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My great friend, Dr. Peter Forrest sent me the following article. This brought back memories only a veteran could possibly understand. This took me back to the day I asked my parents to allow me to join the Navy Reserve at 17 in 1947. Just think, how many American boys have died serving in the military, especially when this boy decided to give it a try so soon after WWII was over shortly after I was 15. I have never shared all of this with anyone. 

My real desire was to continue learning as the opportunity to attend college was not possible for me and there were no jobs for kids. It was still difficult for the veterans of WWII to find jobs and any hope of a scholarship at that time was for the veterans as it should have been. My hope to fulfill my desire to serve on active duty was answered and I was sworn in on March 15, 1948. I will not bore you with the pride I had at that moment or the details of my service as I was not involved IN the war in Korea that started not too long after I enlisted. I served some 42 months on active duty before I finished my reserve enlistment and was Honorably discharged on August 30, 1952. This was the day before my 22nd birthday. 
The greatest thing the service did for me was to make a man out of a boy, and fast. If Americans really wanted to re-establish discipline, pride respect in their children they would support mandatory military training for every boy and girl at 18 whether they graduated high school or not. There would not be gangs and violence we see today and the prisons might not be full of young people. Please enjoy this wonderful story.     
                                         A great article…………….
This is a well written article about a father who put several of his kids through expensive colleges but one son wanted to be a Marine. Interesting observation by this dad.  See below.  A very interesting commentary that says a lot about our society, By Frank Schaeffer of the Washington Post.
Before my son became a Marine, I never thought much about who was defending me. Now when I read of the war on terrorism or the coming conflict in Iraq, it cuts to my heart. When I see a picture of a member of our military who has been killed, I read his or her name very carefully. Sometimes I cry.
In 1999, when the barrel-chested Marine recruiter showed up in dress blues and bedazzled my son John, I did not stand in the way. John was headstrong, and he seemed to understand these stern, clean men with straight backs and flawless uniforms. I did not. I live in the Volvo-driving, higher education-worshiping North Shore of Boston. I write novels for a living. I have never served in the military.
It had been hard enough sending my two older children off to Georgetown and New York University. John’s enlisting was unexpected, so deeply unsettling. I did not relish the prospect of answering the question, “So where is John going to college?” from the parents who were itching to tell me all about how their son or daughter was going to Harvard. At the private high school John attended, no other students were going into the military.
“But aren’t the Marines terribly Southern?” asked one perplexed mother while standing next to me at the brunch following graduation. “What a waste, he was such a good student,” said another parent. One parent (a professor at a nearby and rather famous university) spoke up at a school meeting and suggested that the school should “ carefully evaluate what went wrong.”
When John graduated from three months of boot camp on Parris Island, 3000 parents and friends were on the parade deck stands. We parents and our Marines not only were of many races but also were representative of many economic classes. Many were poor. Some arrived crammed in the backs of pickups, others by bus. John told me that a lot of parents could not afford the trip.
We in the audience were white and Native American. We were Hispanic, Arab, and African American, and Asian. We were former Marines wearing the scars of battle, or at least baseball caps emblazoned with battles’ names. We were Southern whites from Nashville and skinheads from New Jersey, black kids from Cleveland wearing ghetto rags and white ex-cons with ham-hock forearms defaced by jailhouse tattoos. We would not have been mistaken for the educated and well-heeled parents gathered on the lawns of John’s private school a half-year before.
After graduation one new Marine told John, “Before I was a Marine, if I had ever seen you on my block I would’ve probably killed you just because you were standing there.” This was a serious statement from one of John’s good friends, a black ex-gang member from Detroit who, as John said, “would die for me now, just like I’d die for him.
My son has connected me to my country in a way that I was too selfish and insular to experience before. I feel closer to the waitress at our local diner than to some of my oldest friends. She has two sons in the Corps. They are facing the same dangers as my boy. When the guy who fixes my car asks me how John is doing, I know he means it. His younger brother is in the Navy.
Why were I and the other parents at my son’s private school so surprised by his choice? During World War II, the sons and daughters of the most powerful and educated families did their bit. If the idea of the immorality of the Vietnam War was the only reason those lucky enough to go to college dodged the draft, why did we not encourage our children to volunteer for military service once that war was done?
Have we wealthy and educated Americans all become pacifists? Is the world a safe place? Or have we just gotten used to having somebody else defend us? What is the future of our democracy when the sons and daughters of the janitors at our elite universities are far more likely to be put in harm’s way than are any of the students whose dorms their parents clean?
I feel shame because it took my son’s joining the Marine Corps to make me take notice of who is defending me. I feel hope because perhaps my son is part of a future “greatest generation. “As the storm clouds of war gather, at least I know that I can look the men and women in uniform in the eye. My son is one of them. He is the best I have to offer. He is my heart.
“Faith is not about everything turning out OK; Faith is about being OK no matter how things turn out.”
I know that the candy-ass, spoiled youth of today that have majored in demonstrations, violence and ignoring our laws will never know how proud the dad in this story had to have been. I have no doubt that if America were attacked today like it was in 1941 we would never be able to defend ourselves with the cowards that ran to Canada to avoid the Vietnam War. My brother, Lt. Col. James Brewer, served 24 years in the Army and was heckled, booed and threatened after he served two tours in that war that was fought for the Democrats and the banks. We have a similar event in Afghanistan that is a waste of life and trillions of dollars that will never change the way these people desire to live their lives.
To the young marine in the story my message is “SEMPER FI”. I have a shirt that best expresses my feelings. On the front over my heart it says “Veteran”. On the back above an American Flag it says, “I AM NOT A HERO”, below the flag it says, “I HAVE WALKED BESIDE A FEW”. My brother died at 55, an unhappy warrior who’s country turned there back on. He and my friend John Booker are just two of those “HERO’s” who I have been proud to have walked beside.   
GOD SAVE AMERICA, the Demoncrats  will give up. Comments please.   C Brewer


