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Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


The last time I checked all Americans are created equal under the law. Sadly our current President has spent his entire five years dividing us common folks into two groups and creating a new elite class of Americans called government employees. Not one law has been changed but we now have a government that expects to be treated with regal attention. They have decided they do not have to obey the laws they choose to ignore. They just do whatever they desire and Congress looks the other way.

We watch with anticipation for  Congressional actions to punish the  repeated violations of both the law and protecting all Americans. Congress meets, conducts hearings, expose frauds, listen to excuses of how we sacrificed four Americans so Obama could get re-elected, listen to our private conversations, promote voter fraud, ignore a Justice department that laughs about voter intimidation and do nothing. Congress is worthless and just sit back and watch the country being destroyed. They ignore the law breakers like the ones they have exposed in the IRS, EPA, NSA, and likely every federal agency if the media was honest.

I would like to make some proposals for every American to be allowed to vote on. Let the people decide on term limits for all government employees and elected officials. Strip lifetime tenure from all federal judges including the Supreme Court. If they perform then let them stay until they refuse to follow the laws.

Before that, lets stop the war of words on Obamacare. If it is the law of the land then make it a requirement for “EVERY” American to be required to sign up for equal benefits. Why should Congress, the President, all government employees, judges be exempted from the same misery the Demoncrats shoved down our throats.

This is the “United States of America” or at least it used to be. Fund the SOB and make life miserable for everyone. As long as we have three classes of Americans we will have dissension. It is time for the people to retake control of this run-away train and make America a “FAIR” place to live like it was when I was a lot younger. I am sick of watching our President worrying more about the people of Syria than the people living in Chicago.

What we need in America is jobs and Obama has done nothing but eliminate private sector job creators and expand the size and expense of creating more unnecessary government positions. Government employees don’t have jobs like the common folks. They can’t be fired, just paid to get out-of-the-way or take early retirement with full pay.

Does anyone else care about the future of America?

C Brewer

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