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I decided to post this during the Democratic convention for the next three days. I wish it could be available to every college student, especially the ones who can’t find a job. They will pay for this mess regardless of who wins in November. The question is do they wish to keep piling up more to pay for or a chance to find work?  Pass this on to every young voter you know.  C Brewer

Young Americans, you  joined up with  the people on welfare, illegal aliens, tenured professors, tree huggers, women, union members, government employees most African Americans and democrats to elect the President of change. Of this myriad of misguided, lazy, and selfish people, guess who will be paying for this financial suicide mission.

As we no longer have a military draft, young Americans have not been educated and history books avoid the emphases that the young always pay for the mistakes of politician’s in power. Now you can vote at 18 but in most places you can’t legally buy a drink until 21. Have you ever wondered why? Politicians do not trust your ability to have common sense at 18 but they know they can twist your mind with promises.

Only the brave young people volunteer for military service now and that is one reason most young people are so gullible.

The suicide pilots that bombed Pearl Harbor were called “Kamikazes”. These were 14/19 year old Japanese children who were trained to fly bomb laden aircraft into American ships that killed thousands of brave young Americans. Today we have 10/19 year old Muslim children wrapping themselves with explosives and killing themselves and as many other non-Muslims as possible. The Arabs have introduced suicide missions to include young girls. Their religion places young girl’s one step lower in society than a camel.

Does this make you wonder why I am setting you up for the awakening? Politicians and Generals never pilot suicide aircraft or wrap themselves with explosives, why? Because they have common sense and the ability to make young people think like they want you to think. Political promises are as phony as the 72 virgins promised to the young Muslim boys to sacrifice their life for what? For the Muslim girls death can be better than slavery. In applying common sense it has a name, it is called brainwashing.

In your life basic political knowledge, like common sense, is started by your parents. Well I suppose that today it is likely only one parent. Then when you reach five you are turned over to a school teacher or someone at a day care center or both. Those lucky enough to reach college age are then turned over to some likely radical tenured professor for the transformation or completion of brainwashing you in believing that social justice is better than freedom and success.

I just read a survey showing that 90% of young adults say today’s poor economy negatively impacts their life, but just 38% believe today’s leaders represent their interests. That means that 62% have been brainwashed or they are brain dead. Why does this scare me or encourage me to create this article? Because another poll by Generation Opportunity disclosed that 76% of Americans ages 18 to 29 plan to vote in the presidential election this November.

What I see is the impact of the failed policies coming out of the White House over the course of the last three years are having on the daily lives and the long-term plans of young Americans. With 40 heirs already in my family, it scares the “you know what” out of me.

My grandchildren (currently 29) along with the millions of young Americans will have to pay the price, in a very personal way, for failed leadership and failed policies.

I just read that more than 1,000 young adults that were surveyed at the end of July, 89% of respondents said the poor economy is negatively impacting their life. 51% had reduced their entertainment budget, 40% skipped a vacation, 38% drove less, 27% had to sell their personal property including electronic appliances and cars, 17% skipped a wedding, family reunion, or other significant social event, and 26% had moved back in with their family, took extra roommates, or moved to a “downgraded” house or apartment.

This survey also revealed that 84% of the respondents had planned to make a major life decisions but the economy has caused a delay or cancellation of their dreams.

Look what reasons were cited: buying their own home (38% have given up), starting a family (31% have changed their plans), paying off student loans or other debt (26%), saving for retirement (25%), and getting married (23%).

I am a fortunate American who was one of few to actually reach every goal I set for myself in my life and it took me nearly 64 years to get there. I enlisted in the US Navy at 17, bought my first car at 23, finished my Master’s Degree at 47 and retired at 64. I was born a Democrat but the democrats drifted so far away from free enterprise and personal freedom I could no longer support their social programs before I was 30. That tells me I was ready to vote at 30 and likely caused a lot of damage before I was grown.

Wake up young people before you end up as  a suicide pilot or suicide bomber for the Democratic Socialist Party.

C Brewer 

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  2. wally kittman on said:

    Sad but very true ! !

  3. C Landon on said:

    You might also describe them as useful idiots.(see dictionary)

  4. Hey there! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the great work!

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