The subject advice was an old saying I had on my office wall for most of the 27 years with Lockheed-Martin and my five years with Halliburton. Admittedly after my five years in the US Navy, I spent my next 43 years managing, training and consulting “people” who needed to help someone make a profit to survive and care for their family.

It doesn’t take a wizard or even a scholar to understand that any form of commerce, except “government employees”, very few charities and another few religious functions only survive with a word called “Profit” or Net realized gains”. Profit making has become a dirty word for Progressive-Liberals (Demoncrats) who have decided to Socialize America and just ignore the laws, the Constitution and common sense.

The saddest part of this “Crusade” are the Mis-Justice members of our Federal courts including the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). When the highest court in the land, SCOTUS, has four sworn Justices who consistently and overtly ignore the laws of the land, why do we expect anyone to obey the law? Additionally we have one or two other Justices who join these law breakers and just overlook the laws. This group of nine so-called Justices do set the example for all Americans to live up to. WHY?

The sorriest part of the crusade to Socialize America is the political party of Democrats in Congress who nearly led the country into bankruptcy. They increased by millions the people on welfare. They encouraged millions of illegals, including Muslim enemies, to just sit on their butts and get free everything if you vote for “Rob the Working Americans” Democratic candidates. Now this army of dissidents are hoping for another “Civil War” and supported by 99% of our so called Media. WHY?

Well, all of you unhappy Congresspersons, members of the “Welfare Army”, illegal aliens, tree-huggers, professional dissidents who rob, burn, steal, delay and harm other Americans and the so-called Media talking-heads take notice.

America has a new Sheriff in charge of our country that was elected by enough real Americans to “Drain the Swamp. And drain the swamp is fast underway. We now have leadership that has been lacking for far too long. He promised jobs for Americans first and he has performed his responsibility with the speed of light. Congress and the environmentalists have and will continue to do everything possible to stop every move he makes. WHY?

Unexpectedly he was stopped by a Federal Judge and a panel of more Federal Judges who ignored the Constitution and prevent stopping un-vetted immigrants to be allowed into America, some destined to kill Americans. WHY?     

I just read that the Congressional Committee will have hearings to approve or disapprove the recent American to be a Justice of SCOTUS in late March. SCOTUS has been stalemated 4 to 4 for several months after Justice Scalia was politically eliminated. It may be long after I am gone but someday his murder will be admitted. Neil Gorsuch was nominated to replace Scalia some three weeks ago, he has been interviewed by every Senator and probably 10,000 Senate aides who have researched every time he has used the bathroom in his entire life looking for any reason to oppose his nomination. There is not one Senator that has not made up his mind to approve or disapprove his nomination this very moment. Why on earth has this important vote been delayed for a month? The answer is the free face time the Senators will get and more time for the Democrats and RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) to find fault to get more free Media time. Again, WHY?

