or the unions regardless of his decision, but he knows that he will not lose one vote. These mindless, socialist robots would not vote for a republican if God ran for President. His hatred for the oil industry and compassion for his Muslim world are the only logical reasons for his denying the pipeline project.

All of you young people that put this egomaniac in power will live to pay for his folly. Get your heads out of your posterior and wake up. You’ve been had and you will have no one to blame but yourselves. Socialism has never been successful in improving anything.

C Brewer



I recently saw a tee shirt with the caption “I started with nothing and I still have most of it”. If you read my recent article this caption perfectly describes what I invented as a “Useless Idiot”. Watching the army of liberal losers, that currently are demonstrating for social justice on Wall Street grow, it is apparent we need to share their wisdom and education with other parts of the world.

These folks, Obama and congressional democrats are obviously unhappy with the free enterprise system of our Republic and they are hell bent on creating a socialist government and society in America. Even they know this will never happen. If this army of malcontents had been alive in 1918 or 1941 we would all likely be speaking German or Japanese today and Obama would be praying five times a day in Africa. Americans have risen up to defend freedom against tyranny many times in my 81 years and they will do it again every time these morons try to destroy the greatest nation ever created.

These apparent homeless, unemployed, over educated cult members have convinced me they are happy living in tents, suffer hardships to advance their cause and wish to share the wealth of those who earned theirs working. I wonder how many of them are living on government subsidies and have no desire to work? I propose the following suggestions to make sure they accomplish something worthwhile in their lifetime.

Gather up a hundred thousand and send them to Mexico to combat the drug cartels and force them to share their wealth with the ordinary people. Make Richard Trumka the leader as his organizing success has him spellbound. This would reduce the unemployment in the USA and provide them with a socialist success. They could use their education advantage to improve the entire Mexican population. When the economy is evenly shared it would entice the illegal’s here to go back home. Tourism increases would be tremendous. This would be a win for the “useless Idiots”, a win for the Mexican people and a win for all freedom loving Americans and one union. Wow, see how easy it is!

Next gather another 100,000 and send them to Afghanistan. Make Al Gore the leader assisted by Michael Moore as they are the smartest environmentalist alive. This group has convinced themselves that wars are a waste of money and they think they are the smartest people in the world. Just think of the things they could do like teach the people how to grow corn, hug trees, do without petroleum products, close their chemical plants, stop digging for coal and teach the people that they have no need to supply 90% of the world’s heroin to produce wealth. They would be successful at last, a war would end, drug use would diminish, and our unemployment would drop again. I feel sure that they could also talk Iran into dropping its nuclear ambitions and solve Pakistan’s displeasure by replacing the 100,000 military personnel currently unable to solve the political unrest. After all they will be just a stone’s throw from both countries. Another winning solution for everyone!

When you look at the potential leaders we have that are invincible like, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Polosi, Henry Waxman, Sheila Jackson Lee, it is awesome what they could do to settle all of the world’s problems. Just think what Barney Frank could do to show the Arabs how to spend their money. He would be a big hit in Saudi Arabia alone.

With this being the tip of the iceberg, it gives me chill bumps thinking of all of the great things that we could do to save the world. All we have to do is share our unhappy, over educated, non-working, career politicians with others.

C Brewer



 Regardless of how President Obama and his “Progressive” democrats, tree hugging lunatics, GE, Bill O’Reilly and the main stream media misinform you, the major oil companies have never been the reason for increased prices of gasoline. For purposes to identify this misguided group I will refer to them as “Obama’s Weirdo’s”. 

Price controls that this group always threatens to use, will not have any effect to lower what you pay for gasoline. If anything, it could cause the price to go higher.

To explain all of the reasons affecting the price of crude oil would end up being a book. OPEC alone could have a million reasons that would cause wild increases. With lunatics like Chavez, Qaddafi and Ahmadinejad impacting prices, they can shut down production if they wake up with a toothache. In my opinion the manipulators like George Soros and the arbiters who speculate in the futures market are the primary reason for most increases we had seen over time. These are the same people who make sure “Obama’s Weirdo’s” are funded to keep you excited. If you have time to read the millions of pages of events over the past forty years you would agree. Prove me wrong with facts, if you have the time, and I will apologize.  

The tree huggers would outlaw all gasoline using products and use oil to make plastic toilet paper. We would revert back to the horse and buggy for transportation. Airplanes and trains would be eliminated. Can you imagine the piles of horse crap that would pile up on a transcontinental trip?

