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We had our family Christmas last night and of all things when someone turned turned on the “Idiot Box” of all things, out popped Hillary. I doubt anyone in America is more conservative than myself. I can’t even watch the Republicans debate without getting sick at my stomach. Having to watch the Demoncrats debate would be worse than being water boarded by Allah.

The Obama government and Congress can try to outlaw Christmas but I feel there are enough real Americans that have no desire to rob children of the learning how “giving” is the way this country has always taken care of those who can’t provide a chance to rejoice at least one time a year. The ACLU has spooked our government into believing that Christmas is unnecessary and insults some like the rapidly increasing Muslim infusion because they are threatened. If someone can explain how celebrating Christmas is worse than being be-headed or why they immigrated I would listen.

The county was built by immigrants who desired freedom and they were happy to fit into our society rather than change our laws and freedoms. Trying to change our Constitution as the Muslim invasion appears to be focused on is wrong. We were a country of laws before Obama was elected and all hell broke loose. Every cook, sect and every screwy minority have gained more power that those of us who like our laws. Even Congress and the Supreme Court now use public opinion and compassion as reasons to ignore the laws of the Land. We have a President who cares less about our laws and incites the lawless minorities to attack the people who are their to protect us from insurrection, crime and inhuman acts like burning people alive.

Watching America for my 85 tears brings tears to my eyes when my own children and grandchildren do not have the freedoms I have enjoyed for most of my life. I write my articles because God gave me a mind and the opportunity to be an American and my parents encouraged me to learn everything possible as a boy. To my knowledge I have only 3 Demoncrats out of my 45 heirs which makes me happy. Like many other Americans I volunteered at 17 to serve in the military to protect our people and allow them the freedom to speak their mind. Millions of Americans have given their lives and been maimed in wars to protect our freedoms. Our government has slowly provided more benefits for illegal aliens than our veterans.

How many Americans agree with me in banning political news and events during the holiday seasons from Thanksgiving and New Years Day. Nothing will happen until the people scream loud enough to scare Congress to act. No one will change our President as he was raised in a Muslim nation, Indonesia which is a country that is more nonviolent than America. Obama was radicalized by his own family, not by Indonesian schooling. I have spent many months in Indonesia and they are our friends.

I challenge you to do something and share it with as many as possible on Facebook, Twitter and all of the outlets of free speech. It is free and I would also ask to keep your comments free from language that is offensive and/or unfit for children to read.

I sincerely hope some who read this take a minute to express your comments, pro or con, and if your language is acceptable I will publish every comment I receive.

C Brewer 12-21-15

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    Great article

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