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Over the next few days I would like to outline some changes that are nothing more than common sense. The political situation in America has become a continual re-election process and a spectacular pissing contest in the urinal of America, Washington D.C. I have so many suggestions to offer I have no idea how many articles it will take to present some refreshing thoughts on how to return the ownership of America back to the people as intended.

Congressperson’s who used to be public servants have somehow become lifelong welfare responsibilities of the people. They receive salaries and benefits far beyond common people or common sensibility. In addition they award themselves with fringe benefits that would make a Corporate Executive blush with envy. They concentrate on how to stay elected using fraud, waste and welfare to buy enough votes to stay in power. The ones who are actually public servants would not be enough for a simple jury pool and possibly the twelve it would take for an ordinary criminal trial! Have you ever wondered why we have let these people elevate themselves to Monarchy status, well I have and let me share some changes.

Today I intently watched the assembly of the Cardinals of the Catholic Church gather to elect a new Pope and it excited me how simple of a method is utilized to elect the leader of over 1.100,000,000 Catholic members. There are over 250,000 Catholic churches in the world. Just think one person is responsible to lead and inspire nearly three times as many people as the President of the United States, wow. That my friend is real “Leadership”. He is chosen by a group of some 117 Cardinals, from the total of 210 Cardinals as they must be under 80 years old to vote. Several of the 117 were actually promoted by the retiring Pope who can’t vote for his successor. They lock themselves into the large Sistine Chapel and are not heard from until they select a new leader. A puff of white smoke tells the world they have a new Pope. What a simplistic method and there are only 210 people who have to be provided with lifetime pensions and retirement benefits.

Let me compare this to 535 members of Congress, most who have been there far too long. Why don’t we require that they serve for no salary and retirement benefits? This would let over 400 lawyers return to chasing ambulances. They could be replaced with retired, educated and experienced volunteers and younger well-educated Americans that need experience to place on their resumes. By the way, I will outline suggestions to eliminate tenure for Federal Judges, Supreme Court Justices and all political appointees in following articles.

We could elect a President similar to the Catholic Church. The 535 members of Congress could be assembled in the palatial capital building and not permitted to leave until they had simple 268 majority and elect a new President. This will require several new restrictions to remove politics from the President’s responsibility. Politics does nothing to help anything but politicians and lobbyist. The president would have no spiritual responsibility that would separate church and state and please the ACLU fanatics. The President would be Chief Operating Officer and all cabinet positions would be filled with successful professionals instead of political appointees.

The Executive Branch of government would have to manage with success rather than bloat itself with bureaucrats. They could be replaced as could the President if he does not perform to requirements.

The first advantage for the people is if their Congressperson did not perform he would be fired after 2 year terms for all of them. The next savings would be if we lock them up until that agree on anything which has been never. If locked up they will not be able to waste more money. Without pay and retirement benefits 99% would resign and we could start over immediately instead of waiting two more years. 

I anticipate radical comments without substantive facts that I have gone mad. It will hopefully stimulate some common sense discussions about our current cesspool of discontent we listen to on the 24/7 news channels. Mr. ED reruns would be far better than the twisted media news from every imaginable slant possible. I never watch anything but the weather channel, but their being owned by NBC I am careful avoid commentary about global Gore-ing. Using the computer I can avoid the commentary.

These changes would save enough money to protect the needy and reduce taxes significantly. Anyone who really cares about the future of our country, please take a few minutes to share your thoughts and provide ideas that can be shared with others. I will post your comments, pro or con if you wish them shared. It is wonderful to have the Blogs to read what real people have to share.

C Brewer 3-12-2013

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  1. Jeff Hanstrom on said:

    I think you are on to something here Clyde. I have recently taken the stance that the only way that term limitations will ever be a reality is if we the voters enforce one of our own which for me means that voting has become a simple process of voting against the incumbent regardless of the party or stance of the incumbent. If everyone took this approach we would have a term limit in place. I know it sounds crazy but the very people who aspire to be lifelong politicians as you describe will never ever ever ever place these limitations upon themselves for the very reasons you cite above. I do appreciate your writings and comments even though we may not agree on every little thing I do have the highest regard for your opinion and I know that you bring a perspective that is based on observations and experiences that most will likely never have the benefit of being a part of. Keep up the writing as there are plenty of us out there reading and learning.

    • Thanks Jeff, feedback is important to anyone. I would never expect anyone to agree with everything anyone writes. Sharing views is how compromise happens.

  2. Baxter Henderson on said:

    All good ideas Clyde but it would be impossible to introduce. Both sides of politics would have to agree, and they cannot even agree on building a school. Would it not serve the same ends by adapting the Constitution to no more that two terms for every politician not just the President. Then cut all welfare to no more than support for say two children. Then cut the military budget by 20% and make them more efficient. No more billions to places like Afghanistan where the money has mostly disappeared. It is not the Constitution that is at fault it is, as you say, it is the welfare recipients on Capitol Hill.

    I look forward to your next blogs.



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