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Those younger than 70 probably can’t remember much about America even in the 1950”s. Those younger than 60 may have some knowledge of America the beautiful listening to their parents. Those younger than 50 likely never learned anything about World War II or for that matter really care. Those under 40 were lucky to even have two parents and most expect the government to take care of them. Those under 30 likely don’t even know America existed before their parent was born. Those under 20 are well prepared to demonstrate but really don’t know or care why.

America in the 1930’s was poor but the people loved their country and learned to help each other. The Government was broke but the churches took care of the people who could not work or could not find work. The people who were rich helped support the unfortunate and most of us were happy.

WW II was won by people who died fighting for our freedoms. Women and men too old or handicapped learned how to build and fly airplanes produce ammunition, guns and other war related necessities. America was united for a single cause to preserve our freedoms. War hero’s were admired by all and those who lived to tell their stories were revered by everyone. Few families were fortunate to have not lost a loved one during this brutal conflict.

When I graduated from high school in 1947 it was like the 1930’s again as there was not enough jobs even for the veterans who were lucky enough to survived the war. The next five years found America again one of the happiest places on earth.

After joining the Navy at 17 history will someday conclude we fought our next war to satisfy the world’s bankers when the North Koreans invaded South Korea and many of my classmates were sent halfway around the world to suffer frostbite, get killed or wounded so the world’s economy could be invigorated. If that war had defeated North Korea the world would not be preparing to fight them again to help the bankers again bolster the economy. Those who died in that war were just wasted for profits.

Then came another bankers war in Viet Nam to bolster the economy again and this time it did start the disuniting of America. Unfortunately it was not aimed at the bankers but was initiated by the first generation of American “Cowards” led by the Clinton’s, Fonda’s and the Ayres who decided to blame the military rather than the politicians and bankers. Nearly 60,000 young Americans died in vain and those who did get back home were hated by the cowards. Destruction, murders, ravaged businesses were just ignored as it was to cover up for the cowards, some who also fled to Canada.

From that point up to today Americans were and still are being threatened, bribed, coerced even thousands killed if they disagreed with the hate-filled and even powerful people like President Obama. You can call me a crazy old man but history will agree with my statements like it or not. We are still fighting other bankers wars created by the Bush family in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Syria because Obama and the army of Demoncrats could get richer. Watch them try to blame Trump for Syria and the banker owned media will go wild again.

Folks, we elected a new President who is doing exactly what he promised. The money grabbers and their control of the news have and will oppose everything he does if he is there eight years and after I am long gone. We now have a “Sheriff” to lead us back to unity if the money mad Liberals do not have him killed like they did to Scalia or the cowards fear they may have to fight for our freedoms again.

You can call me anything you wish but I can look in the mirror and know I was a veteran, who supports all veterans and I am proud to know I am a real American. I was no “HERO” but I am proud to say I have known and walked beside many of them in my long lifetime.

America will be great again if Trump can force an election to let the people vote to implement term limits on all elected and appointed government employees. This includes all Judges. Tenure and lifetime elected crooks is not the American way. Politics should not be a profession and again Judges included. I will be happy to debate my positions with any coward who disagrees. If you have the guts to try please comment in writing on the blog.   C Brewer    April 9, 2017


Progressives and hate filled African-Americans have chipped away at our freedoms for over one hundred and fifty years. Abraham Lincoln eliminated bias and provided freedom from government oppression to create a free United States of America. The Civil war cost the lives of 618,528 Americans killing each other to free the lives of less than 200,000 slaves. By the way, there were over 375,175 Americans wounded or maimed to care for.

Before you scream that I am a racist read my previous work. Before you erase this article let me assure you I am not attempting to endorse slavery which is in-human and animal behavior. I am merely trying to awake people to the facts that we are slowly destroying ourselves by providing our government far too much power. In fact, we have allowed over time, the government to take away freedoms that have costs the lives of far many too many Americans in defending our freedoms.

America secretly joined a silent war in 1913. That was when our Congress established our Federal Reserve and intensified our role in the Progressive Movement to control World finances. You can read my previous articles about the Federal Reserve. Don’t skip the ones on Tavistock, if you question why we have lost American lives and still wage wars today. You can draw your own conclusions as history has been covertly managed by the government since 1913.

To review a few significant facts, over 112,000 Americans died defending something in World War 1. We sacrificed over 405,000 American lives in World War II while actually defending our freedoms. 54,000 Americans died during the Korean War when I served in the US Navy protecting something. Over 58,000 brave Americans died during the Vietnam War for reasons that have never been explained.

Thousands more Vietnam veterans died as a result of medical and psychological attacks on them personally by radical Americans. We can thank John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Jane Fonda and their armies of insane liberals for these injuries and deaths that included my only brother.

In case you missed my last article, let me explain NUSA. This is our new worldwide name, the “Non-United States of America. By the end of his Presidency in 2016, Obama will have completed the Progressive mission to dismantle the power and finances of the greatest Nation on earth.

If we started today by stopping laws enacted just during Obama’s reign as Emperor it will take another 100 years to just get stability and freedom again. If we do not impose term limits on Congress and eliminate lifetime tenure for the Judiciary, freedoms will be lost forever including most of what few we still have.

My good friend Wally sent me a message a morning and this one sentence motivated me to write this article.

“The difference between the Supreme Court and the Ku Klux Klan is that the members of the Supreme Court dress in black robes and scare white people.”

I am one old white man that is scared. Being scared of my own government is not the way I wanted to spend the last few years of  life my parents and God gave me. Are you scared? If so share your fears with as many as possible.

C Brewer      4-21-13

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