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Well, I just can’t keep quiet when the “Idiots” run amok. CB 

I never dreamed I would live to see the United States have elected officials from a Mayor to the President just decide to ignore the laws of the land. What is worse the people actually support these actions to welcome some of the worst individual illegal aliens we have ever had in our country. Folks when gangs, rape, incest and even murder of American citizens is acceptable for these aliens to commit even a spastic idiot would stop this activity. Even worse we have had a Justice Department encourage this lawlessness and a President applaud these actions.

Now we have Sanctuary cities across the nation fighting with the Trump administration after the Justice Department requested that all American’s follow all current laws regarding illegal immigration.

Attorney General (A/G) Jeff Sessions recently threatened to withhold federal funds to “Sanctuary” cities that refuse to help deport illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds that put the public at risk. New York said will oppose the directive and do what it feels is right. Folks these unlawful “Sanctuary” cities and States have drawn a line in the sand and watch our new Sheriff invite them to the OK Corral and dare the Liberal/Progressive Judges to ignore the laws of the land.  

“We are going to become this administration’s worst nightmare,” New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Vlverito said during a recent sanctuary city conference the Associated Press reported. Mark-Vlverito also said officials there will deny access to federal immigration. The event took place in New York City and included officials from several major U.S. cities that do not enforce federal immigration laws.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said “his city will defy Sessions order and continue offering a safe place for illegals to stay”. We will fight to protect the safety and dignity of all Angelenos, and we will work closely with our representatives in Congress to make sure that Los Angeles does not go without federal resources that help protect millions of people every day”, reported the Los Angeles Daily News.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said “I’ve always seen Chicago as a welcoming city,he told NBC5  “Chicago was built on the back of immigrants, and our future is hitched to the wagon of immigrants who come to the city.”

Now we have a new President and “Sheriff” that is trying to get America back on a lawful course. The national Media is  supporting this “Sanctuary” movement and using every underhand method possible to create the news and slant it to oppose Trump’s actions. What is even more irresponsible is Government employees who are leaking classified information and citing covert blatant lies to derail any changes necessary to make America great again.

Personally I hope Trump, who has the people’s support, forces these unlawful actions and demands that any Judge who supports anyone ignoring the law to be fired or impeached. I hope he forces Congress to eliminate the “Education and the Energy Department’s”. It is time to privatize several operations performed by Federal employees like the Postal Service, Air Traffic Control. TVA and Amtrak just to start with. It is also time for the Federal Government employees at every level to have the same healthcare forced on the rest of us. Any other Government operation that has a union should be privatized or forced to work without any union involvement. All Americans should be treated equally, have free speech and be forced to follow all Federal laws.

If the cities and States continue to break the immigration laws, “ICE” should be directed to take every illegal, criminal or not, and release them in the Sanctuary cities and States. I hope Sessions and Trump do stop  all federal funding immediately. If we all are permitted to ignore Federal Laws everyone should not pay their income taxes this month. Then watch Congress and the Supreme Court get involved and fast. Stop all Government pay checks and watch how fast changes will happen. Remember folks Trump is working without pay. 

Let;s all make America great again.

C Brewer  4-2-17


Trying to even watch FOX anymore is so slanted, biased, twisted and filled with venom toward Donald Trump I will just watch movies and read blogs until the election is over. The entire media, politicians from every Party, Hollywood air-heads, has-been journalists and every dissident they can drag up have amassed the most one-sided opposition ever attempted in my 86 years to keep the people’s choice from becoming our next President.

This last batch of dirt unleashed has created so much hatred and lame excuses only a babbling idiot would believe they are honest. Any man alive who claims to have not uttered, had thoughts about or used slang terms regarding females in their lifetime should be struck by lightning for outright lying. Even preachers were boys at one time. These hypocrites that ignore the use of curse words by sweet Miss Hillary and the womanizing of Bill Clinton as an offset have exposed their deepest fears.

The near entire Congress, every form of the media, most government employees, current, retired and even dead and these has-been pundits are shaking in their boots for fear Trump will win. This army of various enemies in the past have finally agreed on one certainty together, they are afraid of the Donald.

A few brave souls have stayed behind his desire to stop bringing in aliens when we have no jobs for Americans. Stop moving industry offshore. Make allies and enemies pay for our help. Let the Arabs drink their oil by producing our own reserves and actually export energy for profit.

Remove all commerce like Amtrak, TVA, Postal Service etc. from cushy government benefits. Stop the Obama led program to kill the 40 hour work week, retirement plans from business and paying hamburger flippers more that we pay a member of the armed services.   