As I am just another old veteran, never elected for anything, who has watched, studied and voted in every election since I was 21, I have had enough of this excrement. I am one American who supported, prayed, expressed my self publically and voted to give Sheriff Trump my full support. Before I die I hope to see a chance for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to have the same freedoms I served to protect and enjoyed for 86 plus years. “That’s Why Folks.”

Clyde W. Brewer



I have always considered myself honest, fair, and considerate but extremely firm when it comes to the law of the land and following explicit rules and instructions. My family and many people who have worked for me would be a chorus to tell you I am “Hard Headed”. I graduated from High School in May 1947 at 16 and I was convinced that I had learned everything possible and I was destined to be a leader.

This time period was focused on finding jobs for the brave young men who were lucky enough to have survived WWII. Finding a job then was about as hard as it would be today so when I reached 17 I joined the US Navy reserve. It took me several months but on March 17, 1948 I was accepted for active duty and I quickly discovered I was not as smart as I perceived. This transition from a boy to a man was expected and accepted as there were zero options. I learned that honesty, fairness, consideration were the rules but the one thing I added to my list was that “Respect” was not an option it is mandatory. I give the US Navy a lot of credit for preparing me to be a success. If I did not have to wear a hat I might have spent my life in the military.

I have had an active life that most people would revere. I have worked and/or visited in 32 countries and 49 states. I have witnessed how people are treated, especially females, as I have had two wives, five daughters and currently nineteen daughters in-law, grand daughters and great grand daughters. If we had an honest media you would see how the Muslims treat women and girls that would make Christians throw up. The media can’t remove the things I witnessed with my own eyes.

I have watched the Democratic Party switch from the conservative political views to the most Liberal-Progressive political party in my 86 years. Texas and most people my age or twenty years younger were conservative Democrats at one time. We did not change but the Democratic Party did.

Folks, someone is going to have to pay for the 20 trillion dollar debt. Hillary has called for another 500,000 Muslims to be dumped into poverty so they will vote for Democrats. We can’t even take care of our veterans who have worse health care than illegal aliens.

Hillary will continue to thwart our energy industry with regulations and end our coal industry entirely. If our government would wake up, the energy industry alone could create at least 500,000 good jobs in less than six months. We have more than enough coal, oil and natural gas to become an exporter in two years. This could ease and reduce the national debt.

Good hard working Americans have watched their jobs disappear, especially after Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA. Why unions can’t wake up and see how the Democrats have systematically caused so many of its members to be without jobs. Why do the union leaders never lose their positions?

If Hillary wins this election she will have everyone on welfare, most Blacks, most union members, the same army of young women who are blind and as many dead people as they can dig up.

I am in my twilight years of my life and blessed to still be here. I can’t believe that females, union members and the black folks are dumb enough to vote for someone who created the poverty and unemployment that plagues America today.

When I do croak the Democrats will not be able to register me to vote by getting my name off of a tombstone. I have chosen to be cremated.     C Brewer September 7, 2016


After writing my last article, “Life is an Interesting Journey”, I received an interesting comment from my friend John Booker. “Clyde, I admire you for your attitude on your health problems”. For those who don’t know John Booker, I hope he will someday let me write some stories about his 94 year trip through life. It would be a best-selling book. John has been one of my inspirations during the climbing of my own mountain. He has inspired me again and if you wonder how your trip compares or what to expect is coming hang on to your seatbelt.

Have you ever wondered why some old people seem to just disappear when they get old? Until earlier this year I never really considered myself being “old”. In fact my mother lived to be 94 and except for her last couple of months she never even seemed “old”. It amuses me that when some folks discover I just celebrated my 85th birthday, they have different reactions. The one reaction that younger people have is, “you don’t look a day over 65 or 75”? A few of them have not looked in a mirror recently and most are just being kind.

Some of the things you will read were originally intended to be shared as another chapter of my life with just my family. I have already chronicled the details of my work and personal life with my family that included my personal goals, achievement’s and other major events, good and bad, for my future heirs to understand and hopefully be successful.

Now I have decided to share my perception, facts, highlights and expectations of what to expect nearing the end of the aging process with anyone who has an interest. I am sitting at my PC and my right knee throbbing with arthritis after 18 holes of par three golf this morning with five of my friends who ranged in age from 51-89. I will begin what may be a multi-chapter autobiography of pain, happiness, success, failure or boredom, who knows? Are you ready?

