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LIVING ALONE                             June 23, 2022

Part 4

I have been gathering another chapter of what will be a worthwhile summary for old people, like me, to use as they take their journey through later life. It amazes me to realize that I can still remember things that take me back to so many events that happened 80 to 85 years ago.

If I had known I would live to be 92 next month I would have used a tape recorder to help me remember more. One thing that shakes me up is how fast time races by, during times you accomplish less, sleep more and have no one to converse with. Another factor is how fast the abnormal events surrounding the years Norma suffered with dementia, actually stopped with her passing. What reminded me to make sure I included timing changes was realizing Norma died 18 months ago today.

Every time I have awakened from my night’s sleep I try to make sure to hurry to stop the alarm, calm the dog down or hurry to the phone to stop the ringing. All of these reactions remain until I realize Norma is beyond awakening after 62 years. I still calm the dog knowing she can’t talk but we have learned how to communicate by other means.

Even though you likely had pets as you made the trip through life, not everyone had the same experiences. Let me use my family to illustrate some aging timetable differences. My brother, Jim, and I faced significant challenges and differences during our early and late trips through life. During 1938 the State of Texas voted to add another year to State required education. I will try to illustrate some of the impacts that suddenly disrupted the lives of every student and parents in the State. I can only imagine how it disrupted the life of every Teacher, Administrator and their families. To touch on a few facts, please walk through the following facts. 

  1. I started school in 1936 the day after my sixth birthday. My Brother started his 12 year  public education when he was nearly seven in 1939
  1. Every student who was in school in 1938 was evaluated and if the student was not having any problems with knowledge or maturity they were double promoted. In my case I was elevated from the third grade in 1938 to the fifth grade in 1939. I still only spent eleven years in public school and my brother spent twelve.
  2. I graduated in May 1947 when I was still 16. My brother started school in 1939 and graduated in 1952 he was nearing 19. 

1939 was a year of chaos but the State of Texas has faced and improved the educational issues. 

Texas has fought and will end the current political events designed by liberal idiots to destroy the State by politically driven and manipulated events. Currently our President and the Progressive money has wrecked the petroleum industry with legislation and Executive orders again. They will never enforce the immigration laws to stop the madness again. If we still have any Historians you can follow the actions that increase the prices of petroleum products every time a Socialist leaning individual wins an election, like Biden, Sanders, etc.

At this time I am reviewing WW11 for significant issues leading up to my “Living Alone issues.

Clyde Brewer       July 23, 2022 

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