Having to watch and stomach a media that flat out ignored everything when Bill Clinton, the most powerful man on Earth and a sitting US President scoffed at his enemies. The media ignored a man who was guilty of multiple violent sexual assaults lure a young intern into his office and ruin her life. They now support this predator to have a chance for eight more years in the White House. If one of “We the People” had done this we would be in the “Big House”. Comparing this to what Trump uttered, as the army of cowards who are so scared are trying to do, is unbelievable.  

“We the People” are fed up and disgusted with the political elite. Trump is trying to wake up the masses of freedom loving Americans by exposing this disgust and those among the political elite who are so scared. Can you imagine the great wave of these elites scurrying to leave the US before the truth will put them in Prison. If Trump wins the election watch the Clintons be in another country before sunrise on November 9th. Folks we have a country to save and there is only one person who can save it. “We the People” across this great nation better stand behind Donald J. Trump. This may be my last election and it may be the last chance for most Americans to ever have another chance.

Please share this with as many real Americans as you can. I doubt I will be able to write my blog or express myself if this cabal of power is not stopped. As Yogi once said, “it ain’t over till it’s over.   Make America Great Again.   C Brewer 10-9-16



Just in my 84 years the centralized power of our government has increased to control about every aspect of Americans rights provided by our Constitution. We have an Energy Department that can override state laws. We have an Education Department that uses money to force states to follow federal guidelines to decide what our children can learn.

We can’t buy a gun anymore without federal registration. Soon the same will apply to ammunition. We are told what kind of vehicles must be designed to meet on energy standards  that are based on environmental standards with no scientific reason and just increase costs to the consumer. By stopping pipelines and scaring people with irresponsible dangers of new technology the government will stop the success of using our own oil now instead of buying it from our enemies. Oil will be outdated someday so why waste our advantages today?

Homeland Security is now responsible for our borders, enforcing our immigration laws and doing neither as our President and Attorney General don’t like the laws. The Hispanics will work so Americans on welfare and bogus disability can continue to create more civil disobedience and divide the Americans to hate each other more.

There seems to be no end to the thousands on actions by over zealous government employees like the IRS, EPA and our Department of State that have caused America to be a buyer of products rather that an exporter.

This week we have watched the government caused riots, plunder, damage and pain because Obama, Eric Holder and Al  Sharpton did not agree with a legally empale a Grand Jury that was not even necessary to determine that local law enforcement had done their job within the local and State laws. The damage was allowed as the National Guard was withheld from doing their duty for purely political reasons.

Now we have watched Obama begin a plan and send Eric Holder on his last mission as Attorney General to set in motion controls to take over local law enforcement and tell Mayors, Sheriffs and Police Chiefs how they must manage your local law enforcement operations.

If the government would start a program to show farmers and ranchers how to use and dispose of bull dodo, they unquestionably have the education and experience to be involved The IRS failure when they took over a bar and legal brothel in Nevada and make a profit, should have caused Americans to stop this mismanagement a long time ago. The TVA, Amtrak and the Postal Service are great  examples of government managed for profit services.

You would think that destroying the greatest healthcare program in the world would have been enough for the Democrats but they will never give up until they can tell you what to eat, what to wear, what you can learn and take all of your money and even tell you when you can go to the bathroom. Laugh at me but remember my words if you don’t wake up. C Brewer



What is a qualified Professional Career Politician?

This may be a surprise for some?

I had lunch with my good friend Glen Provost this week to discuss the recent election cycle. We have conflicting political views on many aspects but we both accept each other’s intelligence. One thing we both agree on is that our entire political system is outdated and inoperative. Glen has been diligently trying to promote one term limits on Congress. With small exceptions, I am on full agreement that this has to be the first step in a new beginning to get our political mess cleaned up.

This concept has been lively discussed on the Internet but no newspapers, magazines, political hacks on the “one-eyed monster” or radio have the gonads to even discuss this issue. I have never heard a member of Congress utter a word of support for making politics a public service instead of a career in my lifetime. Public service for politicians was the objective of the people who designed our Republic form of government. The framers of our constitution also required that we would be a nation of laws that we now ignore if you have political power.

Glen pointed out in our discussion that our political system in place today places re-election the first responsibility for any politician from Mayor to President. Glen has some other intriguing ideas about other improvements that will help the people regain control of Congress and put public servants back into politics.