To set the stage, how many people do you know who have matched some of my highlights so far, in their trip climbing their mountain?

A. Had every childhood disease known except polio and had the chicken pox and measles at the same time.

B. Graduated from high school at 16.

C. Served 2 years in the US Navy, married and became a father before I was 20?

D. Entered Management at 24, passed the Registered Professional Engineer exam, received a Master Degree and became a member of Mensa and Intertel in my late 40’s without any undergraduate education.

E. Between the ages of 45 and 75 I lost half of my stomach because of ulcers, had a gall bladder that nearly ruptured, suffered shellfish poisoning, diverticulosis, high blood pressure, gout along with the arthritis in both shoulders and my right knee.

F. Visited and/or worked in 32 countries and 49 states; flew over three million miles of air travel; worked 32 years for Lockheed and Halliburton; started 9 businesses in 3 different countries and retired at 63 years old.

G. Married to my second wife and partner Norma for 55 years; fathered seven children and currently have 45 heirs including spouses ranging from 2 months to 66 years old.

Now let me begin explaining life as it happens after you know you have started the decent down the other side of life’s mountain.

Fasten your seatbelt again.

Earlier this year I started having a tingling sensation in both feet after having cold feet ever since I suffered the shellfish incident some ten years ago. This summer, while on vacation with some 32 of my family and friends I had a saliva gland stop up and get infected and appeared to have been cold cocked in my left jaw. One of my family posted a picture of this on Facebook with me at a Margarita machine that looked like I had a mouth full. Gout stopped my drinking life at 60, a long time ago.

Shortly after getting the infection medicated I lost my balance, fell, tore a muscle loose in my left thigh and arm and put a knot on my head. Norma said, “The cedar post my head encountered had more damage than my head”, indicating that I am hard headed. If you know me you know it’s all true. The torn muscle in my leg is and likely will always be tender as it will never heal. The tingling sensation in my feet had now reached my knees by the end of every day.

About a week later I fell again and tore another muscle in my left ankle, scraped the hide off of both lower legs and sluffed it off as being clumsy. Then driving home one day I had a light headed sensation and when I shared all of this with my doctor, Chad Moody, he decided I needed to see a cardiologists again. This happens about every 10 years and after another series of test they again found that I do have a heart and it is working like it is supposed to.

While visiting the cardiologists he noticed a twitch in my left index finger while resting my hands on my knees. He had me stand with my feet together and close my eyes and then stopped me from falling. His prognosis was I was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease and immediately scheduled me with a Neurologist.

Well, after the Neurologists examined me, I was advised I am suffering from Neuropathy. I have read everything possible and there is no cure. I have never given up hope in my life and I will see this doctor again tomorrow to find out what to expect as my journey down the mountain progresses. If you care, I will continue to share my experience. I will tee off again in the morning with my friends before my 3pm appointment in Nacogdoches.   C Brewer



If you have never read anything I ever wrote please read and share this with every real American possible. This is a factual story of what happened to two Honorably Discharged Veterans of the US military on Wednesday September 16, 2015. One of these individuals happens to be myself and the other I will protect his identity and just call him “Jim”.

Jim and I were both born in 1930 in Texas. I enlisted in the US Navy reserve shortly after my 17th birthday after graduating from high school at 16 in 1947. Jim was born on December 6th and did not finish high school until 1948 and he enlisted in the Army shortly after his 18th birthday. We both went on active duty in 1948. Our lives took different paths but we are both proud and loyal American citizens living out the rest of our lives in Sabine County Texas.

Yesterday we both had medical issues and how these transpired is sad, unfair, biased and should be criminal charges against every member of Congress, the military, the President and it is a reflection of how warped our values have become in America. I hope everyone running for President would be forced to explain what they intend to do about the way our veterans are being treated but only one, Donald Trump, has had the courage to even discuss this issue.

For those who are unaware, all veterans benefits are means tested and because of my successful business life, I am not qualified to get a free aspirin from the Veterans Administration for the four plus years I served a long long time ago. This article is not about me as I can afford to buy supplemental insurance. Just for those of you who have not reached 65, Medicare is not free, in fact my friend “JIM” is also on Medicare. What you may not know is what is not free. Medicare only covers 80% of medical costs and then you pay the other 20% or buy supplemental insurance. As a benchmark the costs of Medicare supplemental insurance for my wife and I is exceeds $700 a month and our deductible costs each year is over $500.

