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I recently saw a tee shirt with the caption “I started with nothing and I still have most of it”. If you read my recent article this caption perfectly describes what I invented as a “Useless Idiot”. Watching the army of liberal losers, that currently are demonstrating for social justice on Wall Street grow, it is apparent we need to share their wisdom and education with other parts of the world.

These folks, Obama and congressional democrats are obviously unhappy with the free enterprise system of our Republic and they are hell bent on creating a socialist government and society in America. Even they know this will never happen. If this army of malcontents had been alive in 1918 or 1941 we would all likely be speaking German or Japanese today and Obama would be praying five times a day in Africa. Americans have risen up to defend freedom against tyranny many times in my 81 years and they will do it again every time these morons try to destroy the greatest nation ever created.

These apparent homeless, unemployed, over educated cult members have convinced me they are happy living in tents, suffer hardships to advance their cause and wish to share the wealth of those who earned theirs working. I wonder how many of them are living on government subsidies and have no desire to work? I propose the following suggestions to make sure they accomplish something worthwhile in their lifetime.

Gather up a hundred thousand and send them to Mexico to combat the drug cartels and force them to share their wealth with the ordinary people. Make Richard Trumka the leader as his organizing success has him spellbound. This would reduce the unemployment in the USA and provide them with a socialist success. They could use their education advantage to improve the entire Mexican population. When the economy is evenly shared it would entice the illegal’s here to go back home. Tourism increases would be tremendous. This would be a win for the “useless Idiots”, a win for the Mexican people and a win for all freedom loving Americans and one union. Wow, see how easy it is!

Next gather another 100,000 and send them to Afghanistan. Make Al Gore the leader assisted by Michael Moore as they are the smartest environmentalist alive. This group has convinced themselves that wars are a waste of money and they think they are the smartest people in the world. Just think of the things they could do like teach the people how to grow corn, hug trees, do without petroleum products, close their chemical plants, stop digging for coal and teach the people that they have no need to supply 90% of the world’s heroin to produce wealth. They would be successful at last, a war would end, drug use would diminish, and our unemployment would drop again. I feel sure that they could also talk Iran into dropping its nuclear ambitions and solve Pakistan’s displeasure by replacing the 100,000 military personnel currently unable to solve the political unrest. After all they will be just a stone’s throw from both countries. Another winning solution for everyone!

When you look at the potential leaders we have that are invincible like, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Polosi, Henry Waxman, Sheila Jackson Lee, it is awesome what they could do to settle all of the world’s problems. Just think what Barney Frank could do to show the Arabs how to spend their money. He would be a big hit in Saudi Arabia alone.

With this being the tip of the iceberg, it gives me chill bumps thinking of all of the great things that we could do to save the world. All we have to do is share our unhappy, over educated, non-working, career politicians with others.

C Brewer



My thirst for knowledge has been enlightened over the past three weeks by watching the spectacle of the “Useless Idiots” in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan. Until this week it has been hard to locate anyone of stature other than President Obama and Queen Nancy Polosi that have openly praised the damaging results. Now these unwashed hippies have been joined by the professional protesters from the AFL-CIO’s 56 unions and the SEIU. This earth shattering support has now encouraged all Democrats to speed up the process of making America a Socialist Democracy. They have married up with the “Useless” to neutralize the Tea Party movement and play close attention to what they are promoting rather than what they are protesting. There is more relevance to examining not just “what” the protesters are protesting but “what” they are promoting.

What is Collaboratism?

Collaboratism was described by one of the hooded protesters as “the dividing of society into smaller groups and making decisions unanimously.” Equate this with the word collaborate in Webster’s dictionary which is, “to work jointly with others or together in an intellectual endeavor to cooperate with or willingly assist an enemy of one’s country and an occupying force.”

This “Woodstock on the Hudson”, began with protest of capitalism and free-markets against banks and corporations for destroying America’s economic system. Everyone needs to get acquainted with what the end goals will really destroy. This “Useless” group is made up of  a hybrid of hard-core Marxists, from the leftist unions, to socialists and actual Communists. I have read that the real objectives include the seizure of workplaces, businesses, schools and the de-privatization of everything,” The AFL-CIO’s more moderate goal is a worldwide tax on financial transactions. There is also an unofficial  list of demands that will scare the daylights out of any sane American.

A variety of videos on the internet, as well as blog posts,  have included numerous references to “People’s Assemblies” and “General Assemblies”,  in every city, every public square and every township. In reality, this is democratic collectivism taken to its ultimate form of power without authority.

Democrats and unions have wholeheartedly embraced the “Useless Idiots” protests and should wake up: Under the system being exposed there is no place for you. You will join every politician by being out of office and out of power in a leaderless society. This movement you are backing will destroy our capitalist system and freedom for all Americans including you.

Watch for Part 3, “THEY CAN SAVE THE WORLD” on October 12th.

C Brewer

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