One thing we both agreed on was that it is very unlikely we will never live long enough to see our thoughts even surface much less materialize. For the record, Glen is a retired Attorney and I am a retired registered Professional Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Business. Realistically, the likelihood of our plans ever happening is less than zero.

Laws of the land and professional societies require that to provide professional services you must meet specific standards. Doctors and nurses must be specifically educated and licensed to practice medicine. Lawyers must be educated and pass exams to practice law, chase ambulances, annoy people with ad’s to sue somebody or become politicians. Professional Engineers and CPA’s must pass rigid exams to provide their services. This list is just an example and by strange coincidence, Lawyers are the only profession that is not liable for making mistakes.

We have 535 Americans serving in Congress. What are the minimum qualifications to serve in Congress?

The Constitution establishes the minimum qualifications for Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Members of the House must be at least 25 years old, a U.S. citizen for seven years and a legal resident of the state where the Congressional District is located.

Members of the Senate must be at least 30 years old, a U.S. citizen for nine years and legal resident of the state that elects him or her.

Wow, 18 year olds and illegal aliens can elect a Congressperson but don’t have the qualifications to serve. I suppose dead voters can serve as long as they are buried in the State or Congressional District they will represent. My, that seems strange just using common sense as a tool.

With the shape Americas is in today, it appears to be the time we demand qualifications for serving in Congress. They spend our money, raise taxes, manage the Postal Service, Amtrak and the TVA, make their own rules without public approval and spend 98% of their time they serve running for re-election.

Let’s review some fact’s, the postal Service just announced a $16,000,000,000.00 loss for 2012. Amtrak and the TVA have never posted a profit and the US is over $16,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. It must be acceptable to most voters who re-elected most incumbents who ran for re-election. 

Question, “Do you feel comfortable with a Congress that allows its own members to break the law, avoid any punishment and allow them to be re-elected?” I don’t but we just saw it happen with Charles Rangel and others this month. Why?

I feel and I hope you agree that anyone who has the power to enact laws should at least pass a test on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court can’t agree on what these documents require and they are lifetime approved by a Senate that has no requirement to even read them.

I am working on what should be the minimum requirements to serve in Congress that I will share with you as I complete them. Should you have your own list of what you perceive to be minimum qualifications to serve in Congress, please send them to me? I will give credit to those who help me compile the lists.

The most sensible thing we should do is change the voting age to at least 25. This comes close to matching the new “Obamalaw” that kids are covered by their parents insurance until they are 26. Something fails to compute.

C Brewer


I am sure that most people, including me, are sick and tired of the debate over what history will remember as our current President’s significant contribution to the Socialists cause.

Franklin Roosevelt gave us Social Security, Lyndon Johnson gave us Medicare and Medicaid, George Bush gave us Medicare drug benefits and good old Obama saddled us with the crown jewel called Obamacare. They label these programs as “Social Justice”, my name for them is “Socialism Gone Wild”. One thing is factual, these programs are bankrupting America.

Medicare, Medicade and the Medicare Drug programs, if managed by the private sector, could have been successful. Like the Postal Service, Tennessee Valley Authority and Amtrak, Obamacare managed by the government is a designed failure at conception.  

For those who do not know, I have been on Medicare for over 16 years and my real concerns are for my current 40 heirs having to suffer the pain of paying for these Socialist schemes at some point. My latest great grand daughter, born last week, was some $350,000 in debt when she drew her first breath.

Well last week I got my first look at Obamacare in person. I live in a rural area of east Texas and we have a well equipped county owned hospital. The hospital is leased and managed by a company in Oklahoma. The leasing company also owns the clinic where my doctor practices medicine.

Recently the leasing company, which has several other hospitals they manage, choose the Sabine County Hospital for its pilot program to install the new digital records required by Obamacare. Obama’s stimulus slush fund provides part of the money to purchase the computers and software that makes the system function. I used the term function, as watching this in action, would be a long way from working properly.

Last week I had a problem with my right ear that told me to go to the doctor. Prior to this new system, designed to do something, I could just go to the office and walk in to be treated. Now I have to get an appointment, regardless of my problem, which can be from one to three days. My doctor also works two to three days a week at the hospital emergency room (ER). To see him on those days I can go to the ER, which is a lot more expensive but who cares, I do.

On arrival at the clinic I had to provide my Medicare card and supplemental insurance card as usual. As an aside, I can vote without this but I can’t comply with Medicare without it. I wonder how many people, dead or alive, Obama and our Attorney General Holder feel do not have a government issued ID card for Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc.   