Even Medicare has limitations on extended costs and to make sure a major medical event dos not deplete our entire savings, we pay some $800 a year for a catastrophic $25,000 deductible insurance policy.

Jim had to arise at 5:30am yesterday and his daughter had to drive him to Lufkin Texas, some 60 + miles to catch a Veterans Administration bus to the VA hospital in Houston Texas. He has suffered a mild stroke a few moths ago and this was a followup visit to see the doctor. They picked up other veterans and arrived at the hospital about 10:30am. They had time for lunch before his appointment at 1pm. The Doctor examined him, found no problems and they got back on the VA bus and arrived in Lufkin at 5:30pm, drove home and he does not have to go back for a year. Tomorrow Jim and his daughter have to return to the small VA clinic in Lufkin for a visit with another VA doctor for another unrelated health issue. Another issue that was a shock to me was that he is not reimbursed for any travel as he and his wife’s combined income exceeds the means test. Listening to this story today made me want to throw up.

Yesterday I had to go to our local hospital to have test run on my legs and feet for circulation evaluations as I am experiencing medical issues that involve my balance and two recent falls that were scary. Old age is not for sissies. I left home at 12:30 for a 15 minute trip to the Sabine County Hospital some 8 miles away. They spent two hours ultrasonically testing my legs and feet. I was home by 3:30. You can easily see that my medical situation was a lot easier to take care of.

The part that makes my blood boil is an illegal alien could have gone to the Emergency Room at the local hospital with a hang nail or a hangover and would have been treated as an indigent person and guess what? Jim and I, along with the rest of Sabine County taxpayers, would have to pay for the treatment, as no one can be turned away.

Folks, if you are happy about this true scenario, you are a raving idiot. Why is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz the only ones running for President being attacked for trying to fix this inequity? America is a wreck because of politics. Watching the recap of last nights GOP debate was another disappointing waste of time. I refuse to actually watch these debates as they have become verbal sword fights between adults, well some of them qualify but watching people self-destruct live is not entertaining and no way informative. Well I suppose watching grown people making an ass of themselves may be most entertaining to Demoncrats (not misspelled)?

America has changed so much in my 85 years that is scares me that my grandchildren will not enjoy the freedoms that people like “Jim”, myself and so many other veterans served to protect that have been destroyed by politicians.  C Brewer 9-17-2015


Before I share some disturbing facts about the use of compassion, possibly material to make some feel guilty and distorted messages, I am a veteran of the US Navy. I was never wounded and I have never had to depend on the US government for any free veteran benefit. I qualify for a military funeral but I have decided to be cremated at no cost to the government.

Either intelligence, luck or a burning desire to be successful saved me from the embarrassment of depending on our government to give me anything. Having married young and a father at 18, I did qualify for a GI low-interest loan on my first house before I ever owned a car at age 23. Later in life I had a Texas Veterans low-interest loan on some land that was an eventual poor investment.

Those veterans who were not as fortunate as myself should never have to depend on a charity of any kind to receive humane treatment for anything. There are hundreds of charities devoted to helping veterans but one, Wounded Warriors, is plastered on commercials on every TV channel 24/7 and when you read the following facts I have taken from an article posted by Tony Oliva on July 3, 2015 you should be as upset as I am. The biggest shame is the stories of how the veterans are mistreated with lack of healthcare. Every Congress person should be forced to answer one question, WHY?

He mentions other charities worse than WWP.

He went to the Wounded Warrior Project website and reviewed their tax return from 2013.

http://bulletsfirst.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp content/uploads/2015/07/wwp-1-791×1024.jpg

Line 1b, total revenue, the money that the Wounded Warrior Project brings in was $234,682,943.  Over 200 MILLION dollars in a year.

Now, how was that money spent?  Let’s first look at what goes toward helping vets. Look at the numbers.

Alumni: Whatever this is?   $31,466,113

Combat Stress Recovery:    $16,127,622

Soldier Ride:                         $8,824,978

Other Program Services:      $60,780,024

That means that 49.93% of money that the WWP raised actually went to helping wounded vets.

Now look at where the rest of the money was spent:

Compensation and benefits for WWP employees and directors: $26,182,966.

$15, 218,191 for office space.

Nearly $2 MILLION for I.T?

Just under $5 MILLION for occupancy costs?

$6,377,443 for travel expenses?  Mr. Oliva stated that travel expenses are NOT for sending wounded vets around the country. That expense would be listed in the program expenses. This was travel expenses for WWP employees traveling around the country.

