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Living Alone


This article is the first blog I have been able to create for about four years using the WordPress standard options. I hope to continue publishing my articles as long my mind and body stay stable.

One of the events that bother me the most is having no one to talk to. Before Norma died we had conversations about family, friends, neighbors, travel and the world in general. As her memory waned it appeared to be chronically in order over those seven long years. Two things she remembered the longest were, “how clean the smaller towns were in Germany”. We were in Trier at that time after we embarked from the ship we traveled on the Rhine river. This was during our five week travel in the United Kingdom and western Europe in 1985. The second memory that was embedder in her memory of a massive Buddha carved from Jade that was displayed in one of the Temples in Bangkok. Without doubt Thailand was the favorite country we visited in 1990. We spent a week in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Cong. Norma’s aunt Sherrill made this trip with us when she was 80.

When I became able to utilize WordPress today it should not be a surprise that my mind was filled with Norma’s 84th birthday on the 30th and my 92 birthday on Wednesday the 31st.

The lack of happiness part of having no one to talk to was spurred up from a conversation with two of my neighbors and Steve Walls, my Son-In-Law who is visiting. My neighbor told me that she had to stay alone for a weekend and not having anyone to talk with was a miserable experience. I live in a small neighborhood that has both permeant and others who have homes here and elsewhere. I have owned my home here on Toledo Bend lake since 1983 and I have lived here since 1991. I would like to ask anyone who suffers with loneliness to respond by sending me a reply . You can do this with the instruction at the end of each article and if necessary I can respond and it all will be recorded at the end of the article.

Currently I still have the Poodle, Sobrina, that my daughter Leah Stone and I found at a local pet rescue place nearby. We call he Brina and she is estimated to be 15 years old. I find myself talking to her and if she could respond I might not have a problem.

If anyone has suggestions to share please send me a reply. I will explore this subject and write more articles and hopefully help others talk about Living Alone.

Clyde Brewer


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