When I was escorted to the examining room by the nurse, I got my first look at a new computer that is in every room. She sat at the computer and entered my weight, blood pressure and the following; every prescription I take, all things I am allergic to, vitamins’ and over the counter medication I use. This was obviously new and the new system seemed extremely slow functioning.

The doctor came in and looked at my ear, checked my heart as usual and sat down at the computer. He entered several things and seemed very impatient with the lack of speed. He asked me what pharmacy I used and entered data that sent one prescription directly to the pharmacy and told me he would be right back with the second prescription as they only had one printer and this prescription had to have a paper copy to get it filled. I was due some blood work and he had to enter the information into the computer and again retrieve a paper copy to sign and take to the hospital for the test. What used to be a thirty minute visit lasted one hour and fifteen minutes.

Remember the hospital and the clinic is operated by the same company. I arrived at the hospital and waited to be signed in. This is normally a five minute exercise. I was ushered in and asked for my Medicare card and my supplemental insurance card that previously copied on a copy machine and now the new system has a card reader that places an exact copy on the computer screen. Wow, that’s progress except it took about ten minutes as it had to be done about six times before it actually worked. The term, frustration, is not close to the feelings observed and the vocal comments of the lady doing her job. Again we had to enter my prescriptions, allergic reactions, weight, height, etc.

In a later visit with the hospital administrator, she explained that the equipment to integrate the systems and prevent duplication had not yet been installed. For those of you who use computers and new software understand as I do why it can be frustrating for all but that is progress. Obamacare will make Medicare and Medicaid blush with wasted costs.

For those of you who may not know the government now has access to my healthcare history at the touch of a computer key. This may not concern you but is scares the hell out of me. On top of that I have to help pay for them to have access. Freedom means nothing to our President and the 535 clowns in Congress and with the change of “one” member it will mean nothing to the Supreme Court.

C Brewer



My original plan was to review our government’s management of the US Postal Service (USPS), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and Amtrak for its business successes.  After reading thousands of pages and many hours on the Internet I came to the conclusion that none existed. The posting last week suggested we might sell the postal service to Wal-Mart. I had planned this second article on exploring the possible sale of the USPS to say China.

My conclusion is that at this time it is highly unlikely that it would be possible to give the USPS away. It was just announced that the Obama 2012 budget has an $11,000,000,000.00 increase over 2011. It is estimated that the USPS will exceed its 2011 budget alone by over $8,000,000,000.00. The Postmaster General has predicted that the USPS will face a budget deficit of $239,000,000,000.00 over the next ten years even if services are reduced.

My reading provided me the facts that the postal service prior to 1971 required no taxpayer support of government subsidies. Facts indicate that the USPS was fairly well managed for its first 200 years. When you look at the last 40 years, something bad happened. I can’t even find the annual total costs of operating the USPS, the only facts that appear are how much they will lose. I am certain if I had a couple of weeks to peruse the Federal Budget I could possibly come close. To those who are critical of this missing the total figure, send me the number and I will post a revision. It really does not matter to anyone with a pinch of common sense if they understand the number one principle of business.

“If your expenses exceed your revenue something’s wrong.”

The US Congress along with the Judicial and Executive branches of our government are controlled by lawyers. When you think of it, our lives are controlled by well educated people who spent many years in our colleges and universities that have to become elected officials and lobbyist as they can’t find another job. The only business educated people in Washington are the staff support to the elected. To make the situation worse you are required to agree with the elected to keep your job. The recent disclosure of the average salaries of those in Washington D.C., compared to the average salaries elsewhere, prove my point. It is shameful that we have created this situation. Is anyone really ready to correct the problem? I am.

Let me create a business scenario to make some comparisons that a moron will understand. First we have to hire a lawyer to file incorporation papers and appoint a Board of Directors. Next we have to prepare a business plan and sell stock to capitalize the venture. To make it simple our plan is to provide toilet cleaning services. We will need vehicles, mops, brooms, rags, detergents and people to do the actual work. We estimate the wages, materials, operational and overhead expense and price our services to make a 10% profit. We become an immediate success and everyone is happy.

Every few years the government mandates a raise in the minimum wages, greedy employee’s vote to have a union and demand increases in wages, healthcare and pension benefits that costs more than the profit the company distributes to the shareholders. The next thing management does is just raise prices to absorb the new labor and fringe benefits demanded by the union. The competition has no unions to pay and you lose all of your customers. Unless the Board of Directors make major management changes the company folds and everyone is hurt but the union.