Progressives have been screaming for 40 years for raising gas prices like they have had in Europe. They want the extra money to spread the wealth with welfare. Recently they are pushing for a Value Added Tax (VAT) like Europe, again to have more money to redistribute the wealth. Every idea they come up with punishes the people they have brain washed with money to not work, the poor.

Only one person on earth can stop the recurring oil price madness. Who can stop it in 24 hours, the President of the United States of America? Bush did it. Will Obama use this power, no he just keep blaming anyone he can. He stood up in front of America last Friday and lied to the people is why I make this statement. He told the American people that American oil reserves are not adequate to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. He stated that we have only two percent of the world’s oil reserves. Both of these statements are outright lies.  He stated that domestic oil production in 2010 was at its highest point in seven years which is misleading. Ten years ago our oil production was ten percent more than in 2010. In 1970 it was double what was produced in 2010. It has steadily decreased over the past forty years because drilling has been regulated and controlled by the “Weirdo’s” under most Presidents since Carter.

In 2009 the non partisan Congressional Research Service (SRS) reported that the U.S. supply of recoverable oil to be 167 billion barrels. This would allow us to have more than 75 years of not buying any oil from foreign sources like OPEC. That does not include the natural gas and coal reserves. SRS reported that when you add these other two resources we have the equivalent of 1.3 trillion barrels of oil.

In addition the U.S. Geological Survey announced that the Arctic areas of Alaska and offshore has about 90 billion barrels of oil. That alone is more than Nigeria, Kazakhstan, and Mexico combined.

If you seek the truth, ever since Obama was elected, there has been a constant pressure to impede more drilling. His success has been to make Americans more dependent on foreign oil and share more of our wealth with OPEC lunatics.

I have visited the Middle East and North Africa in my travels, working in the petroleum industry. Let me warn you about another asset they have a world class quantity of readily available. Should science ever find a way that will demand buying sand for America to survive, we are in real trouble. I can visualize it now, it will be known as the Organization of Sand Exporting Countries, OSEC.

Obama can force the price of oil to drop tomorrow with one simple announcement, “All regulations and barriers on domestic oil drilling have been eliminated effective today”.

For Tadpole and the rest of American’s who care, it’s your time, stand up and demand that the President and Congress act or just get out of the way.

C Brewer   

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      I spent 15 years traveling the world in the petroleum inductry. Chaired ANSI/ASME committee on offshore safety valves for a few years. I am nearing 81 and I read at least four hours a day on topics in the news. I do not watch the so called main stream media even give the weather as they can’t even do the weathers without an Al Gore/Michael Moore slant. I love this country and hope it stays togrether for my grandkids. C Brewer


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 Before the Wisconsin debacle that has dominated the recent news, my interest and knowledge about “Unions” was limited to the private business sector. I am fully aware that “Unions” have created the loss of manufacturing jobs that plague the country and why we have to import most of the consumer product we buy today. When you couple “Union” pressured trade barriers with the regulatory pressure of the “Tree huggers”, we have made conducting business in America nearly impossible. I have created businesses in Canada and the United States and without a doubt the Canadian government is far more business friendly. They actually help you get started and survive.

The “Wisconsin Disaster” unveiled another “Union” situation that has been off the radar since Reagan fired the air traffic controllers a long time ago. Unionization of government employees is one of the dumbest things I have seen evolve in my 80 years as an American. Can you just imagine that as this practice expands, we could see the “Unionization” of Congress, the Judicial and Executive branches of American government?

 We have some union type demands already in place like the lifetime terms for Federal Judges and the Supreme Court (tenure). There are no measurements of performance and they can’t be terminated. Congress uses seniority (tenure) as the basis for power and committee appointments. Thank God they can be terminated as we witnessed last November.

 With Obama’s passion for European style Socialism, visualize the potential of “Unionizing” the Executive branch of government. The President and his army of czars could go on strike for better pay and fringe benefits. Who could stop them? What would happen if the Supreme Court decided to strike? If Congress went on strike and refused to function, who could stop them? I could drive you insane with the possibilities of what an uncontrolled government could do. If you wish to see what idiots who mesmerize the populace can do, read what Chavez has done in Venezuela. See how he used the unions to get elected and gain dictatorial powers. Why can’t this happen here? 

