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It is sad that the Democrats can just sit back and watch the Republican House of Representatives slaughter each other. We have had a new third party in American politics for over two years called the Tea Party. This group has aligned themselves with the Republicans and virtually guaranteed that the United States will have a Democratic President for a long time. The majority of incumbent Republicans who control the power in the House are Republican’s In Name Only (RINO’s). They have been part of the out of control spending long before Obama. Obama just shifted gears, applied an afterburner and accelerated the path to self-destruction.

House leadership under John Boehner is a catastrophic failure as the old guard Republicans have the same disease as the Democrats. Their only objective is lifetime re-election and sit comfortably by as the people suffer.

The Republican and Tea Party fight is nothing more than a “civil war” in House. The Tea Party members who threaten a challenge House Speaker John Boehner’s leadership will probably fail. Even if they are successful the winner of this “Civil War” will be the Democrats. The Republican war will prevent stopping the funding for Obamacare as too many are gutless and fear defeat next year. Obama’s dare to shut down the government over this funding and the debt ceiling will scare the dodo out of the Republicans. They know he has the media in his back pocket and will again place the blame for everything, even a root canal on the Republicans. Someone has to stop these train wrecks someday or China will even own the White House and the Capitol Buildings. The only losers will be the same ones who always get screwed, the ones who create jobs and the poor. The “Cheer Leaders” for the poor, Obama, Reid, Biden, Polosi and their legions of misguided followers are the poor peoples greatest enemy.

The Tea Party wing of the House Republicans are growing increasingly frustrated with what they say is a lack of communications with their leaders. Boehner and his power brokers should have planned a unified strategy in dealing with the implementation of Obamacare and its defunding two years ago. Now the House faces suicide, they either shut down the government over Obamacare or continue the entire funding in full.

A large majority of Americans are demanding a full defunding, but the House leadership has been disconnected from the grassroots Tea Party members who know what is best for America. Call Obama’s bluff, our government operations are so screwed up today it would be a welcome relief to see some join the unemployed ranks. No one will fire the useless but we can cut their pay and stop the benefit waste. Someday the government employees will be required to earn their living like the common folks have to do.

Republicans had five weeks during the August recess to raise money and meet with the people, as well as each other, and grow a backbone to stand up to the Emperor and force his hand. Instead they had a few town hall meetings in their specific districts and ignored producing a plan that all could agree with. In my opinion they will never function together and just watch the Democrats wreck the Republic as they have obviously planned to do.

It is obvious that lack of public support for Obamacare, including recent union opposition, regarding key provisions of this law is real. Just think we are finally reading this monstrosity two years after it was enacted. Republicans in Congress have failed, again, to offer any coherent solutions to a government gone mad with power.

Why, our government operations are the cause of the problems and both Democrats and Republicans just keep blaming each other and doing nothing but watching the barn burn down.

C Brewer

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