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Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


I wonder if the 80 million Americans who voted to elect Biden President will ever get enough of the systematic destruction of our country? Next Tuesday I will be 91 years old and it hurts me to just feel we have a President I cannot accept or support as a true American or a man I can’t even address as “Mr” Biden. 

His actions to destroy America’s allied leadership, open our southern borders to every terrorist on earth, ignore our tradition to never leave Americans behind and lead us into harm’s way set a new low for people who call themselves Democrats. Not one accepted Democratic leader has even shown anything but happiness over this destruction. George Soros must have enough money to reward them all. 

In 1945 America’s leadership helped  the free world defeat Germany and Japan’s actions that killed millions and their plan to conquer the entire earth.  I was fifteen and had watched this war bring Americans together and not only help win WW!! But we also defeated the misery of a horrible depression and raced to replace over four million 18-21 men who met death far too soon.

As my generation was beginning and we had so many voids at every level, training the ones who survived the war to help lead our nation was priority one. Opportunity for the youth like myself was limited. Wealth lost in the depression limited higher education to veterans and the youth of the two percent of Americans who had ninety eight percent of the money. Driven by admiration for our veterans and limitations on starting most career paths I could not wait to enlist in the US Navy Reserve when I made seventeen on August 31, 1947. 

Agreeing to the enlistment pledge to turn yourself over to the US government for the term of your enlistment was and is likely unknown to most Americans today. You basically  put your life 100% in the hands of the military leadership. Not a problem in peacetime but changes dramatically in a time of war. This is why we have “Drafts” when the word “War” is included. I only wrote this paragraph to show what kind of armed services we have today and the fact that everyone in our military today are volunteers. 

I wanted to share what the Media likely does not know or care to share with the public. I served my enlistment until the day before my 21st birthday plus one year added because of the Korean War. I Volunteered for Active duty and served 3 ½ years of my nearly five year enlistment. I salute every service member who ever served in our military. I still tear up listening to the “Star Spangled Banner” and my term as a member of the US military will end when God decides my life has terminated.


Let me share a story that became one reason for my loss of respect for any American that supports this ill fated deviation from both American Law and apparent hatred of our military by Democrats.  

The news of our pull out of all military support for the people of Afghanistan made me sick. This ill timed news means Biden signed a  death warrant for every Afghani who supported, died or pledged their support for America and our allies over the last twenty years. Every time the Democrats try to make excuses for these idiotic moves more people are likely to be slaughtered. Every American and Afghani who dies because of these unforgivable decisions are blood on the hands of every American who voted for Democrats in the 2020 elections. Now they have given everyone above a week for all to get out of Afghanistan by August 31st, My 92 birthday.

One more item I wish to share is about an interpreter for one of my golfing friends. My friend had been weighing a new offer to return to Afghanistan one more time some 60 days ago. He made his decision to turn down this offer just a few days ago. When the news of the Democrats’ decision to leave these loyal Afghanis to be murdered, including everyone in their family, my friend immediately began a search to help his friend who had helped us so much. Yesterday he told me he had contacted his friend and although the US would not accept all of his family for extraction to the United States, the entire family was accepted by our allies, the Australians, and were on the way to freedom. My friend was dancing with joy because he was able to help save one family’s five lives.

If you have any Democratic friends, ask them to help you understand just this one decision as they race toward Socialism that even their leadership fully understands, will not help one American alive today.

C Brewer August 24th 2021


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