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Anyone who may have read any of my 1300 plus articles published on cb75948.wordpress.com will know I have written  that history will conclude that Lyndon B. Johnson did more to divide the American citizens than  any American in history. His actions killed nearly 60,000 young American lives in Vietnam and probably twice that many with wounds caused by Agent Orange poison after the war was over. A war that history will prove was designed to help the banking industry.

When my wife died in January I had decided to pay to maintain my many years of work and hopefully my family will maintain it after I die. I just could not get the motivation to write anything any more. I blamed it on my advanced age. I have aging limitations but there is nothing wrong with my brain now that a nap after lunch is all I need to carry on.

Watching all of the chaos in Afghanistan brought back the pictures of our military trying to save both American and loyal Vietnamese with a handful of helicopters from roof tops in Saigon. Pictures of over 800 being saved by one C-17 revealed the lack of leadership by our current President, who belongs in a nursing home, not running this country like a puppet manipulated by the second most inept leader we ever had, Barack Obama.  

Friends and family this charade, when unvieled, will prove Bidens is being used to further divide the people to create another civil war. Watch for my next article on WordPress. They did one positive thing. They have motivated me to get out of my Lazy Boy and crank up my Blog. I will be 91 on August 31st and they lit my fire. 

They can prove his suspected Dementia with an MRI. Our doctor knew Norma had lost five percent of her brain six horrible years before she died.

C Brewer  

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  1. Kent Fletcher on said:

    I’m looking forward to your writings again. God Bless You, Sir!

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