Consulting costs: $33,081,349

Meeting and events was nearly $17 MILLION.

I have deleted some of Mr. Oliva’s personal comments you might find interesting and you can read the rest for yourself.

All in all the total expenses for “running” the Wounded Warrior Project total $158,073,943 “WOW”.

I encourage you to read more;


I wonder how many wounded veterans actually work there? WWP expenses are a bigger smoke screen  than the Red Cross. C Brewer


Once upon a time American leaders did not apologize for our country’s actions, here’s a refresher on how some of our former patriots handled negative comments about our great country.

JFK’s Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, was in France in the early 60’s when DeGaulle decided to pull out of NATO.

DeGaulle said he wanted all US military out of France as soon as possible.

Rusk responded, “Does that include those who are buried here?” De Gaulle did not respond.


In England, at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of ’empire building’ by George Bush.

Powell answered by saying, “Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.


There was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American. During a break, one of the French engineers came back into the room saying, “Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done?

He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intend to do, bomb them?”

A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly: “Our carriers have three hospitals on board that can treat several hundred people; they are nuclear powered and can supply emergency electrical power to shore facilities; they have three cafeterias with the capacity to feed 3,000 people three meals a day; they can produce several thousand gallons of fresh water from sea water each day; and they carry half a dozen helicopters for use in transporting victims and injured to and from their flight deck. We have eleven such ships; how many does France have?”


A U.S. Navy Admiral was attending a naval conference that included Admirals from the U.S., English, Canadian, Australian and French Navies. At a cocktail reception, he found himself standing with a large group of officers that included personnel from most of those countries.

Everyone was chatting away in English as they sipped their drinks, but a French admiral suddenly complained that, whereas Europeans learn many languages, Americans learn only English. He then asked, “Why is it that we always have to speak English in these conferences rather than speaking French?”

Without hesitating, the American Admiral replied, “Maybe it’s because the Brit’s, Canadians, Aussie’s and Americans arranged it so you wouldn’t have to speak German.”



Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane. At French Customs, he took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry on.

“You have been to France before, monsieur?” the customs officer asked sarcastically.

Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously.

“Then you should know enough to have your passport ready.”

The American said, “The last time I was here, I didn’t have to show it.”

“Impossible. Americans always have to show their passports on arrival in France!”

The American senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look. Then, he quietly explained, ”Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country,

I couldn’t find a single Frenchman to show a passport to.”


I am proud to be of this land — AMERICA

I am proud to be an American


Thanks to my great friend Allan Moore for sharing this information. For those of you who have not been to France to suffer their arrogance, it is a pretty country. I was told years ago that the greatest French military invention was a white flag. I am sure that if I have any French readers they will cancel their subscription.

C Brewer “SOS” Slower-Older-Smarter



If you are an elected or appointed to a government position or have enough money to buy a politician you are not required to follow all federal laws. You can evade income taxes, commit fraud, steal, waste money, intimidate voters, lie, and ignore ethics rules. Our leadership decides which laws to follow and which to ignore.

We have federal laws that states change and the “Selective Justice Department” currently managed by Eric Holder have decided to ignore. We have state laws requiring that voters must have an identification card that are Constitutional and Holder is suing the states because he disagrees with what the Constitution allows.

I spent some time this past weekend looking at some of the differences in laws that surprised me. The recent state laws allowing the sale of recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado motivated me to write this article. Holder has already announced that the “Selective Justice Department” will not enforce federal law in these two states.

It appears that all legal decisions made by our government today are political rather than Constitutional. The President, his administration, the Supreme Court, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Congress read the Constitution the way they want to. Watching the Supreme Court vote is proof all decisions are political. Seldom do they vote on any decision that does not result in a 5-4 decision. Let me share some facts to support my thesis.

Obama has been honest in admitting he smoked Pot and just this weekend admitted he has decided that drinking alcohol is worse. I wonder why he still drinks alcohol. He did not say if he still smokes Pot but he did say he told his daughters it was bad. He apparently has no regrets he broke the law as a young man and he obviously has no problem with others breaking the law smoking Pot. “Selective Justice”.

We did not have marijuana when I was a boy or a young man. I learned to smoke using dried grapevines hiding in a tree or behind the garage. It did not last long as a blister on your tongue will tell any sane person to stop. I did smoke cigarettes until my 14 year old son shamed me into quitting. By the way smoking grapevines or cigarettes was not against the law then or now if you are old enough. Let me share some other confusing laws.