Before you accuse me of insanity, look at what is happening in the real world today. All democratic State Senators in Wisconsin left the State to avoid doing state business. The Governor has not been able to get them to return. The media legal eagles have stated that there is no law being broken and no one has the power to arrest them for anything.  

I would like to say that if a quorum of Congress were to do the same thing, it would be tragic. Unfortunately it could probably be an improvement over the idiotic regulations and Obamacare they raced to impose before the last election. Congress has allowed the Executive branch to run wild for over two years. If the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) alone is not abolished soon, we just think energy prices are high today. Locally the price for gasoline has jumped about 9% in the last week. Coupled with out of control spending, we are watching America destroyed from within. Our current government in action at all levels is like watching cartoons. 

I am now compiling data and facts of what “Unionization” of the teachers in Wisconsin has cost the citizens. The questionable legality of how they are provided insurance alone will amaze you. The teachers own the insurance company and collective bargaining is how they have screwed the taxpayer. Stay tuned for a series on public service unions nation-wide.

C Brewer






We have not had just one American “Union” in my 80 years, today we have at least three; “republican”, “democrat” and whatever “independent” means. To me there is only two kinds of true Americans, “conservatives” or “liberals” and the bunch in between the two who are  not yet adults or nitwits. Obama’s perception of a union is a group that pressures our businesses and government to create a power that will destroy the free enterprise system that has made America a world leader. Watch his gift of General Motors to the UAW end up in flames.

Watching our State of the Union (SOTU) messages for the past 65 years has been a mirror image of how far American politics has denigrated. The first one I remember was a radio address in 1945 that inspired all Americans to stay together and win WW11. Most of our earlier Presidents utilized the SOTU to rally the people to support truly bi-partisan issues to advance America’s future. Sadly, all we have seen for the past several years is partisan pep-rallies to keep the people divided as far as possible politically for the purpose of getting what ever party is in power re-elected.

The past three SOTU events, including Tuesday night, have been a continuation of Obama’s only real talent, “Snake Oil Salesman”; these events provide him the maximum exposure to keep the people divided as far as possible. We watch him every day throwing spears and threats at everyone who has a dissenting view. He uses any crisis available as ammunition to keep us divided and hide behind. His false sincerity and somber facial expressions make him a better actor than ever went to Hollywood. His only weakness is not having the ability to do his act impromptu like Clinton. He probably has to use the teleprompter to talk to his children.

The pep-rally in Arizona recently is a perfect example of using any tragedy to sell something. Using the attempted killing of a democratic Representative, to advance his Socialistic goals is sick. The Presidency has provided him the world stage and the bully pulpit capability to destroy our world leadership positions and reduce our freedoms.

Encouraged by the tree huggers, Hollywood’s elite, OPEC and China, he is nearing the power position to increase our buyer nation status by eliminating more of our industrial base. The fastest way to do this is by regulations, and boy does he know how. He has proved that he has the power to ignore Congress to get his way. Allowing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase regulations and give Congress the finger, is a perfect example of the power imbalance. It also shows how our Congress is totally incapable of any control over the Executive Branch of our government.

The demoncrats (not misspelled accidently) sit up like a lap dog and do whatever the “King” desires. Reid, Polosi, Durban and Kerry is just some of his hit-men. All he has to do for the rest of them is throw them a biscuit in the form of a bridge, airport, Medicade money or a future place in government power. Just watch when the wave of Senators who just left or the ones who have announced they will leave in 2012, end up as Ambassadors or in well connected government positions. Most of the others will end up as lobbyist sucking on the government teat.

The republicans have been in retreat for so long they need to use the “Greatest Italian Military Invention”, back up lights for tanks, to see where they are going. They get the power back, make rabid speeches, promise to stop the run-away-train, then they fold up when they are pressed into making critical decisions. When they do shut down the government the “demons” always make them look like Simon Lagree attacking orphans and widows. How many cycles do we have to watch for them to admit they have no clue how to match the clever clandestine ability of the demoncrats to use power. One thing the republicans do that is smarter than the “demons” is bypassing the positions of power in government and go directly to consulting and lobbying. The work is easier and the money comes faster and better.  

The only hope we have to stop all of the Washington D.C. spending is for John Bohner to have the courage to stand up and stop it now. He appears to be an honorable man and hopefully a man of his word. Next the entire republican House must get committed and operate as they promised. If they fold this time we need to throw them all out in 2012 and elect at least 537 new people. This is the only way that politics will again be a public service rather than an occupation.

Clyde Brewer

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