The USPS had this happen when our government allowed the employees to unionize some 40 years ago. FEDEX saw the opportunity to enter the shipping business and UPS and others worldwide joined the action that has stripped most of the USPS shipping revenue. Next Al Gore invented the Internet and “E” mail has reduced the amount of mail significantly. The Postmaster General just announced that letter carriers will deliver 150 billion pieces of mail in 2020. That is 26 billion less than they delivered in 2010.

The basic difference is that there is no competition for the USPS for basic mail delivery. They can increase prices at their will and/or just force the government to provide more of your and my money to survive. They have appointed a Board of Trustees, not elected, by the people. They can spend what they desire and we will pay whatever they ask for. Congress is the primary reason we have a government managed postal service and probably why it operates out of control.

What we can do next November is to vote the entire Congress out of office and start all over from scratch. Maybe the newly elected politicians would sell or give away the USPS. Just in projected figures from the Postmaster General it would save us at least $23,900,000,000.00 a year.

Remember the basic principle of business and that we are the shareholders that pay for all losses. I can tell you for certain that if Management (USPS) and the Board of Directors (Congress) lost money for over 40 straight years intelligent business shareholders (We the people) should have made significant changes a long time ago. Remember the fiasco when the federal government became owners of a brothel and bar a few years ago. It went belly up as they could not make a profit selling sex and whiskey, legally in Nevada. We allow them to manage the USPS, TVA and Amtrak and lose every year. Why?

C Brewer



Before you read this let me state that I am not looking for any sympathy from anyone. I am just an old man who worked more hours than most to achieve the American Dream. After 17 years of retirement I am convinced that my government is close to destroying my savings for as punishment for being successful. Obama’s obsession to share the wealth is destroying those of us that saved to take care of ourselves

Obama and his progressive army have finished destroying the American Dream of home ownership. Carter started the eventual demise a long time ago. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd protected the scam with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac until the bubble burst. Barney still stands before the cameras to defend these government mismanaged organizations today.

Our government could not manage a bankrupt whorehouse in Nevada. How on God’s green earth did anyone with a third grade education, ever expect them to run Amtrak, the Postal Service, TVA, General Motors or Chrysler and break even, much less make a profit? Now the flood of new government regulations is destroying all businesses with idiotic and wasteful constraints.

In the last few days my IRA has suffered a near suicide. Does Obama or Congress care? No, they are on vacation and with their pensions, could care less that they have wiped out the savings of millions of senior citizens. For twenty seven years of service with a large defense contractor, I receive a pension of $221.47 per month. This will not even pay for the Medicare supplement for my wife and me.

I spent the last eleven years of my work life with one tall hill to climb. I knew before I started my first business what my pension would be. As I have a Masters in Business it was obvious that my future retirement would require personal savings to insure that we would survive old age.

In those eleven years I average 225 nights a year in hotels in over 27 countries and 49 states. I missed birthdays, anniversaries, my children’s school events and death in my family. Several of these trips exceeded 5 weeks and I amassed over 2 million miles on airplanes. Obviously my family also suffered.

Finally at age 64 I had saved enough to retire and with my savings in my IRA I felt secure. I had no fear that my children would not be burdened with caring for us when the time arose. I was blessed with a mind, driven to succeed and actually achieved every goal I had made for myself. Few honest people ever reach this pinnacle of success.

We are constantly asked if we are better off now than in the past by the self-ordained blood sucking saviors in Washington. Until Bush Two and Obama came along I could honestly say I have had a better life than most. I was better off each year as compound interest and long term investments were successful in maintaining my savings.

If Obama’s changes continue to improve as he keeps preaching, my savings will completely disappear before he completes his first term. If he wins another 4 years my children will not only have to take care of us, my grand children will never have a chance to even retire.

My question, especially to senior citizens, is your life these past four years better or worse than you expected?

I expect some feedback that I should have buried my savings in a fruit jar and it would all still be there. Well my 1994 dollars would be worth about $.38 cents today. If Washington keeps helping us with spending more than we have, will it be worth anything next year?

One more question. How many people, who are not working for the government, on welfare or drawing unemployment, feel they will be better off next year? I will be happy to share your names with everyone I can and I will try to sell you my “Golden Goose”. I got my goose from Washington with a promise that our government is always there to help me “out”. They just never explained what “out” was. “Out” seems to really be, “out” of luck, “out” of money, “out” of hope, hurry up and croak and get “out” of the way.

Clyde Brewer

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