We have a national law and all states require that you must be 18 before you can buy tobacco products. The new state laws require you to be 21 to purchase or have Pot in your possession.

National law requires that you must be 14 to work. One state, New Jersey allows 13 year olds to work but who cares. I suppose my dad broke the law when he made me throw a paper route at 12. He was the dealer for the Dallas Times Herald and the Ft. Worth Star Telegram in Corsicana Texas in 1942.

Federal law requires you to be 18 to buy long guns (rifles & shotguns) and you must be 21 to purchase a hand gun. Some states have different age requirements and when Holder looks closer he will go wild. If he and Obama had their desire, no one would be allowed to buy any weapon and all guns would be confiscated. There is a precedent as Hitler did this in Germany in 1938.

Drinking alcohol has some wider ranges. Federal law requires you to be 21 to buy or consume booze. At least 8 states allow you to buy or guzzle at 18. Who cares?

Driving a car is also different. Federal law allows you to drive at 15 with a permit and a licensed driver in the front seat. You can be licensed at 16. Thank god we don’t have a federal driver’s license but when they discover it can be taxed this could change. It will not and you will see why when I discuss voting. Some states allow provisions for driving at 14 and New Jersey will not issue a license until you are 17.

Voting is one law that now requires you to be 18 nationally and by every state. Few people reach adulthood at 18 but who cares. At 18 you can drive a car, work, smoke and in some states drink alcohol. You still can’t possess a hand gun or get a permit to carry one. I have mixed emotions about the voting age of 18.

Most 18 year olds today are more interested in moving out of their parent’s home than voting. As most of them come from families on some form of welfare or unemployment they are already Democrats. The others who will likely go to college and be brainwashed by Progressive-Liberal professors who can’t get elected to Congress, too lazy to chase ambulances and afraid to start a business on their own. They only want tenure protection so they can consult for big bucks or get government grants to study the sex life of toad frogs. Democrats are positioned to stay in power until we go broke. Bankruptcy is inevitable because common sense is considered  against the law in Washington D.C where our leaders have amassed an endless supply of ink and paper to just print more money.

Drowning in all of these laws, differences between states and the federal government caused me to remember how things were when I grew up.

I graduated high school at 16. I got my driver’s license but I could not afford to buy a car until I was 23. I enlisted in the US Navy at 17 with parental consent. Too young to drink, smoke, buy a pistol or vote.

I had to show proficiency shooting both long guns and hand guns before I was 18. I learned how to smoke, cuss and drink alcohol on base before I was 18. I could buy alcohol and cigarettes off base if in uniform without being carded.

I was married and a father before I was 19. Even before the Korean War was over I was released to inactive duty before I was 21. Finding a job in those times was not easy and being old enough to vote when I reached 21 was not even close to being my largest concern. I was scared then and I am scared now.

Arbitrary age requirements are meaningless measures of maturity and need to be adjusted to recognize common sense, experience and education. I can tell you the day I became a man was the day I graduated from boot camp, I was 17. I am proud that I served my country then and now I’m disappointed as I have no absolutely no respect any of our leaders today. All we have today are master politicians for children to admire as role models. Most could not successfully lead and/or manage a McDonalds where you “MUST” make a profit. Evaluating the maturity of my immediate family, which now numbers 40, my 12 year old and youngest granddaughter, Emma, is far more mature to vote than some who are 40 or older.

America is not a better place today than when I was a boy. It certainly should be but it appears it never will be “United” again in my lifetime. Freedom loving Americans just lost our first war in history. The enemies and winners were Obama, Reid, Pelosi and our bloated federal government. Not a shot had to be fired but too many Americans have suffered. God help my grandchildren who will suffer more and also have to pay for this debacle.

WHY?            C Brewer 2014


This article is written for the young people in America who will likely never read it. I just wanted to compare the choices for the future for these new voters compared with the choices I had some 65 years ago. Compare the differences, especially concerning people to admire and revere to look up to.

When I graduated from high school at 16 in 1947 it was during an era of having many to choose from to admire. We had recently won a world war where the American people had proven themselves as the hardest working people on earth. We had also built a team of people who could produce everything we needed to be self-sufficient and still feed much of the world who were recovering.

