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One week ago, I celebrated my 89th birthday. Looking back on my life America has suffered the Great Depression; Franklin Roosevelt; World War 11; women working; Korean War; J Edward Hoover; the Viet Nam fiasco that cost us 60,000 young Ameriicans; Fighting Muslims and another few thousand young Americans die in vain. We never hear how many Muslims we have sent to see Allah and collect their 72 Virgins. The 1960ś introduced us to a downhill slide that has slowly carried us through Clinton, Bush II and Obama. In the eight years before Trump the downhill slide became a roller coaster, managed by the biggest Fakir in the history of the world, Barack Obama. Politics has excited me twice in my lifetime. The first was the election of Ronald Reagan and the second has been Donald Trump. The reason was that they had not been influenced as government employees all of their lives.

Sadly we are now erasing history from our educational systems for one sad reason, to hide facts from our future citizens. Ignoring the wrath of the Great Depression will hide forever one of the saddest times in our history. I have shared my remembrances with younger family and friends who do not believe that those bad times never happened. Our educators today just wish to avoid the truth and hope the scars of this era will go away forever. It was one of the most horrible times in our lives. These miserable times in my life will never be erased and some historians will use facts to wake up the people if we continue to have at least one news network that reports the truth. 

Today we have news twisted to support a pack of lies with garbage to excite the mylineals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our higher education institutions are loaded with tenured professors who warp and twist the minds of our youth about Socialism, and worse. Our House of Representatives, manipulated by Nancy Pelosi and her pack of thieves with only one agenda, Impeach Trump for trying to make Americans like other Americans. I am so sick of the way Demoncrats desire to have Americans kill each other so lawlessness becomes an accepted way of life in America. Why has travel to Chicago diminished, could it be their record number of Americans killing Americans?

As of this day, September 8, 2019, I will admit to currently having 56 members in my family. This includes kids, grandkids, great grandkids, great great grandkids which includes spouses. Not all of them would admit that I am their father, grandfather, great grandfather or great great grandfather. Sadly the reason for the drifting apart of my family is politics. My oldest granddaughter is running for Congress as a Democrat in Travis County. I will never let politics interfere with family but sadly there is no two way street. I sincerely hope my Granddaughter wins a seat in Congress and maybe she will be her own self? I pray she has no desire to try Socialism as Lawyers are supposed to study any event to decide what is the best way. She is a successful Attorney married to another successful Attorney. Since they swore to an oath to abide by Constitutional law, I feel must support her, and I will. I hope I live to see pictures of her swearing in in 2021, I doubt I would be invited to watch.

The biggest separations have been created because of the brainwashing they all received in Colleges and Universities as the liberal, Progressive Demoncrats race to change our government from a Democratic Republic to some  Democratic Socialists form of politics, or worse. 

The freedoms that will be lost will likely never return. The United States will go the way of the most recent path of Venezuela. Once the richest country in South America, now the poorest. Why?, Socialism. Someday read why this happened and who ended up with the riches. 

Should the Demoncrats win back the Senate and the Presidency next year my excitement will die and I probably will too. I do hope to make 90 and know if America has a chance to reverse itself to help the people instead of the politicians.

Clyde Brewer  9-8-19

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One thought on “FROM FAILURE TO WORSE? 

  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Sorry to hear about your Granddaughter rejecting family relationships because of politics Clyde. A sad state of affairs. I too hope she is not on the socialist side of the Democrats.

    As you know I am on the left side of politics but never to the extent of not appreciating there is always two sides to a coin.

    Keep up your spirits old chum. And keep in touch, I do love your Conservative View.


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