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I would like to suggest that Congress, President Trump and every American who cares to consider initiating action to require a new military draft.

Over the last several years our College and University professors have successfully and overtly created a new youth movement to challenge our Constitution. It is also apparent that parents in the last fifty years have decided to make our education systems responsible for teaching discipline to our youth. Folks this shift in who teaches our children how to take orders has failed and miserably.

I have never seen parents teach their children how to protest free speech, have you? I have never seen parents teach their kids how to burn the American flag, have you? I have never seen parents teach their children how to destroy property, have you? I have never seen parents teach their children how to protest and kill the police, have you?

What has happened to cause our young people to protest everything and who teaches them to use violence? Unless you are blind, deaf, afflicted, insane it is obvious our Colleges and Universities are the reasons. They do have help from some dissident members of Congress like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Elijah Cummings, Bernie Sanders and other Socialists zealots. They have the main stream media morons like Juan Williams, Chris Matthews and the army of biased Progressive-Liberals who poison minds with biased and slanted commentary.

North Korea is rattling sabers and they are equipped with nuclear weapons. They have a leader who appears to need confinement in a “Laughing Academy” or as most call it an insane asylum on the brink of war. I served in the military in the first Korean war some 68 years ago and what a great time in our history to return to the draft.

Parents have failed, our Colleges and Universities have become more dangerous for America’s future than North Korea will ever be. Starting with sit-ins, silent protest and peaceful demonstrations we now have flag burning, property damage and killing a policeman common practices every day.

It is time for Congress establish six months of mandatory military service which can be optional when they graduate high school or when they earn a college degree in four years or less. Having served from 17 until 21 it would be fun to watch a flag burning happening on a military facility. Watching the consequence of destroying government property would be quite a surprise to one of these protesters on a military facility. Cleaning a restroom with a toothbrush 24 straight hours will make you wish you obeyed every command.

The real test of effectiveness would be watching one of these destined college professors have to attend boot camp in a Marine Corps facility when they did their six months.

This would include boys and girls who received no discipline from their parents. I dreaded taking home a “B” which would have grounded me by my mother until I joined the US Navy. Boot camp for me was a transition from boy to man and I will forever appreciate this preparation for me to seek success that followed.

Many people exceeded my financial success but few ever worked in 23 countries, visited in 9 more worked in 49 states and experienced so many different cultures in my lifetime. Now as I near my 87th year watching these spoiled, rotten, kids rebel at the urging of the “lazy ass” professors who hide behind tenure rather than results makes me sick.

The real shame is the parents who fail to teach honesty, obedience and manners to their spoiled brats. Pity the poor teachers who have to deal with these snot nosed misfits nine months a year. Call me old fashioned, call me a Grinch but don’t call me a failure for a large extended family. Ninety percent of my family are well prepared for life, Ten percent will never enjoy life like I have and I doubt that they will ever live to be 87 years old. Time will tell.  C Brewer

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  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Spot on Clyde. I cannot believe the irresponsibility of these camouflaged morons smashing the university property they pretend they support. I once said to Ron that I strongly fear that democracy has died in your country. He disagrees with me. But when I see fascist youth destroying public property with no response from government and the police standing idly by, then can you please tell me where the difference is in the 1920’s and Hitler’s Sturmabteilung which functioned as the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party. Can you tell me that it will not happen in your country? The primary purpose of these groups was to provide protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies, disrupting the meetings of opposing parties, fighting against the opposing parties, preventing spokesmen of opposition parties in universities and public gatherings, and intimidating opposition parties. What does that sound like to you!!!

    I have extreme difficulty in discerning fascist Germany and Fascist America.! One may have been what became the government in Germany but who is to say that it will not be the same result in your country! And no matter what the left may say, it is not coming from Trump!


    • Baxter, if Trump, Congress and Judges, if we have any, who have any desire to reign in these zealots do not stand up and stop the insurrection against our freedoms America will perish. What bothers me the most are the deaths of millions of young Americans who died just in my lifetime protecting our freedoms. You are absolutely correct when you compare Hitlers Youty Gangs that did the same things in Germany when I was a boy. Americans have gone to sleep and don’t seem to care or stop this destruction. Another benchmark is that over 700 people will get a copy of the article and so far only 2 people have commented and you are not even an American. Complacency has replace concern in America as people just don’t care anymore. I get so confused that why should I waste my time writing when maybe 6 people actually read my words. I just hope the demise of this great country will happen after I am dead and I did not have to see the event happen. Thank you for being my friend and I still hope to see you again before I croak.

  2. twoeggsintexas@aol.com on said:

    Amen Clyde!

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