Unfortunately finding a job was not an easy task as it is today. Sadly it was for different reasons. In 1947 we had thousands of unemployed as the military reductions and the closure of the defense industry created a job shortage for those with experience. This eliminated jobs for young people, like me, who had no experience. Continuing education was impossible for the ones of us who had families who escaped from the great depression with only enough to sustain from month to month.

As my choices were limited, I chose to enlist in the US Navy and allow my family to avoid having an extra mouth to feed and no additional income. My only brother was luckier as his athletic ability provided him a college education, an eventual commission and 24 years in the US Army. One thing the Navy accomplished was my transition from a boy to a man in a hurry. I have never regretted my service as it taught me to take care of myself and be willing to help others.

I had an abundance of heroes to worship like MacArthur, Eisenhower, Patton, and Nimitz just to name a few. Politicians to admire were unnecessary although we had Churchill, Truman and a few who were honest and forthright individuals. We had industrialists and philanthropists like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Eastman, Ford, and Firestone Getty that were revered. My early school years would have been lost without our local Carnegie library as in the late 1930’s there was little to do as there was no money. This library was the most important asset in my life as it was free. It allowed me the chance to learn far beyond the educational system which was far better than what our children have today.

Our newspapers, radio and the evolving television media provided news about the wars, wholesome family entertainment and little political news except scandalous activity. It also was limited to the few weeks before an election, not the 24/7/365 we have to avoid today. We never had journalists who lied, slanted and openly supported individuals on the air and seldom in print.

We also had crooked politicians who avoided the media as they had to be re-elected on their performance rather than espouse the things wrong with their opponent. We had people who wanted to find a job rather than depend on leeching off the people who had jobs. Churches, charities and neighbors took care of the ones who were unable to work. We were allowed to pray at the school and football games. We were proud to salute our flag and repeat the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.

Now let us review the future for the children of today. The Media completely ignores the leaders of our military unless they screw up. You seldom read or hear anything positive about these leaders who have spent most of their lives protecting us from our enemies. They do not choose who we fight, the politicians do. They just do what they were educated and trained to do and with excellence. I would wager that if you ask any teenager who graduated this year to name the Chief of Staff for the military, 100% would not know. I doubt that 98% of our media would know. I doubt that 99% of all Americans do not know. This is sad as the media has ignored the military importance to America ever since Viet Nam. The military did not authorize that war or any war, the politicians did.

Our children have the movie and television stars to admire and use as role models. Do Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton make wonderful role models for all young ladies today? How about Sean Penn as the role model for the boys and young men?

The next place for the youth to look for role models is today’s political leaders. We have a President who can lie better with a straight face than anyone in history. We have Charles Rangel who has openly lied, evaded taxes and gets re-elected after being censored by the House of Representatives. We have a Secretary of the Treasury who evaded paying income taxes and was approved without even paying what he owed by the US Senate and he is still there. We have an Attorney General who refuses to prosecute people selectively and openly who break our laws. He was convicted of contempt of Congress and he still serves today. If someone created a list of all politicians who have lied, cheated, evaded taxes and a myriad of other lawless events, it would be too long to publish. If we actually impeached all of them there would only be a few left to misguide our entire government.   

Now we have a majority of Americans who live on welfare, unemployment, government and union pensions and many have never worked a day in their life. Why would they want to work if jobs were created? We are trying to provide 100% of all students a college education. We will have an abundance of leaders but who will they lead? If everyone who works, works for the government managing our welfare society who will pay the taxes to pay them?

There is only one solution and it is called jobs. Nothing will improve our economy without jobs. We might be able to afford Obamacare if all people who are not invalids agree to work and pay taxes. One thing is certain we can’t afford what Obama and his team of Socialists have dumped on real Americans who love freedom.

Now the Democrats have provided a new “HERO” for the young people to admire. Last week the Majority Leader of the US Senate, Harry Reid, made the sickest political attack ever connived openly in the Senate chamber. His baseless rumored charges regarding Governor Romney honesty was the lowest, dirtiest attack I have ever witnessed.

It proves to me that no democrat really desires to create jobs when they must make sure to get over 50% of the people on government subsistence to get re-elected. They know that Romney can create jobs as he has the facts to prove it.

You have the clearest choice in November than any young adult in history by asking yourself two questions;

Do I want to be a successful American and provide for my own destiny? 


Is my goal in life to just exist and live off of others who actually work and pay taxes?

This is a simple decision but one that will decide if all of the brave people who have died protecting our right to be free, did so in vain.

C Brewer

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