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Two new spellings to match their value.

My old friend, Baxter Henderson, who lives in Melbourne Australia, is fascinated with our political struggle dealing with socializing our medical care system in America. We have been friends for nearly nineteen years and we both enjoy learning more about life in two quite different but friendly allied nations. We have visited in both countries and he and Delyse will be our guest again in February. I have learned a lot about healthcare in Australia that the Henderson’s are seemingly comfortable with. It has always  been quite a challenge trying to explain the way our government functions when Baxter asks questions. Trying to explain our current healthcare war that is fast approaching the status of another gun fight at the OK corral has become impossible.

Possibly a typo his most recent message subject was “Obumacare”. Underlined above you can see my rendition in color that I plan to use in future articles to expose what the red letters indicate, “BUM CARE” that is a proven fact. We have been advised by our President, “OBUMA”, Harry Reid, Nancy Polosi, the Academy Award actor, Jay Carney that ObumAcare is the law of the land. Slavery was once the law of the land but it was wrong and it took a civil war to be overturned.

ObumAcare is the law of the land but it is just as wrong as slavery and God forbid we have to suffer another civil war to get it repealed. What we have is a battle to protect our freedoms from our government instead of an enemy. In fact our government has become the enemy of many of the freedoms we have enjoyed for most of my 83 years. They are trying to or have already destroyed our free enterprise system of commerce, dramatically reduce states rights, limit free speech, remove all rights to bear arms and they ignore our immigration laws, outlawed our rights for religious freedom and refuse to make our elections honest again.  This is just a partial list of “FACTS” that no one can challenge. Along with our biased and controlled media the power of our government is more threatening than an invasion by another country.

Our new three level structure that I described in my last article is the new order of importance that will destroy our Republic form of Democracy we used to enjoy.  Picture the poor folks being the pointer finger, the government employees being the ring finger and see what finger you get to be in between the other two. It is time for every American to sit back, attempt to fully understand and decide if they are fully satisfied with every aspect of what I have just described. If a majority of Americans are happy with having the Federal Government control every aspect of their life, I will give up my attempt to wake some up. They now listen to your phone calls, monitor your health conditions, allow illegals and dead people to vote and it would not surprise me if you have to get permission in the future to have legal sex even if you are married.

What will it take to get American’s educated to what is happening? Forget the media, they are 100% socialist or worse. Even Fox news has finally purged itself from being fair or honest. They have concoured sensationalism and a conservative facade.

Conservatives, who always gets the shaft???????????  We do as usual.

C Brewer

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4 thoughts on “HAIL or HELL, TO or FROM, THE CHIEF?

  1. Thomas H. Seigo on said:

    May I have a copy of your “last article” regarding the “three level structure” that you mention in this article?


  2. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Great Blog Clyde. My Obumacare was not a typo. I just thought you’d like it.



    • I not only liked it may copyright the term. Thanks a million. I am also playing with Obomba. If the House gives in this time and they probably will you will never see a Republican President of the United States. The party will be over.

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